Thursday, January 20, 2022

FFS, Can Someone Please Throw A Net Over This Dodderingly Crippled Man?

If this is new, he's having a stroke on live TV.
If it's not new, he needs seatbelts on his chair,
and to be put in the nearest Alzheimer's clinic immediately.
He's entirely lost his mind, and he didn't start
with much to begin with.

It's time to admit what was obvious in 2019: He's so blisteringly mentally incompetent, even the Enemedia entirely on his side cannot cover it up anymore:

If he was put on a mental health hold, he couldn't pass a basic exam to determine competency to self-function, and he'd be placed on a mandatory conservatorship.

Stevie Wonder can see Biden's fulminant and raging senility, even from space. At night.

If the entire Cabinet was replaced with kids with Down's Syndrome, besides the immediate improvement in government functioning, they'd put a blanket over Gropey Dopey, and usher him to a waiting wheelchair for a one-way ride to Pudding Pop Acres. For the rest of his life.

This is the same witless senile fool who explained that with an electric car, you could drive from coast to coast on a single tank of gas(!). Automotive engineers are speechless.

This is brutally painful to see, and simultaneously frightening, especially if you ponder the phrases "international relations"

 and "nuclear launch codes".


T-Rav said...

This should be absolutely hammered by every Republican whenever at a press conference. "To start with, I think Biden is mentally incompetent and should be removed from office."

Anonymous said...

The question then becomes one of succession. Heels-Up Harris gets the football with Granny Botox next in line?
It's scary to consider what the scramble would be like.
Boat Guy

Aesop said...

Alternatively, they could admit they stole the election, swear in the actual elected president, and we could get on with America.

Just saying.

And I'd also like a pony, world peace, and the winning lottery ticket for Friday.

Joe in PNG said...

It's like the old Aristocrats joke- but really unfunny and awkward, and we're being forced to participate.

John Wilder said...

Wow. Stunning drop in mental acuity. Based on losing Pa Wilder to dementia, it's non-linear. If he's this bad now, in a year he will not be able to hold a complex conversation.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Aesop, the sad thing to me is that people who actively see and can track declines in cognitive ability in their loved ones from things like dementia and Alzheimer's refuse to apply the same logic when confronted with this. Once again, the demand is "follow the science", except when the science leads to conclusions that are not what corresponds to the opinion needed.

Bosworth said...

Joe Biden has always excelled at "stream of of unconsciousness" thinking and speaking.

And the Demonrats excel at picking VPs that make removal of a president unteneble.

jsmalone1 said...

But he got there. The biggest issue is why is he still in office? None of this is complicated, no need to ramble on speaking in circles.

Aesop said...

No, he didn't "get" there, he was installed there. Biiiiiiig difference. And worst-kept secret in world history, yet everyone still pretends he won the election.

Anonymous said...

Actually the dems individually admit theft of the election if they thought it would save their hides from the gallows...