Monday, January 24, 2022

Say, About Your 401K...


Jump, You Fuckers

Live by the government-sanctioned Ponzi scheme, die by the government-sanctioned Ponzi scheme.

In related news, three youngster co-workers who were fully (3x) vaxxed and boosted and caught COVID anyways this month, some for the second time, were discussing scheduling their next vaxx jab (#4!?!) on a day when they'd have a day or two off afterwards to deal with the debilitating side effects.

Can't help people too stupid to catch on after grabbing a hot stove bare-handed three times, can ya?

I'm hoping in a few years when I'm still plugging along, I don't end up treating them for pericarditis and congestive heart failure, in their mid-to-late 30s.


Plague Monk said...

The medical practice that my wife and I pay for on a yearly basis has been closed for almost a month now, with all of the doctors except for one(maybe) home sick. This, despite their bragging about how everyone working there is fully boosted.
If the staff is that ill, I wonder if they will ever reopen, and whether or not we'll continue our membership when the renewal comes up later this year?
In our area, I've heard that several practices have simply gone under; the offices closing their doors.

Greg said...

Speaking of Ponzi schemes, I've been saying for decades that I have five words for Social Security: I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! Uncle Sugar has been practicing gummint sanctioned extortion of my paycheck for forty years. I have every intention of being mean enough, and tough enough, to live long enough to do it.
As for my IRA (converted from a 401k to take my former employer out of the loop), I had a nice chat with a financial advisor recently and told her that I'm taking yearly distributions in as large a quantity as I can without going up a tax bracket in order to convert fiat currency into durable goods.
If the market does collapse before I can draw it down, I never really counted on it in the first place. The only reason I have it is that the "employer matching funds" was too good a gravy train to pass up.
P.S. If the name Beardsley Ruml isn't familiar, it should be. He was FDR's minion who came up with "payroll withholding". Amity Shlaes wrote the book: The Greedy Hand.

enn ess said...

For those of use wise enough to see through the entire charade, and years from now see us same folks still plugging along, we may be the only ones left. There is some validity to the term "Natural Selection" Those succumbing to the wishes of their overlords and jumping through hoops to "comply" with their every wish with nary a hint of individual thought, will meet their "Natural Selection" outcome soon enough. For one I'm glad I won't have to put up with, or listen, to their asinine shit anymore. Just think of the abundance of possibilities that will open up for those of us still remaining. As for the globalist cartel opining for world domination, how many of them do you think will remain when Natural Selection takes hold. I'm guessing here, but I'd say, not many if any at all. The World Made By Hand (J H Kunstler) is approaching, faster than you think.

Birdchaser said...

My in-laws got the jab soon as they could & the 2nd & the booster, they both have the china flu for the 2nd time.

JNorth said...

My doc just retired, not sure how much of that decision had to do with the current shit-show, could just be he had been at the clinic for 38 years. My previous doctor had retired just before all this crap started in '19. Need to see if I can find local doctor who isn't pushing for infinite jabs.

JT said...


This is an honest question for you. Ive been awake on the Hot lot clot shot for well over a year (will scale to deadly force against mandatory fauxxination of my family if necessary).

How do you divorce yourself from helping them (your younger coworkers) "see the light?"

Youre hard as nails, Christian yet you also are the highest level nurse (and caregiver) you can be. This combo is extremely rare. I see this.

I know and agree with the phrase/meme..."time to wake the lions" but I'd appreciate your thoughts on how you reconcile this emotionally. I agree with youre take but I find it difficult. When I see kids getting mycarditis mashed at CVS, Im torn between handing their parents a Dr Malone printout on never for kids and just letting it go.

Value your thoughts, long time reader.



Anonymous said...

"...pericarditis and congestive heart failure, in their mid-to-late 30s. " Assuming they make it that long...

Anonymous said...

Did Alex Jones call Matt Bracken a fed on his show today? 1st hour 9 minutes in 1-24-22 show.

Aesop said...

I have no F Idea, but if he did, it would just demonstrate that Alex Jones is off his meds again.

bearcub7250 said...

"Did Alex Jones call Matt Bracken a fed on his show today? 1st hour 9 minutes in 1-24-22 show."


Owen Shroyer was hosting yesterday's show at that point. Maybe at an earlier point?

bearcub7250 said...

it was at 11 minutes into Alex Jones's 1-24-22 show.

JC said...

Random confession.

Unvaxxed. Never sick. Blood test shows positive for covid antibodies. Weird. Right?

Aesop said...

I'll let ya know. I'm thinking about getting tested for antibodies this month. (I've got a scrip for the tests from a co-worker.)

Finding out that I got the bug, and got over it, before we knew it existed (probably Dec. 2019) would explain why I've been COVID-free for two years, while my multi-vaxxed co-workers keep getting it again and again.

McChuck said...

I went to the doctor for the first time in three years. He pushed hard for me to get the jab, even after I told him I'd already had Covid twice last winter. He genuinely believed that Covid was unique among illnesses, in that a "vaccine" with known serious issues was better than natural immunity.

I won't be seeing him again. He's not a doctor, no matter what it says on his diploma.

The Overgrown Hobbit said...

Try saying "I need a drug to make my body express antibodies to a now-extinct corona virus s-protein even though I have antibodies to the whole virus?