Friday, May 31, 2019

Bienvenido a Reality, Cabrón

h/t Gateway Pundit

(BAJA SH*THOLIA) President Trump on Thursday evening announced that a 5% tariff will be imposed on all Mexican imports beginning June 10th and will gradually increase until the illegal immigration stops. 
“On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP. The Tariff will gradually increase until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied at which time the Tariffs will be removed. Details from the White House to follow,” Trump tweeted earlier. 
Over 100,000 illegal aliens are entering the US every month making bogus asylum claims only to be released into US communities. 
Just hours after President Trump announced he will be imposing 5% tariffs on Mexican imports over illegal immigration, Mexico’s president Lopez-Obrador sent Trump a letter begging for a meeting to work toward a solution.
Funny how that works, isn't it, Andres?

If you weren't letting people by the millions every year come here illegally to vent the pressure on your failed country, we wouldn't have this problem.

So now Uncle Donald has decided to piss in your cornflakes every day until you learn to stop letting that happen. And it's going to be an expensive lesson - for you.

Ask China how that's working out for them these days.

Curiously, not a peep from the media about why this approach wasn't tried by Presidents Obozo, Dubbya, Fat Bill, Daddy Bush, or anyone else since Eisenhower's Operation Wetback rounded up every stray north of the Rio Grande.

Because they already know no one else WANTED to stop illegal immigration before now.



Everyone points to Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, and others - even Barackus Rex himself - talking about the need for a secure border, stopping illegal aliens, etc... and then compares the talking points to President Trump saying, functionally, the same thing. The difference is, Trump MEANS IT. All those others loyalist "D" pols, knew full well that nothing would get done but they have to talk a good game for the optics.

Meanwhile, the flood of new voters proceeded apace. Why, it's almost as if they planned the dilution and replacement of uncooperative white people.

Anonymous said...

cue an injunction from the 9th Circus in 3, 2, 1...


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Well, if they're going to have a country and a government there's got to be legal boundaries and procedures for going from one boundary(/country) to another.

Anonymous said...

Add a stiff (25-50%) tax on remittances sent out of the fUSA. Use it for border security.

Peter B said...

Nitzakhon, nobody is surprised by the fact that the 'RATS were acting against the interests of the American people while lying to them.

Trump's clinical trial with the Mexican tariff is another demonstration that whether you call them the GOPe or the GOP wing of the Uniparty, Bushes I and II were just as happy to do it as the 'RATs because in critical ways their agendas are the same. It's depressing how easily Brecht's belatedly cynical poem about the Soviet suppression of the 1953 popular uprising against the GDR adapts to American politics today.

[Since] the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the UniParty
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts [which the people refused to make, it was easier for the Uniparty]
...To dissolve the people
And [replace them with] another.

Let's just hope that now that Trump has AMLO by the balls, AMLO's heart and mind will soon follow.

Sanders said...

The Department of Defense has one job...and it isn't defending the borders in foreign countries.

Crew said...

While this might turn out to be a false positive, the first Ebola scare for the US this time around seems to have started:

There will be more and one or more Ebola infected illegals will get through.

Fred ∆ said...

At this point it's RUMINT.

But cases, as in multiple infected, in crowded conditions. Oooh boy.

Aesop said...

My default answer in such reports is "Wait and see" because so many turn out to be false.

Remember the number "11". That's how many capable and staffed BL-4 beds we have.
Actual Ebola patients after that make the outbreak city Monrovia, Liberia circa 2014.
If that ever happens anywhere, including here in the US, you can cancel Christmas.

And remember the problem is not the Index Case you find, that presents first.
It's all the ones out in the population you haven't found, which will only become apparent in the next 3-40 days that will have people sweating bullets and shitting kittens.

Worse this time, because unlike 2014, this time out fever isn't showing up in 50% of cases. I'll be covering this and more tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster above.

Tax the remittances going back to Mexico at 25%. There are billions going back to MX untaxed.

Will lead to more bulk cash seizures at the border and pay for increased security.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

The ship is large. Past the rubicon it picks up speed on the slope. Mass awakening is the only hope. I have a thought just now on what creates it and it is not good.