Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Somewhere Off The Coast, At 3000'...


Brennan is hyperventilating, Comey is tweeting like a monkey on crack, and nobody's buying it.
None of them want to be the guy without a chair when the music ends, and they can hear the fat lady warming up.
Overseas, the globalists are taking it in the neck at every turn.
Britain, France, Hungary, and Germany all flipping back to sanity.
Gonna be a long, interesting summer.



I won't be happy about this until we see real perp walks and real jail time.

My fantasy, however, will sadly never happen...

Max said...

@nitzakhon is right. Nothing will happen. They are the elites. The cloud people don't suffer. There will be a special council and after a few years, nothing will happen.

Anonymous said...

Like I've said a million times, "call me when the show trials are over".
While it would be great to see globalism suffer a fatal heart attack in Europe, the political system over there won't allow it. Not unless people start "shooting their way out of socialism", which is unlikely due to lack of a gun culture. The people in charge will stay in charge, allow for a few popular tantrums and then get back to business as usual.
Over here, I think we actually do have a chance to reassert the principles of freedom, and we have the firearms to facilitate it, but it's a long shot and I don't see it happening as long as there's a half decent economy.
The protected class are just that, protected. I expect showboating and pearl clutching, but any actual prosecution and incarceration is highly unlikely.

James M Dakin said...

Are we enjoying the show put on for our entertainment, to mask the freefalling economy?

Anonymous said...

@Ned2 "I think we actually do have a chance to reassert the principles of freedom, and we have the firearms to facilitate it"

How's that working out for you so far?

As for insulting the Europeans, the French have been rioting for over 6 months. At a cost to France of 1 Billion Euro's a week. Heck, that loser who threw a milkshake at Nigel Farage has bigger balls than most Americans. Insult intended.

"Muh gunz". Sick to my back teeth hearing it

Mike_C said...

From your keyboard to God's ears. But I'm not holding my breath thinking that anything good will happen. And on the extremely off chance that some of those responsible actually are held to account, queue up the wails of "disproportionate impact!"

Anonymous said...

re: the first picture.
I have a list of ready, if not willing, passengers for the next flight.
My nephew is a USMC chopper driver. I'll have to see if I can get him to borrow a bird to help out.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Yes until the perp walks, but some are sweating because they don't know for sure they live in the clouds and that is entertaining in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

I won't be happy about this until we see real perp walks and real jail time.

What will be more important is who will be taking those walks, and how far those walks actually go. There's slim but slowly increasing evidence this thing goes all the way up to the "Hawaiian" Prince. And, if the Brennan/Comey/Clapper triumverate get off with fines and suspended sentences while the couple layers below them (Strzok/Page/Yates/Rice, etc.) get jail and the "Hawaiian" skates it will be obvious the corruption is wide, thorough and deep, and probably unrepairable by Ordinary Means.

What happens next is anyone's guess but I suspect it won't be a positive thing for the country.

Anonymous said...

What scares me is the potential for ugliness when the Cloud People see the writing on wall and go Full Retard/Vicious. Imagine the media shrieks when the trail leads to The Wicked Witch, Billy Jeff the Horndog, The Mighty Kenyan, et. al. Even if the aren't hanged in public at least some of their evil machinations are likely to see the light of day.

It's no surprise that the party of treason, sedition, and corruption wants our guns.


Anonymous said...

If this ever gets to the point of actual punishment (what is the punishment for treason again.. oh yeah...) and you live in a blue area best watch your back. Someone on the commie/prog side knows who you are and just might go full loon themselves.

Borepatch said...

Interestingly, Chile is the strongest economy south of Rio Grande del Norte.

Anonymous said...

Man, I REALLY hope Canada's next on that list of 'countries who are regaining sanity', come this fall.

We absolutely MUST get rid of that fucking idiot who's been ruining the country for the last 4 years.

- JL