Wednesday, January 12, 2022

FLASH Traffic: Vaxxapalooza Isn't Over, It's Just Beginning

 h/t WRSA

An addendum to a WRSA  article posted late today links to a blurb from Alex Berenson stating,  

"It's over, people."

It was made in reference to the excerpt of a line from a World Health Organization COVID-19 statement.

The excerpted section is as follows:

"a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable."

Sounds great when you only read that little part, right?

Berenson is under the misimpression that WHO is throwing in the towel on vaxxing the world to freedom.

Natzsofast, Guido.

As I heard time and time again from a Baptist preacher and theologian who was a Navy chaplain on the beach at Iwo Jima on the first day of that battle, "Text without a context is a pretext." Meaning exactly what Shakespeare said in The Merchant Of Venice: "The devil can cite scripture for his purpose."

I bring this up, because Berenson was so fixated on what he wanted  to hear, he missed what WHO actually said. Here is the entire paragraph from that excerpt (¶7):

"With near- and medium-term supply of the available vaccines, the need for equity in access to vaccines across countries to achieve global public health goals, programmatic considerations including vaccine demand, and evolution of the virus, a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable."


IOW, the only reason they don't want to keep using the same vaxx again and again and again, endlessly, is because 

a) it manifestly doesn't work (especially for variants 1 through XX, thus far)

b) there isn't enough of it to go around, worldwide

c) first world countries are hogging the supplies, because they can afford to buy it

d) TPTB at WHO are eagerly awaiting a plethora of new Frankenvaxxes any minute!

Don't take my word for it; read it for yourself:

"The TAG-CO-VAC considers that COVID-19 vaccines that have high impact on prevention of infection and transmission, in addition to the prevention of severe disease and death, are needed and should be developed. Until such vaccines are available, as as the SARS-CoV-2 virus evolves, the composition of current COVID-19 vaccines may need to be updated, to ensure that COVID-19 vaccines continue to provide WHO-recommended levels of protection against infection and disease [4] by VOCs, including Omicron and future variants.


The TAG-CO-VAC will consider a change in vaccine composition:

to ensure that vaccines continue to meet the criteria established in WHO's Target Product Profile for COVID-19 vaccines, including protection against severe disease

 to improve vaccine-induced protection.


To that aim, COVID-19 vaccines need to:

be based on strains that are genetically and antigenically close to the circulating SARS-CoV-2 variant(s);

in addition to protection against severe disease and death, be more effective in protection against infection thus lowering community transmission and the need for stringent and broad-reaching public health and social measures;

elicit immune responses that are broad, strong, and long-lasting in order to reduce the need for successive booster doses.


In line with this approach, there are many options to consider:

a monovalent vaccine that elicits an immune response against the predominant circulating variant(s), although this option faces the challenge of the rapid emergence of SARS-CoV-2 variants and the time needed to develop a modified or new vaccine;

a multivalent vaccine containing antigens from different SARS-CoV-2 VOCs; 

a pan SARS-CoV-2 vaccine: a more sustainable long-term option that would effectively be variant-proof."


And while they're up, I'd also like a pony, the winning Powerball ticket, and the home phone number of the Playmate Of The Year, since we're pulling wishes out of our underpants.

And until the COVID Tooth Fairy and Big Pharma deliver those magical unicorn vaxxes pooping strawberry-scented wonderfulness on all mankind, and peace rules the planets?

"You're all my bitchez, bitchez!" - WHO, CDC, and TPTB

Read. The. WHOLE. Thing.  It's a one-page five-minute read, and it lays out the whole long-term plan from WHO, at this point.

What they did admit there, left-handedly, is that the current crop of poisons does none of those things, while they're simultaneously openly salivating at the prospect of many, many more vaxxes, which they hope might actually be worthy of the name "vaccine".

Whether they'll have the same witch's brew of lethal and/or permanently debilitating side effects (death, heart attacks, strokes, blindness, paralysis, etc.) as the current DNA germ warfare versions isn't even part of their concern or discussion set. Be afraid. Be very afraid. They think what they've done so far has "worked", and they want to do it again, "MOAR! BIGGER! HARDER!"

That's a far cry from "It's over, people." Where we are on this is here:

They have not yet BEGUN to vaxx.

This is why it's both dangerous, and bordering on foolishly stupid, to ignore the full context of the discussion (especially when they print it in English right in front of your face), and that before you declare victory, to be sure to tell the enemy. He always gets a vote.

Our common enemies have spoken, and the worldwide Vaxxapalooza is no such "over". Sorry if that's news to anyone. 

What you've seen to date was just the first inning. And it's going to be a loooooong ballgame.


Uncle Bobedy said...

This analysis is exactly why I read your work at least once a day, it makes my public school addled brain just a bit more wrinkly. I thank you.

Plague Monk said...

Why am I not surprised? Idiot savants such as Pox Night seem to think this is almost over, but those of us living in the real world know better. I tell my wife that there are times when I wish that we were both ignorant rubes who trust everything the government says. That's the way that nearly everyone in the church that we give to(and she attends; I've given up) believes. The pastor doesn't believe in prepping, as he believes that divine intervention is coming Real Soon Now, and until then we need to follow Caesar's rules.
I'm also reminded of the adage that the enema always gets a vote. Er, enemy, i think.
Live long and prosper...

Pat said...

I am sure you are 100% correct, even beyond the vaxx analysis. TPTB are all in, whether with continuing vaxxs, or economic meltdown, inflation, shortages, war etc. I very much doubt like you that there is any intention of standing down, and as seemingly always they do lay out their intentions. Great catch of you: the whole vax strategy statement- this is the first site to do so. Like the other poster, this is one of a small handful of sites where I know " da good shite be ".
2022 is going to be a year for the ages, one way or another

Anonymous said...

Appended to post.

Thanks as always.


Charlie said...

""In practical terms, while some countries may recommend booster doses of vaccine, the immediate priority for the world is accelerating access to the primary vaccination, particularly for groups at greater risk of developing severe disease.""

immediate priority

That don't sound like anyone throwing in the towel.

Tucanae Services said...

The sad truth is, if they apply the same methodology as with the first set of Vaxx. That is Proof-to-Use at Warp Speed we be F'd. What is to say that the next protein matrix used works in conjunction with what is currently in the body to produce a reaction that increases the morbidity of the whole affair?

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Those are all features not bugs. Without taxpayer (you and me) support this will not stop. How long before congress gets the message to stop wasting our money.

Greg said...

It continues to puzzle me no end how even the hardcore skeptics among us, distrusting any and all of the psyops BS being thrown at us STILL believe this testing nonsense. Testing, testing, testing. Even when arcane terms like "false positive rate" have now entered the general lexicon. Never mind esoteric concepts like sensitivity and specificity. All this testing for the Wuhan flu is so much excrement.
I made my career in medical technology, and I always preached that every test, EVERY test is suspect UNTIL it clinically correlates to a patients condition, and that is why the docs are paid the big bucks, to make that judgement. It drove me nuts when some quack would order a transfusion on the basis of one bad hemogram without even looking at the patient. Conversely, I had the highest respect for any doc who wanted to question a result: We'll be happy to repeat it at no charge, new specimen if you wish.
As you've pointed out previously Aesop, all this hoo-ha about "Omicron" or "Delta" variants is so much garbage because NO ONE is doing gene sequencing on those samples to determine that. It's all "clinical judgement", based on symptoms which may or may not be relevant at all.

Anonymous said...

...and just to add insult to injury for healthcare workers, the SJC has ruled against the broad mandate for all companies with over 100 employees, but allowed the ruling for healthcare companies that take federal money, which is virtually all of them.

More info here:


Abe said...

It still looks like absolutely none of the so-called people in charge have any consideration for those of us that had the Chi Crud and now are immune. We do not fit their plan so I suppose they will demand we take their faux vaccine. No consideration for those of you that have worked for two years with covid patients and now demand you get the shot or fired.

Anonymous said...

Well done Aesop. TPTB will not stop. These people know that the sheep and media are in their back pockets. They have vast resources and willing sheep to obey, advance and perpetuate the cause. Funny thing is many of the sheep do it not out of malice but of a compulsion to do the right thing while ignoring the facts. WE all know what the ultimate solution is and what is required by US. If it's not one evolution of the vax it will be another, and infinitum. When will this stop? Funny thing that question, the answer is and has ALWAYS been ................when WE decide to stop it. WE let it go this far. How much longer are WE going to move the red line??
Great job Aesop. Keep in keeping on.


Dan said...

The hallmark of leftists has always been to double down on what DOES NOT work. Which of course means the stated goal is a red herring and the true goal is being obscured.

Dan said...

Now they're being helpful, right?

John Wilder said...

Planning and implementing are two different things. And people around here? They're done.

streamfortyseven said...

Klaus Schwab and a lot of his buddies are pretty closely tied in to the Club of Rome. and one of the main concerns of this club is population which has grown beyond "carrying capacity". If you look at "Limits to Growth", published in 1972, it predicts depletion of important non-renewable resources - mainly fossil fuels. Mechanized agriculture is entirely dependent on fossil fuels - as is pretty much everything else. But it's food production which is the bottleneck.

Capitalism is dependent on growth of capital, and this growth is exponential. The WEF people are really interested in economic growth - they really want to keep it going. Unfortunately, resources which fuel growth - fossil fuels, primarily - are finite and being depleted. Once used, they're gone. So exponential growth has a limit point. And population growth is directly correlated to growth in energy use, too -

So, to keep things going in the way the WEF people want, population growth would have had to be controlled - capped - by, say, 1980. That didn't happen, population has at least doubled since then. So, by this argument, and with this set of facts, population has to be reduced. And growth has to be capped. And the question is, how?

Global nuclear war would do the trick, but the people who run the WEF really don't want that - nor does any sane person - which at this point, includes very few people from the US/EU ruling class, or so it would seem - Ukraine, anyone?

So there has to be another way to get this done. A drug which kills people, not outright for the most part, but over a period of about five years, and which sterilizes children before they reach reproductive age, that would do the trick. If you could get 80% of the world's population to voluntarily take this drug, within about 5 years, the problem would be a long way down the road to a solution. And you'd want to selectively kill off non-productive, non-creative populations - the "woke", the people with "bullshit jobs" - trimming deadweight, so to speak. Unfortunately, you can't really get people to voluntarily take such a drug or give it to their children, at least under normal circumstances.

So, you have to create abnormal circumstances - like a worldwide pandemic - and the drug is the "vaccine"... And that would work. And maybe it has.