Thursday, January 13, 2022

Yaassuh, Massuh Roberts, We All Be Good Niggers Now


In a move of breathtaking ignorance, far too common for the perpetual shitheads at SCOTUS, the Nazgul ruled today that health care workers are not persons. Joining the ranks of unborn babies in 1973, Japanese-American nisei in 1942, and black persons before the 13th Amendment was ratified in 1865, anyone working for any health care entity in the country, whether doctor, nurse, tech, secretary, or even janitorial staff, are the new Official U.S. Niggers, in a decision unappealable to any court left to them, except by voting at the cartridge box.

Good luck with that plan.

They are also not "workers', unlike the 80M persons whose status as guinea pigs for Big Pharma SCOTUS struck down, with no sense of irony at the decision. This makes all of healthcare the new vaxx-expendable guinea pigs for Big Pharma in perpetuity, by the fiat decree of the world's foremost non-medical experts.

So if you like your pandemic, you can keep your pandemic.

Just with 25-40% fewer doctors and nurses.

If you thought there was a shortage of healthcare workers before, strap on your suspenders; the trickle out the door is going to become a flood.

And this, as I test twice weekly, and have been and remain COVID-free, as I have for the entirety of the Pandemic Shit Mardi Gras, while just this month, half my vaxxed and boostered coworkers in the ED all came down with the Kung Flu. (Color me shocked.) And are already back at work, a mere five days later (because somehow COVID magically passes out of health care workers 300% faster than it does for actual legal human beings.)

I hope the eventual nooses around their necks will finally clue the clueless on SCOTUS to reality, because they've got it coming to them. And we wish them our best when they find themselves pleading their case before Satan himself, because that's where they're headed, at warp speed.

I don't recall signing away my Constitutional rights or personhood simply by passing my licensure boards. God may have mercy on anyone trying to vaxx me, but I certainly won't.

Jihad, motherfuckers. Jihad.

"...and you better start with me, because I will raise an army, and *I* will beat you..."

You're about to get a lesson in liberty from the American people that will last you the rest of your lives.

Anybody wondering what fresh hells 2022 would bring, just got all their questions answered.

Rage Level: Thermonuclear. Unable to be measured with existing instrumentation.


Dave Amundsen said...

I know you are pissed, really fucking pissed but the words went too far.

Aesop said...

How far is too far when the highest court in the land strips you of both your personhood and constitutional rights at the stroke of a pen?

It's like 1857 all over again.

And it's going to boil over in exactly the same way it did the last time.

Except this time, the niggers are armed. Ask yourself how Dred Scot would have gone when half the slaves in the south had AK-47s. And what would have happened to Chief Justice Tanney afterwards.

"Consequence-free" is a phrase that's about to exit the judicial lexicon, where the federal judiciary is concerned. Mark my words, this will start a civil war, and it won't end until the last motherfuckers who egged it on are deader than canned tuna.

FredLewers said...

They just destroyed one of the best of not the best health care systems in the world. Or else they just cratered health care for Medicaid and Medicare.
Possibly both...

Dave Amundsen said...

And when it all begins, what good does it do anyone when someone like yourself who would be a leader gets struck down before the 1st battle because of words printed in anger? Please think of the bigger picture and take it down before they take you down.

Unknown said...

That's the kind of pussyfoot attitude that got us here.

Aesop said...

I've made no threats on my own behalf, unless you think I command the American people from my bunker here at Casa Aesop.

But if they want to take me down for exercising the First Amendment, because I'm no longer a citizen, or even a person, they'd better bring a lot of friends, and leave the married men behind.

But it's fortunate all-around that they have an entire continent between us.
If wishing them strung up by the neck, or agitating for their impeachment, removal, prosecution, and execution for crimes against humanity be treason, make the most of it.

Phillip said...

Why, Mr Amundsen?

Dave Amundsen said...

I agree with most everything you say. Just worried is all. Take care, I know I will and I'll also continue to lurk and learn from the background.

Ropro said...

Sam Adams. Sam Adams, my friend, helped bring about the Revolution more so then any other Patriot. How? With words both written and spoken. I don’t believe he ever fired a rifle bit I do know that he fired others up with his words. Way mightier than the sword.
Carry on Aesop

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit baffled by the reporting on this case. I just finished reading the majority opinion on the case regarding OSHA's emergency order for businesses over 100 people and from the looks of it all that they did was reinstate the stay that was granted by the 5th circuit and then denied by the 6th. It's been kicked back to the 6th to make a final decision whether to allow the OSHA rule or not. Nothing about that particular case has been decided once and for all, as some reports would have it. The opinion about healthcare workers though, well all I can say is sorry man that sucks. Though if you got a religious exemption I think you're still ok for now.

I'm facing a similar conundrum myself. Full disclosure, I work for the FAA as an ATC radio technician, and am currently in training to be a radar technician. So, I'm a fed, though I don't work in law enforcement or regulation FWIW...

I can't find any info regarding any cases against the vax other than gov contractors. I've put in for a religious exemption but if it's anything like for the military it's probably all just a big joke. My buddy who's still in the Air Force is pretty much resigned to the fact that he will be kicked out for refusing the vax.

At this point I couldn't care less. If they deny my exemption i'll just resign. Several of my coworkers feel the same. Too bad about the airports if they don't have enough qualified technicians to keep the instrument landing system, airport surveillance radar, communications radios, flight data strip printers, etc., working properly. In my career I've been told by more than one old guy that I'm an "excellent" technician. So I'll just go be an excellent technician somewhere else.

I have a feeling that if enough medical workers get fired they might just band together and open their own facilities, that DO NOT accept medicaid or medicare. Not sure how doable that is, but I hope it happens and we get a parallel medical infrastructure.

kurt9 said...

I am happy about the OSHA mandate, but am disappointed with the health care workers mandate. I also think this will take a heavy toll on the health care system.

alfromchgo said...

Anderson Hospital, Maryville, Il offering 15K signing bonus for RNs.

T-Rav said...

And a f*ck you very much to Kavanaugh too, after all of us went to bat for him at confirmation time.

Survivormann99 said...

The Biden Administration has more in common with the Keystone Kops than any other American President's administration in my lifetime, and I have seen many. Jimmy Carter sleeps better at night, knowing that his place in history has improved.

No one in the White House appears to have any regard for the long game. By driving away hospital staff, it will only infuriate more Americans, and more Americans will die.

Yet, voters deserve the politicians they elect. If, for argument's purposes, we concede that Biden actually won the election, then the pain and suffering of the American electorate as a consequence of his misguided and ill-advised policies is a self-inflicted injury.

John Wilder said...

What's your estimate on the numerical impact? I know the numbers are already thin - how many health professionals will not comply?

streamfortyseven said...

"We accordingly conclude that the Secretary did not exceed his statutory authority in requiring that, in order to
remain eligible for Medicare and Medicaid dollars, the facilities covered by the interim rule must ensure that their
employees be vaccinated against COVID–19." If you want to take the King's Shilling, you must abide by the King's rules. This holding was inevitable and no surprise, Federal money always comes with conditions.

Chip Anderson said...

Give me liberty or give me death? Such sedition...

Phil said...

@ Anonymous radar tech,
"I have a feeling that if enough medical workers get fired they might just band together and open their own facilities, that DO NOT accept medicaid or medicare. Not sure how doable that is, but I hope it happens and we get a parallel medical infrastructure."

It's inevitable.
I have been wondering for a while now how much longer you were going to put up with it, now I see a line in the sand in front of you.

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't want to be treated by anyone that has been vaxxed. Any so-called medical professional that believes the Pharma BS is not smart enough treat anyone.

Anonymous said...

This scenario reminds me of the standoff between A. Jackson and the Marshall court..."they can decree any damn thing they want; now let's see them enforce it." The entire medical community needs to stand down and tell these fucking commies to shove their decision up their royal black robed asses.

JoeCzyk said...

Never watched the west wing and now I'm even happier that I didn't waste my time with that shitshow.

Aesop said...


Really, Mr. Darrow?
And tomorrow, when they decree that anyone who accepts a federally-guaranteed college loan (without which you cannot attend most colleges) must take the Vaxx Jab, how then?
The day after that, when you can't get a federal housing loan without it?
And the day after that, when you can't get your income tax refund?
Once the entire camel is inside the tent, how will you ever get it out?

And under what legal doctrine do one's rights automatically lessen by dint of occupation?
Do we have one Constitution for butchers, and a separate one for bakers and candlestick makers?
One for blue collar workers, and another one for white collar?

Undertake for me to lay your finger on the part of the Constitution which decrees that federal protection and Constitutional rights are fungible, based on occupation.
I've looked for it in vain.

@Anonymous 9:45P,
That may be exactly what it takes. I may start my own peaceable assembly in the very near future. In blackface and shackles.

@John Wilder,
The unvaxxed in health care are probably 25-40% of the total, as I noted in the post.
And the number of the previously "fully vaxxed" who won't continue the booster charade are an ever-growing number. This is a recipe for a crash, of the government's making.

But long after I can't work, and even after I can't pay my bills, I can assure anyone paying attention that I'll be fully able to pull a trigger. And with the bonus of "nothing left to lose".

Multiply that times half a million people just in my occupational field, and see where that gets you: an insurgency ten times the size of the Taliban that kicked us out of Afghanistan with our collective tails twixt our legs.

And SCOTUS can wish in one hand, and shit in the other, the next time they show up at the hospital, asking for care. Food tasters? They're going to need medicine tasters, even at Walter Reed. Every single day of the rest of their lives, forever. Because no small number of even those who took the Vaxx Jab did so under duress, not anything like willingly, and they still justifiably feel raped about that.

If I was making rulings on national policy, and over 65 years old, (let alone in Congress writing those laws in the first place) I think I'd have given a wee bit longer thought to the consequences of those laws and rulings.

Things are going to get notably livelier, and rather soonish, I suspect.

JT said...

Amundsen: Concern Troll much? Aesop is a grown-up making bigboy decisions with his time. Stick to the shallow end of the revolution.

Anonymous ATC dude: Fellow non-LEO fed here. Don't resign. Make them fire you. Then it's actionable and they may just fund your retirement after the 4th mid-air collision in a week.

JustinR said...

The fact that SCOTUS believes taking money from the Fedgov somehow erases bodily autonomy and civil rights of American citizens means we have officially jumped the shark. Aesop is 100%, they just created second class citizens out of health care workers. I hope they not only move to free states and start their own hospitals and clinics, but I hope every member of SCOTUS gets refused medical treatment but those they have condemned as unworthy of rights protected by the Constitution.

Aesop said...


Kindly ease up on Dave A.
If he said it, at least ten other people thought it.
And I'm pretty handy with words, and well able to express my opinions in self-defense.
And the give-and-take between us needed fleshing out.

It also underlines that despite certain butthurt crybabies' opinions elsewhere, we don't run an echo chamber here.

For the moment, despite being officially un-personed by SCOTUS, I have a religious exemption at work.
Nonetheless, a right I have to ask for permission from my employer to use, and which they may rescind at whim, is not a right at all.

I'm dead serious about parading around in blackface and shackles.
They want bad optics on this, they're going to get them.
And it will undoubtedly escalate after that.
Whether or no, I'll do it alone if need be.
I'm thinking in front of the Federal Courthouse, for openers.

Plague Monk said...

I was contacted about a possible job after the Supremes made their decisions; specifically the one striking down the mandate for non medical workers. The head hunter said that they were told to ignore the decision, that I had to send a vax certificate before they could submit me to the client. Uh, no thanks.
The medical practice that my wife and I use has everyone vaxxed and boosted, yet Wednesday night we got an email saying that all of the doctors except for one are home with the flu, and the one doctor is only seeing emergency cases. For once, they aren't pushing the Needle O'Death.
My wife wonders if destroying the medical profession in this country was either deliberate or an unintended consequence? Two years ago I would have put that in the fever swamp category. Now, I'm thinking spoiler alert,

Unknownsailor said...

Concierge medial care is already a thing, look up Surgery Center of Oklahoma. All prices noted up front, and they don't take insurance, last I looked.

The real fascist thing state governments are doing is going after medical licenses for "misinformation."

I just turned 50, and probably should get a physical, but I hated using military medical while I was still in, the incompetent bastards, and in this present environment, I am going nowhere near any kind of health care via Tricare.

streamfortyseven said...

"And tomorrow, when they decree that anyone who accepts a federally-guaranteed college loan (without which you cannot attend most colleges) must take the Vaxx Jab, how then?
The day after that, when you can't get a federal housing loan without it?
And the day after that, when you can't get your income tax refund?
Once the entire camel is inside the tent, how will you ever get it out?"

It's their money, and they can choose how they spend it, and under what conditions. And this goes for college loan guarantees, where FedGov is the payer of last resort, federal housing loans, and other such federal benefits, including, potentially Social Security and Medicare. As for income tax refunds, that's not a federal benefit, you just paid in too much money in withholding taxes and they're paying you the excess back. There's not a single federal benefit which isn't a violation of the Tenth Amendment - and the great majority of Federal agencies in existence are gross violations - along with their regulations and rules. A guy named Garet Garrett wrote about this mess back when in was created, over 80 years ago: People have gotten pretty used to having this federal monkey on their back, they just forget about how nasty it can be when its demands are not met - like any other kind of addiction.

Constitutional rights aren't "fungible", they're inherent and inalienable, the Bill of Rights just enumerates them, and it's up to the people to enforce them, when neither Congress, the Executive Branch (and its Deep State), or the courts abide by them: "We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable, that all men are created equal and independent; that from that equal creation they derive in rights inherent and inalienables, among which are the preservation of life, and liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these ends, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government shall become destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing it's powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. ... [W]hen a long train of abuses and usurpations, begun at a distinguished period, and pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to subject them to arbitrary power, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security." Note the use of the word "duty", btw...

Aesop said...


I can't answer for other people. "Natural immunity" is a deus ex machina answer. But the vaxxed are four times likelier to get the current variants, by experiential analysis. I haven't had COVID, and I haven't been vaxxed, and all I'm doing is masking and handwashing, despite caring for COVID+ patients every shift (again). Ergo, masking works.


Got it. As long as your ox isn't being gored, you're fine with this. But if it is, it's a problem. How original.
Meanwhile, my employer taking government cheese doesn't negate my Constitutional rights - except when I work in healthcare, as SCOTUS just decreed. That's pretty fungible right there.
And it's not their money, it's my money, and they have no right to first extort it from me at gun point, and then turn around and use it to bribe my employer in order to coerce me into taking their experimental gene therapy.

And they're going to find that out when it gets them the prescribed ass whupping the Founders envisioned, exactly as before.

Matt Bracken said...

Florida won't be Biden's 'biomedical police,' DeSantis' office says after Supreme Court ruling

Florida won’t be enforcing the Biden Administration’s mandatory vaccination policy for health care workers upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, a spokeswoman for the governor’s office said Thursday.

“The state of Florida is not going to serve as the Biden Administration’s biomedical police,” Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Gov. Ron DeSantis, said in an email to the USA TODAY Network-Florida. “Firing unvaccinated healthcare workers, many of whom have infection-conferred immunity, is unethical and unscientific on its face.”

She said it also harms patients “because hospitals in California and other states are now requiring vaccinated, COVID-infected healthcare workers to treat patients due to staffing shortages — which were exacerbated by vaccine mandates. How does that keep anyone safe?”

FredLewers said...

I know a few that won't bend the knee. But I also know some that I thought would never experiment with their body and they surprised me by taking the jab.
American healthcare was headed for the cliff anyway because of the unsustainable costs. America has had "free" healthcare for years because everybody has the "right" to go to an ER and be treated regardless of their financial circumstances.
The mandate is merely going to crater public hospitals and drive the growth of private care facilities without a CMS business relationship. Eventually, the lobbyists will write a law requiring all medical establishments to accept all patients, all the time. It'll be a desperate move, designed to shift the unsustainable public costs back onto private providers so that the grifters at the top can milk the last penny possible from the broken system.
When that happens, decent medical care will become a black market service.

HadEnuf said...


Swrichmond said...

I used to agree with the sentimwnt about "voters" getting what they deserve, but after 2020 i am not so sure about election results. Virginia's statewide elections always seem to hinge on NOVA results, which always finishes counting long after all the other results are final.

Aesop: courage, brother

Aheinousanus said...

No they did not. His words were very mild compared to where he could had gone.
Majority of SCOTUS is made up of political hacks and intellectual light weights.
This is just one of many idiotic decisions by them.

Aheinousanus said...

Right now some private practices do not take Medicare due to low payments and bureaucracy.
We just may see a lot of new practices, clinics and even hospitals created that will not rake government cheese.
It will suck for the old folks when they cannot easily get treatment.

There is another issue. Logic dictates that if the government can force employees whose paychecks are partially dependent on government payments, then the government can require the jab of those who receive coverage under these same payments.

Anonymous said...

(Conspiracy theory) what if this is in concert with the death shot to shackle the medical community and as such increase the mortality of the clot shot as much as possible. Follow that line of thought and you realize they simply want us dead. How do you interact with someone who wants to kill you?

Aheinousanus said...

Firstly, if you don't get the exemption, do not resign; make them fire you. That may have an importance in the future when the mass psychosis passes and legal action begins.

I am a federal contractor and I got a religious exemption.
I got the exemption without even telling them what my religion is. I wrote that my religion is mine and no one else's business.
I was fully prepared to be terminated. I even already was mentally prepared and was shocked when they accepted my exemption.

Aheinousanus said...

One problem. Taking the next logical step, they could require from everyone on Medicare the same thing.
The US population does not have a choice with regard to paying for Medicare coverage. It comes out of every paycheck I get.
Let me quit paying for it, then they have a valid argument.

Aheinousanus said...

It is not their money. It is our money. They make nothing and give nothing, that they did not take under threat of violence, from someone else.

NIdahoCatholic said...

I am an FAA Engineering Tech -802. I won't be taking the ClotShot, and there are several others I know, ATCC's and controllers who won't either. We all have religious exemptions in - if it will do any good.

Orville Wrong said...

I'm trying to figure what the difference is between "a private business employing people who: make shoes/repair cars/build houses/sell 2X4s/etc." and "a private business employing people who: start IVs/perform surgery/evaluate MRI results/administer drugs/etc."

"Well, hospitals accept federal money through Medicare/Medicaid."

So do grocery stores through the WIC Program and EBT cards and rental agents who accept house and apartment rent payments that come from Social Security. Or, for that matter, from federal paychecks.

Tucanae Services said...

I agree it is absolutely F'd what is going on. The whole Covid circus is one big circle jerk. SCOTUS most of all does not deserve cover for what they did. But I will give you their excuse as lame as it is -- OSHA was beyond its jurisdiction. But I would go one step further since I listened to the oral arguments -- the solicitor general SUCKED making a case for OSHA. Maybe we should be pleased that they were so bad but I am not. Because it means that the Appellate lawyer was just as bad for not being able to make a fundamental case, that as freedom goes CHOICE as to what happens to your physical person is the baseline for every other freedom you dare have. Not much hope for this country going forward if that simple case cannot be made and confirmed by the highest court in the land.

Aesop I hope you get thru it the best you can.

Tucanae Services said...

Aesop, riddle me this. I am under the impression that for a medical facility to remain open they have to maintain a given staff/patient ratio. Is that true?

If it is and there was to be a large purge of staff it would seem to follow that in some cases it won't be floors or wings of buildings closing but entire hospitals closing down. How on God's green earth does that make any sense, SCOTUS or not?

Jim Wetzel said...

"Anderson Hospital, Maryville, Il offering 15K signing bonus for RNs."

Peanuts. Lutheran Hospital, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has an enormous, bright LED sign informing one and all that their sign-on bonus for RNs is $55K.

And it's been saying that for months.

Maybe if they offered tens of millions, they'd tempt a few nurses to roll the vaxx-dice, figuring that their families are taken care of in any case. But I hope not. Once the economic collapse manifests itself in its full glory, they'd just be talking (digital) toilet paper anyway. Why should these folks risk their lives for worthless shit with big numbers associated?

T said...


Find yourself a like-minded MD or pharmacist that will get you a vaxx card with the lot numbers from the vials. That way it will standup to checking against the big Pharma's data base.
It can be done, I know numerous people who have done this.

checkers said...

I think this decision will mark the date that national health care was begun. I am essentially now a federal de-facto employee. I mean, the mandate for private companies was struck down. But the mandate for me was upheld. I must not be a "private company" employee. If not, then I must be federal.

Thus, I want the following:
I want a federal pension , back dated to the first date I saw a medicare patient as a physician,, that would be about July 1986. And I want federal health insurance,, the same plan my fearless leader fauci has.

If they can tell me what to put in my body,, then they can tell me what my salary should be,, how and when I can take time off, where I should work, and they can tell me how I should treat patients and whom I am not allowed to treat or life prolong now can't they? Kind of like the essentially mandatory euthanasia that is prevalent in europe.

Hope you like your new health care system america, don't get old, you won't last long.

Anonymous said...

And it's not their money, it's my money, and they have no right to first extort it from me at gun point, and then turn around and use it to bribe my employer in order to coerce me into taking their experimental gene therapy.



Stealth Spaniel said...

What everyone needs to remember; nurses have seen so much misery, incompetence, direct and indirect lying that they take orders only from GOD. If the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse show up, they will either get in line or be forced to do all of the 4000 nightly forms-per patient-that the FedGov requires. The four horsemen are traditionally named War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. Like that frightens a nurse, who does the dance nightly. The Bible only names one: Death. Alternate interpretations suggest the first horseman, War represents the Antichrist. The second, Pestilence, is often called Plague or Conquest. Interesting-plague is CONQUEST.
I love the idea of protesting with blackface and chains. For right now, I'd wear my yellow un-vaxxed star on one side and a name strip that says "House Nigger" on the other.
We need our own parallel society. And I want my doctors and nurses and other med folks UNVAXXED! I have an appointment for a physical in February and I am dreading it. The physician is a really nice guy, asked me once, and then dropped it. But I can read the writing on the wall. My previous doctor went Concierge Medical like 6 years ago. I think it was $200 a month and you basically could get appointments or talk to a doctor 7 days a week. Any extra charges were posted on the wall. My orthopedic guy-and thank God I got my knees done 4 years ago-who is just outstanding, is making plans for his own surgery center, prices on the wall, and no insurance accepted. (They will help you bill.) My knees, with therapy, were.....wait for it......$410,000!!! I never missed an appointment,nor therapy and no one knows, other than the scars, that I have false knees. So it can be done if you are dedicated. AND you have good medical care.
Everyone realizes that the now closing of hospitals, substandard medical care, and incompetent foreign workers won't affect the Elites? No, they will still have their Platinum medical care, as always. Prescreened doctors, nurses, etc that will spare no cost to lift Supreme Court Sotomayer's ass to new heights.
Aesop my friend- and I do feel we are friends-keep fighting the good fight. You make me proud and reading your blog is a joy.

Anonymous said...

One thing I don't think a lot of people are registering on is that even the OSHA decision for non medical people is just reinstating the stay that was revoked by the 6th circuit. They kicked the case back to the 6th, they didn't strike down the rule. So there's still the uncertainty of whether or not the final decision will overturn the OSHA rule or not. SCOTUS didn't decide anything other than kick the can down the road. This is probably why a lot of companies are still going on about enforcing some sort of vax requirement.

Anon radar tech

Anonymous said...

No, streamfotyseven. It's OUR money, taken via taxation.

Anonymous said...

And it looks like I was wrong about Kavanaugh. He is a rapist after all...

Marty said...

Matt, pretty sure that if there's no enforcement of vax mandates in Florida, that's the end of shortages of health care workers in the state.

De Santis said Florida was the escape valve for the country, that will come to include health care workers.

Marty said...

One element of this that needs to be elaborated is that as each booster comes along, the people who don't get them will be considered un injected.
Because the injections are non sterilizing, and have waning efficacy the injections are not vaccines, they are therapeutics, which must be applied semi annually.

As each round of injections bring new rounds of death and injury, less and less HCWs won't allow the poisoning. And in each round some of the HCWs who go along with the injections will become ill or die. And it doesn't have to be a large number, to lose two or three percent of the nation's HCWs each round will, in each case, be ruinous.
And let's consider that the spike proteins and graphene oxides are working behind the scenes in the bodies of the injected, and given time will cause massive death and disability. At which point the current medical industrial complex will collapse. And maybe that's the whole point, so they can reboot the entire industry and Build Back Better.

Abe said...

Here is a voice that is qualified to speak and is certainly showing the same thing here in this country.
Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University and one of the leading Israeli immunologists, has written an open letter sharply criticizing the Israeli – and indeed global – management of the coronavirus pandemic.

Anonymous said...

Ditto from Roane county. You'd love it here my boy!

Anonymous said...

The cracking and fracture of the union begins. Next they withhold federal health care money (medicare, in Florida...) Then Florida stops sending tax money... Then...

Marty said...

The important thing,as I see it, is that even with the OSHA case the SCOTUS didn't say that coercion and mandates that force an untested, secret substance into our bodies was unconstitutional, just that they couldn't do it administratively under current law.
Basically they said to do so is allowed. Even though blatantly unconstitutional and a violation of international law.
And because they have essentially said we have to be injected if the be law is properly written, I suspect that some states will do just that.
Based upon the is ruling, we are no longer citizens but subjects.
If these injections of spike proteins prove to be as dangerous as I suspect that they are. As numerous medical professionals who are outside the financial chains of Big Pharm or Fauchi and the CDC or the CARES Act have said. Then every institution that promoted, pushed and forced them on others will be burned to the ground, and every person who did so will be luck to escape the Nuremberg II trials.
I don't see how we can avoid a cataclysmic collapse of our institutions in that scenario.

william williams said...

I'm starting to think it was a mistake back when I signed that the Oath of Obedience to the federal government.

Anonymous said...

And those people should hang their head in shame. Like a male cheerleader.

checkers said...

You are under the impression this has something to do with health care. This is all about control and the destruction of American society as we once knew it. Including destruction of the health care system.

Anonymous said...

Been an RN for 38 years, partially retired, can afford to tell employer to STFU when it comes to vaxx requirements. Feel sorry for those without such latitude. I have a retirement gig teaching marksmanship, tactical weapons handling, etc. so can afford to leave my last employer in the dust. I wish all the best to my fellow healthcare workers left in the lurch by this recent SCOTUS ruling. And anybody else forced to choose between paycheck and rights.
Fuck 'em where they breathe -- preferably after separating head from body.

Dave Amundsen said...


SabaShimon said...

Too far? You are obviously part of the problem and not the solution.
Not far enough is the proper response.

NorthGunner said...

Aesop said,
"..I'm dead serious about parading around in blackface and shackles.
They want bad optics on this, they're going to get them.."

If you do, go for full effect..wear a white Dr's coat with a
Stethescope around your neck and the petella hammer in a pocket.
Also wear VERY obvious paper shackels around your wrists and a
cardboard paper covered slave collar with a smaller paper chain
attached to it.

Make the NPC's/normies SEE the relationship!
If they still won't..that's on them.

And don't be surprised when the regime media start crowding
around taking pics and asking for an interview from you.

Tell them, "So WHEN was the Bill of Rights repealed for those
who work in the Medical Field?!?" Why are we the NEW Niggers
on the Federals Plantation?!?.

NorthGunner - The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

Mike Guenther said...

The government is doing their best to do away with private practice. My wife's pulmonologist, who she has been seeing for the last 20+ years, finally had to bite the bullet and come into the sphere of the large hospital system here. If he didn't, his hospital privileges we're going to be taken away. Also, he couldn't keep any support staff because the system kept stealing them away.

streamfortyseven said...

"Got it. As long as your ox isn't being gored, you're fine with this. But if it is, it's a problem. How original."

I'm not "fine" with it - or the existence of the very great majority of Federal three-letter agencies (the "Deep State", or the "Administrative State") or the regulations and rules they produce. So far as I'm concerned, the lot of it has no Constitutional legitimacy whatsoever, they're all in violation of the Tenth Amendment: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people" - (and see - they far exceed the enumerated powers granted to the Federal government in the Constitution, and they're violations of state sovereignty - and this was predicted by the Antifederalists in Antifederalist Paper #9 at

Take, for example, BATFE. The powers of that agency are delegated to it by Congress. Congress may not delegate to an agency powers which it does not have, and the Second Amendment states: "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." This Amendment bears on all of the branches of government, and as to Congress, it is a denial of the power to infringe, to touch in any way, the right of the people to keep and bear arms. And that means *any* arms, including muskets and nuclear weapons. If Congress lacks this power, it cannot delegate this non-existent power to its agent, BATFE. Reasonably speaking, this would go even to the power to charge taxes on arms. So every last one of the gun laws in the US is unconstitutional - including federal taxation. The trouble is that the Federal government abides by the limitations set out in the Constitution at its convenience, and has been allowed to do so by the governed. And that's the case for the rest of it, too.

"Meanwhile, my employer taking government cheese doesn't negate my Constitutional rights - except when I work in healthcare, as SCOTUS just decreed." As you point out below, there's no such thing as "government cheese", it's taxpayer money, and the government has figured out a way to bribe people with their own money, which is why income tax refunds are such a great idea. Most people don't think about the tax money being taken from their paycheck, so they celebrate when they get some of that money back - which effectively was an interest-free loan of their cash to the government. "Vote for me, you'll get more of your money refunded..." gets politicians re-elected - while they shovel hundreds of billions into the Military Industrial Complex and the National Surveillance State.

"And it's not their money, it's my money, and they have no right to first extort it from me at gun point" They don't have the right, that's correct. No government has rights, they just have powers, and they can dole out privileges, like driving licenses and the like, permission to do things which they have assumed the power - usually in violation of the Constitution - to generally prohibit. And direct taxation of citizens by the Federal Government was prohibited in the Constitution, which is why the 16th Amendment was passed and ratified in 1913 - it started out as a "tax the rich" scheme, promoted by Woodrow Wilson and the Democrats of the time. And that gave the Federal government the power to tax incomes...