Thursday, May 16, 2019

Kleine Nazis On The March

The absolute Thought Nazis over at Wordpress continue their reign of terror, unabated.
(And if your site is over there, you should be hearing the goosesteps coming at you by now.)

This week alone, they've knocked off Chateau Heartiste, and now Creeping Sharia.
Both were just occasional reads, but the trend is clear: the Leftards will silence all dissenting views.

What this leads to is either a monotone 1984 world, where all non-SJW speech is binned and banned; or else a bifurcated world, when someone decides to provide a safe space for the Right, and does the exact same thing to liberal asstard attempts at sites, but lets right-wing speech stand unopposed.

Which just fuels the Them/Us paradigm, fractures the culture a little deeper, and makes going from a war of words to one of actual conflict that much easier.

Which, evidently, is what the Thought Nazis think they want.

They won't like us when we're angry.

And when the mob comes to pull the WordPress Nazis out of their bunker, I'll be one of the guys tying a hangman's noose for the ones who surrender.

But I'm thinking rather than a quick yank, we'll be wanting to lift them slowly, a few seconds at a time, and gradually lengthening the levitation period.

For entertainment.


Wes said...

They also got

June J said...

Every day I expect to find that WRSA has been taken down.

Can Blogger be far behind WordPress in silencing views that do not align with the left?

Glen Filthie said...

Yes and no, Aesop. The bad guys are getting some of this as well. I heard awhile back that Tumblr was axing the accounts of homos who used the medium for sharing gay porn. And OyTube has censored some of the more virulent lefties too. By their reckoning they are trying to ban everything that is offensive. Yes, conservatives are taking a bigger beating than leftists are - but we have to stop letting them beat us this way.

We need alternate sites that they can’t control and we need to support them. Gab is a great way to fork Twatter, Full 30 is a raised middle finger to OyTube, and there are others. One of the reasons Leftie is winning here is because he’s organized and motivated and we are not. We have to change that and start getting mean and nasty with them the same way they are with us. Guys like Heartiste knew that and were getting the message out. We all need to take a bigger part.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be trite here, but....learn to code.

Vox Day is right, get your own platforms. There's nothing whatsoever stopping anyone from buying a website, loading the Wordpress plug-in and going to town. It's simply not that hard.

At that point, you have standing.

The issue with all these social media platforms is they are free, you are the product. If you monetize them, you do so within their world. You take the queen's shilling, she does with you what she will.

There are so many blogging tools one can use on their own site and the site itself is cheap.

Anonymous said...

Let me revise and extend my last comment -

Nothing stops you from getting your own site.

No reason that site has to be hosted in the US.

I really need to start looking on how to build this business. I'll happily build the environment were shafted bloggers can move.

robins111 said...

Intetesting that they've never tried to touch either 4chan or 8chan. I rather expect those nerd hacker retards would have the facebook/google/wordpress sites showing nothing but birds dumping on a hot rock within a day if they tried.

Aesop said...


From your lips to God's ears.

And yada, yada, yada, folks, "Learn to code", "Get your own platforms", etc. applies, but the current pogrom is nonetheless worthy of documentation, for ammunition every time the "tolerant" Leftards get caught tangled up in their own hypocrisy.

Bear in mind there's an election coming up, and #walkaway is a thing too.

Unknownsailor said...

1. Buy web space, OR,
2. Buy domain name AND/OR webspace using a bulletproof DNS registrar like
3. install Wordpress yourself
4. Say whatever you want and thumb your noses at the left when they try to take you out.

John said...

Sounds like a plan.
Actually, if after all that I've posted on my blog (small and lonely as it is) I'm not on their list; I'll be offended.

Anonymous said...

They got Jon Rappaport at nomorefakenews as well.
He's trying to get back on another way.At least he can still send out the emails.

Beans said...

The Trump Whitehouse is asking people to share their stories of being silenced by social media.

Seems the issue on banning so many conservatives has attracted attention. And now that he has a mostly friendly AG on his side, mayhaps some interesting times are ahead.

MMinLamesa said...

gruesome video

John Wilder said...

The left cares about winning - period. No fairness. No rules. They will get away with everything they can at every moment they can.



Never forget that.

The Gray Man said...

Tumblr trying to unbecome a porn site isn’t in the same realm as Wordpress dumping Heartiste for political non-leftism. Tumblr just wants to get back to its good old days of being the virtual middle school for actual middle schoolers.

Anonymous said...

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