Friday, May 24, 2019


h/t Borepatch

After doing everything in her miserable grasp to thwart the clearly expressed wishes of the British people regarding Brexit, Prime Minister May December has finally heard the squeaking of the tumbrel cart wheels, and can see the torches and pitchforks of the distant mob approaching, and will be leaving her office after the mother of all drubbings in the recent parliamentary elections.
(LONDONISTAN) Standing in front of 10 Downing Street, Mrs. May said it was in the “best interests of the country for a new prime minister” to lead Britain through the Brexit process.
Good riddance to bad rubbish. Pity she's clinging to the office for another few days.

She's indeed fortunate that her leaving isn't for a piano-wire necklace at the end of a lamppost, after being ritually scourged from 10 Downing Street to Traitor's Gate.

Apparently the actual British citizens remaining there would have had to blow up the Chunnel to get any respect, if politically beheading the ruling party at the polls didn't send the message across clearly enough.

I had written No Longer great Britain off completely, but perhaps there's still some life in the old corpse left.

And after the examples of Trump, Bolsonaro, Oz, and now this, I wouldn't go long on the chances of the Evil Party here in 2020.

Cheer up: things are not as bleak as they seem. And they never are.

(For those inevitably wondering about the title, it starts out "Don't Let the Door Hit You...". You can work the rest out for yourselves.)


Pat H. said...

As long as one looks at areas outside Londonistan and the other "rape centers" of Muslims, the British are traditional.

May attempted to thwart the vote, now she's gone.

jim rock said...

In class with MVT a couple years ago, buring an AAR, the question of Brit survival was posed to Max.
His answer: "Don't count them out."

jim rock said...

During.... damit!

Old NFO said...

I don't think so... When the MPs go counter to the REPEATED will of the people to get out of the EU, that's not going to end well for them. Britain is dead, the corpse just doesn't know it yet... RAF officers I talked to last week DO NOT want to go back to that cesspool.

Jim Scrummy said...

Love the true Brits. Have met a few British Army dudes and Royal Marines, all good guys to share a few adult beverages with from time to time. Have two Brits for neighbors, the one was for Brexit, the other was against. The neighbor for Brexit also has a conceal carry permit (she's 'murican now). The other who was against, he is all for gun control in the USA...yeah he's cucked. Hopefully, no deal happens sooner rather than later. Also hopeful that other countries leave the EU too. Stupid to give up your sovereignty to a bunch of crappy burocrats in Brussels.

Anonymous said...

She is going to need a few days to do all the shredding and redaction necessary to try and conceal her treasonous behaviour.

Borepatch said...

There's a real chance that Trump can pull off a Reagan/1984 blow-out 49 State win next year. It really depends on whether the Evil Party pulls off their silly National Popular Vote Interstate Compact bill, where States commit themselves to voting their Electoral Votes for the candidate who wins the popular vote. They're closing in.

The landslide calculus is as follows: Start with a roaring economy and the first real wage growth in a generation, and add a slow drip-drip-drip of Democratic Party/Deep State monkey business that will come out over the next 15 months. Now give the nomination to Creepy Joe Biden (cue TV commercials of the hair sniffing). All Trump needs to do is get a couple percent more of the popular vote and then he wins California, New York, basically all of New England, and the goofy mid-west States (Minnesota, Colorado, etc). Looks like a lock to me.

I'm just enjoying the pop corn, with a nice schadenfreude cocktail ...

Anonymous said...

They'll just put another EU stooge in her place.
This is Kabouki theatre. The Brit establishment don't want to leave the EU; it would affect their summer holdings and overseas wealth in Spain, Portugal etc...
I know, I grew up there.
My great hope is the real Brits will don some kind of vest and revolt like the French.

Aesop said...

That idiotic popular Vote Compact horsepuckey isn't going to pass the constitutional smell test for 15 seconds, and will be terminated with prejudice by every federal court that touches it, in about as long.

The states will be told that
a) they can't give the franchise of their state to a plurality of some other states, ever, and
b) if the states don't like the Electoral College, they have but two options:
i) pass a Constitutional Amendment in Congress, and in 37 state legislatures to "fix" it, or
ii) hold a Constitutional Convention, wherein everything's on the table.

They will run from those options like scalded cats, and any state that tries to send electors to cast votes contrary to the their own state's actual results will be disqualified from voting at all.

It's an open question whether their own reps and senators would even be seated in DC after that either.

The idiotic idea would also give legal standing to every voter in every state to sue over voter fraud in any other state, at which point most of CA and the southwest state's district and senatorial results would be thrown out, or tied up in the courts until the next election.

At that point, the idiots who miscegenated this disasterpiece will reverse course so fast their necks will snap from the whiplash.

Bear well in mind this idiocy was spawned by the same money-long/IQ-short masterminds who kept trying to spawn 6 Californias, as if the Congress and the other 49 states would ever grant us 12 senators. A court threw that one out so hard it didn't even hit the courthouse steps on the way to the gutter.

Voter fraud is the template, and CA 2016 was the test case.
With what they've perfected here, the DNC will pull out all the stops in 2020, and Trump, despite a booming economy, will have his hands full getting to 270 again.

And if there aren't 100 prison terms handed out for the soft coup going on these last 4 years, God help Pence or anyone else running in 2024 and beyond.

Glen Filthie said...

What can you expect, putting old women in positions of authority? Sure...Maggie Thatcher, and all that. But for every Maggie Thatcher, you get ten Hillary Clinton’s, ten Nancy Pelosi’s, and ten Maxine Waters. Women are not designed for leadership roles like that. Hell, most men aren’t either. Women are socialists and fascists by nature which works in families with small children. You want a “mama bear” for your kids... but you sure as hell don’t want one as your statesman. Nor do you want vibrant exotic weirdos from over the rainbow in that role either.

You heard it here first: when reality re-asserts itself - it will do it in Britain first. It’ll do it good and hard too.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Aesop I am not so sure about the compact, lately that is the thing I worry about most and they have a number of states already. Those evil bastards have gotten away with a lot in the last and all elections. It will come down to the will of the people but nobody did anything about the vote harvesting. As for may it is nice to notice that their leaders and our leaders are getting weaker. Just like pelosi and nadler yesterday.

beau said...

'we are all europeans now' is evident since western european and u. s. 'leaders' routinely sell out their citizens in like fashion.

Aesop said...

Pelosi's rampant Alzheimer's senility is getting impossible to ignore, and it's coming out to play in public more and more.
She is a problem that will self correct in a year or two, more than likely.

And Nadler is no spring chicken either.

Anonymous said...

Nadler's the first politician since the 1920's that wears his britches up around his chest.
He's at least got that going for him.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

When all the older tards are gone it will get easier for our side. pelosi and her kind are and were smart as much as I hate to say it but one side effect they created is their generational replacements are stupid, look at aoc.

Anonymous said...

Nadler may be on his way out already.

Miles said...

I have no doubt that the stress is getting to Nadler.
He is in very bad health, diabetic and he's well past "3 score and 10".
My medical training stopped at Combat Lifesaver, but that last looked like a TIA but as he's diabetic he easily could have miscalculated his insulin dose and gone hypoglycemic whatever.

Some are gracious to not wish ill on others but I'm not. I hope he strokes dead out during one of his committee meetings, live on air in a paroxysmic fit. .

Mike_C said...

My guess was TIA as well, and not the "dehydration" everyone was on about.

Somewhat surprisingly, Nadler's only 71, but looking at the guy you gotta figure he's got the risk-factor profile of a much older man. Among other things, the 5'4" Nadler was once up to 338 lbs, though he's supposedly 100 or so pounds lighter now. At his peak he had a BMI of 58 kg/m2 which is quite astonishing.

For karmic purposes I'm not going wish a stroke on him, plus "no man is an Iland" and all that, but the magnitude of my diminishment when Rep Nadler kicks it will be small.

Marina said...

Brexit explained in 1:26 using Burger King -- Can't miss !