Friday, January 14, 2022

Seismographs At Monticello Go Berserk


No word yet on whether Jefferson is spinning clockwise,
or counterclockwise, in his grave.

It's always invigorating when the Supreme Court edits the Declaration of Independence, and partially repeals the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution, all before a buffet lunch on a Thursday, because they think they can.

Oh, and fuck every last one of them, especially Roberts and Kavanaugh, sideways, with a dull rusty chainsaw. While it's running.

Thus beclowned and completely self-delegitimized, they no longer hold any validity as a legal institution, except perhaps at Clown College, at least this side of purging them with a flamethrower and claymore mines. Neither of which I possess; more's the pity.


Plague Monk said...

I thought that Thomas's dissent on the healthcare workers, joined by Barrett, Gorsuch and Alito, was well reasoned. Too bad they couldn't switch one more vote, though.

Am I missing something on the dissent? Thomas has been one of the greats on the court, and I'm normally not a fan of the diversity crowd.

As to Roberts and Co, there are fire ant colonies that need to be fed.

millerized said...

To this end, my 'fuck you, I'm outta here' papers went in yesterday. They have until 2/26 to fire me, which I really hope they will. 34yrs is enough.
The Fuckening has started.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

So round one only three voted for tyranny in these ununiting states now more of them have. Remember the Alamo er fireants.

MNW said...

Thomas wasn't a diversity pick.

He was arguably thr best pick in the last 40 years.

millerized said...

Oh, and whose who don't realize the real intent of the whole's designed to crater the US Healthcare industry so the .fedgov can take it over. Instantaneous health care 'crisis' (once again brought on by their own policies) mandates that the .gov 'do something'. Whence they will, by federalizing it. .gov doctors treating .gov approved patients being paid for by the .gov. Kinda perfect when you think about it.

Backdoor Obamacare the only way they know how. An additional 20% of the entire US economy added to the .fed money books overnight. Please tell me I'm wrong, and please tell me I'm not the only one who saw this coming?

Anonymous said...

Aseop I'm pretty sure you are aware our Feckless Leadership has attempted a Color Revolution last week in K-stan and both the Russians and the Chinese smashed it so quickly that Deep State assets were killed and captured?

Hard to fly out of a military no fly zone.

More Gold Stars on the 3 letter folks "Honor Wall".

All just before the NATO meeting to "discuss Ukraine ". Now the Deep State and their NATO Minions Publicly backed Russia into a corner refusing to even acknowledge their concerns about the 404 error country called Ukraine becoming a NATO member and putting More US weapons systems on the Russian border.

I wonder how important the Black Robed Druids will be if (If we are Lucky) Russia turns off European heating and electricity natural gas supply for the NATO insults. OR if we are Not Lucky our power grid is shut down and the real world damage to its antique parts.

The US Cyberwarfare Command keeps saying in the NY TIMES they can "Punish Russia " but Cyberwarfare goes both ways.

Of course we will blame it on Russia even if it's a False Flag event,that's what our Feckless Leadership does to deflect the blame for their own actions.

I humbly suggest a grid down weekend exercise while you can still buy things you discover you needed.

COVID the best distraction they have. Best excuse for shortages and higher energy costs.

Unknown said...

Looks like I'm out the door now at my facility. Fuck'em. They're not getting a notice either.

Anonymous said...

We should start a go fund me to buy Aesop a flamethrower!! They're only 600 bucks....

Marty said...

As I wrote before, the court has essentially ruled we are all subjects not citizens. In order to get this ruling they are saying that there's no constitutional barrier to forced injections of unknown gene therapy substances. They didn't decide that them constitutional protection didn't apply to only HCWs, but that Congress hadn't given the administrative state authority to do it via OSHA.

I wouldn't blame any HCW who walks away after this. Even if it collapsed to e system.
This SCOTUS is a bunch of cowards, they showed it when they ignored a stolen election and they are showing it here.
Maybe Roberts thinks he is saving the institution, afraid of Biden expanding the court, or pushback from the left. Instead he is destroying it. He has no idea. This will not end well.

James M Dakin said...

I say, they want to crush the health care system. First because it saves geriatric welfare bucks, but mostly because the vaxx isn't killing enough folks off. But lots fewer hospitals sure will, from all health problems, not just Corona. SCOTUS isn't the problem, they are just part of the Kabuki theater. It isn't about population control because Lizard Overlords want to rule the world, it is simply to match population with declining resources. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Agree with James.
Emanuel, Rahm
Emanuel, Ezekiel

Plague Monk said...

MNW, I apologize for saying that Thomas was a diversity pick; that was poor phrasing on my part. He is arguably the best judge that has been on the Supreme Court(along with Scalia) in my lifetime. I'm just not a big fan of a certain minority group, so I used the term diversity pick instead.
Roberts, OTOH, is the lamest chief justice I've ever seen, and in a lot of ways I think he's worse than Earl Warren was. Warren was at least intelligent, while Roberts seems to be an intellectual lightweight, as well as being compromised in some way.
As to fire ants, when I was in basic training at Lackland AFB in 1977, a guy in my unit foolishly tried to demonstrate how tough he was. He rolled up his sleeve, and punched a huge fire ant mound despite my warning. His arm went into the ground almost up to his elbow, and when he withdrew it, his arm was covered with angry ants. He went in the hospital and was discharged soon afterwards.
Good times, good times.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the new monoclonal antibodies? Virus all over area. I am being offered it it is the new variety of antibody

pyrrhus said...

Maybe I missed something, but the decision apparently didn't prevent hospitals, etc.. from granting religious or medical exemptions...So there is a way out of this mess if the institutions want to keep their staff..

Mike Guenther said...

I was at Lackland for basic in July/August of '76. It was a long hot summer. After which I was shipped to Keesler AFB in Mississippi for the next eight months. Coldest I ever was, an ice storm that January came through with 40 mph winds and gusts to sixty.

Good times!

Aesop said...


No, you didn't miss anything. But nothing says "basic right" like something you have to beg permission from your employer to be allowed to exercise, which they may then grant or refuse on a whim.

And nothing says "equal protection under the law" like treating all employees alike, unless they work in healthcare, just like it says right in the Constitution.

At least, in the copy of it that SCOTUS was reading from.