Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Education Occurs. Reality Hits. Hilarity Ensues.

h/t Gun Free Zone

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IANAL, but she isn't just a thief.

Taking the sign constitutes an assault by bodily force.
When asked if she has ID, she first says no.
When asked again, she confesses that yes, she does have ID. That's making a false statement to a police officer during an investigation.
And she could probably be charged with damaging the sign, which was in fact damage to private property.

But the look on her unprepossessing face when she realizes that laws are real, and she's about to get her criminal ass hooked and booked, is priceless.

So the next question is what the university's policy is on students who are multi-offence violent criminals, committing crimes on university property, and what the taxpayers of the state  of NC have to say about letting such violent criminals continue to attend a public institution where she might offend again, against their precious sons and daughters.

I would suggest a class-action lawsuit against her, her parents, and UNC officials should be pursued with vigor, by all potentially affected parties, if she's not expelled. That would include speakers on the campus and vendors thereto, as potential crime victims as well.

Then there's the federal case for deprivation of civil rights, by someone almost certainly receiving federal funds at the time.
That has to be about ten federal crimes, and none of them likely to be misdemeanors.

Snowflakette is about to become an awfully popular person.

Maybe she can do her future scholastic efforts online, after she finishes her community service and probation, and after getting her ass kicked out of UNC for what must also be black-letter law violations of the official campus code of conduct for students and faculty at an official state-run public university. She can probably be banned for life from all campuses.

Best wishes getting a job anywhere (except NOW or NARAL) with no degree, and a criminal record, Cupcake.

That education is going to be the best one you ever got.

MOAR of this, please.


Old NFO said...

I’m betting this one quietly goes away and nobody will know nuffin... sigh

EJ said...

Old NFO- I'm with you on this one

Anonymous said...

As a former criminal defense lawyer, I can confidently predict that she will get a deferred judgment and sentence. That means that if she pleads guilty and keeps her nose clean for 12 months (some times less), she can withdraw her plea and the case will be dismissed. And she can legally say to any employer that she has never had a criminal conviction. That's only good the first time, though.

Anonymous said...

Always, always press charges against these people. Do your civic duty.

Many times the Police are happy to avoid work.

I used to work as a Bouncer. Want to know why all the local toughs didn't give me a hard time? It wasn't because I was the toughest. It wasn't because I was a giant steroid freak. Nope. The first few altercations I was involved in I pressed charges and sought restitution. Thugs were happy to get into a fight, wear a few bruises. They weren't happy to get into a fight, wear a few bruises, spend the weekend in a cell, going to court (losing a days pay at the very least), explaining to their employer why they didn't show for work, paying (on average) a weeks wage to the Bouncer they assaulted and in one case, returning to prison for breach of bail.

Always press charges!

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

The parents should be punished as well. Oops their daughter went to jail on the viral interwebs. They probably could care less and are bitching about the unfairness as well. I always say, "and hillary is still not your president, ha ha ha ha ha ha".

Anonymous said...

Quote of the week...."I cannot unarrest you"

The Gray Man said...

She will never be convicted of half that, but maybe she’ll get her wrist slap.

She’s an idiot. Not even a strong willed one. She’s so strong in her stance that she will steal a sign, but then will try to backtrack and claim she was going to give it back. If she felt so strongly, she should have said “yeah I took it, fuck their opinions, and fuck you too!”

She was already arrested and clearly the cop didn’t feel happy about the situation he walked into. She could have just played it up an become a leftist hero. But no. She’s too weak. She’ll disappear.

June J said...

Without the camera present she probably wouldn’t have been arrested.

Anonymous said...

@June J
You are 100% right. When you consider that colleges are left wing bastions, I'm kinda surprised she actually was arrested.

Eskyman said...

This little snowflake got arrested, but she has no idea in the world what she did wrong. In her small world, she removed a horrifying sign, which disturbed her intensely, and she wanted to destroy that terrible sign and make the people with it, who were responsible for her discomfort, go away. If anything, she expected to be applauded, not condemned; she couldn't believe she was being arrested, and said so.

She's the exact opposite of Capt. Renault in Casablanca; he said he was shocked, shocked- but of course as a man of the world he knew all along that gambling was taking place. She OTOH was actually shocked, because she's too innocent to have any idea of reality, she's never been exposed to it before.

All her life she's been told that she's special, but just like everyone else; she's strong, but needs protection; she's invulnerable, but easily hurt; none of these contradictions ever strike her as odd. At University, she's told it's OK to need "safe spaces" and perhaps warm cocoa & a teddy bear to cuddle, and no one has ever told her to grow up & accept reality.

That video was sad. There are so very many young people like her, who have no idea in the world how brainwashed they are; most of her peer group will see her as a martyr, sent to the stocks for protesting the patriarchy or some such thing. Her peers will want to be like her, and will admire her bravery under duress, even though she showed none. It's all in the narrative; reality has little to do with it.

The saddest part of all is that she'll learn nothing from this experience. She won't for a moment think that perhaps she should re-examine the beliefs that got her into this mess, she- and her teachers, and her friends- will all harden their hearts; they'll firmly believe that it was those terrible anti-abortion fiends who caused the whole problem, with the help of "The Man" in uniform, who took a moment to browbeat a poor innocent student before going out to shoot more black people.

She is incapable of using reason and logic to look at facts. She is brainwashed, not educated, and she is helpless in the real world. She expected to be loved for taking her stance and like Capt. Marvel be invincible against all odds, but instead she's merely delusional.

What can be done to change the outcome? I sure wish I knew.

Stealth Spaniel said...

I loved watching Snowflakette vacillate between trying to lie her way out of the situation and being an Antifa candyass on her "rights". If she was my daughter, I'd beat the hell out of her for being stupid in every sense of the word. It is obvious that she expected to be handled with kid gloves and petted for being against the white guy. Somehow, she reminds me of Samantha Powers.

Anonymous said...

She needs to do cleanup in an abortion clinic for awhile. That'll fix her.

Peter B said...

"This sign restricts womyn's rights."

That's magical thinking. The sign doesn't restrict a thing.

AuricTech Shipyards said...

I'm surprised that the clueless bint didn't demand that the sign's owner be arrested for violating her right not to be exposed to wrongthink.

Shrugger said...

Not that it matters, but this chick is now radicalized for life, a Bernadine Dohrn wannabe.

Linda Fox said...

Aw, come ON!

It's UNC-Chapel Hill. The one that was declared to be ineligible for a list of Party Schools, as they were considered PROFESSIONALS!

No one is getting kicked out, and I doubt it will affect her employment opportunities.

But it's nice to fantasize.

Anonymous said...

It is exactly because 'law enforcement' and the 'judicial system' will not mete out justice as it should be that a civil law suit should be filed by whomever was holding the sign and those with them. We on the right need to engage in lawfare as the left does and make it hurt where it counts - in the pocketbook. Or her parents pocketbook.. either way suits me fine.