Sunday, January 9, 2022

Sunday Music: Love Plus One


We thought we'd put this one up ages ago. But apparently, we missed one of our fave one hit wonders from the Eighties, Haircut 100, and their only Top 40 cut. Until now. Welcome back to 1982.


RandyGC said...


This is one of those that I remember now that you posted it, but had forgotten about entirely.

I never knew the name of the piece, 1982 being the year of leaving college and moving to my first duty station, with no access to MTV and a predilection towards AOR stations. I think I mainly heard it coming up at the few clubs that I occasioned that did not play hard rock or Country AND Western.

Nori said...

This reminds me of big hair,and big shopping malls.
It’s all good.

Anonymous said...

Good times, indeed. That whole album was great music I'd almost forgotten.