Saturday, May 14, 2022

Recharging Batteries


As in mine. Thursday was more trauma classes. New toys, new procedures. Don't go into the medical field if you hate school: learning never stops. Never. And just for more fun, an entirely new computer system, which they've been threatening/promising since before COVID, will apparently finally be dropped on us by the end of this year. Oh goody.

Meanwhile, stocking up hereabouts. On everything. Pushing months of redundancy into years is slow, steady, work. Which will be followed by another weekend of saving lives. Which is sometimes an inside joke, and far more frequently of late, exactly what's going on. Warmer weather and longer days means people are out and about more, doing stupid things and winning stupid prizes. The only constant is the constant conga line of illness, accident, and on-purpose mayhem, for most of the next week.

And the big wide world seems locked into SS,DD Mode, so it's not like I'm missing anything there.

So I'm taking the morning off. Y'all have fun, and amuse yourselves. We expect we'll be back when the spirit moves.


Mike-SMO said...

It is a big shock to some people to realize that you never get to stop learning. At one time, it was a crisis when they had to wash their hands and hardware. Today it will often not be "better", just different, and there will be "bugs" since that system will have been prepared by someone who doesn't have a clue. Good luck.....

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of Lead and Acid.

I see you believe two is one, and one may be none.

Anonymous said...,-No-Matter-How-Much-Aid-We-Send-Them:bb6be680fc3c1e54f154a9c1fb05a250d9a623c7

While you recharge yourself maybe you can listen to that. It's almost over now. And you have been wrong since day 1. As usual.

Aesop said...

Uh huh.
And maybe you can check out a few items yourself:

You can ignore it when it's one source. That's everyone, across all spectrums, literally around the world.
Russia is up to its ass in alligators, and doesn't have a way to win, or even a way out, that doesn't include it returning to Russia with its tail between its legs, and its military balls kicked up its own ass.

We told you Russia couldn't win this, from the get-go.
That hasn't changed, and anybody telling you they're crushing this and going to win is smoking hopeium.

The winning side doesn't wet itself and threaten everyone else; those are the actions of a desperate loser, clutching at straws to try and get out of quicksand.

Michael said...

Economic facts are more solid than the fog of war and propaganda opinions

As I've said before all Putin has to do is survive until our own internal issues shut the US off.

Plant potatoes Self-inflicted economic collapse and Holodomor is coming.

Anonymous said...

Austrian army review of the war in Ukraine.

John Wilder said...

Have some rest. It appears that there will be plenty of things to talk about after you're recharged.

ga6 said...

Well, things could be worse. You could have been working in the ERs in Milwaukee this weekend 21 wounded in a three hour stretch. I can imagine the humbugging going on in the parking lot.

Aesop said...


TBP puts the "anal" in "analysis": he's pulling stuff out of his own ass, from nothing substantive, and a surplus of bias. It's pro-Putin editorializing, not solid discussion of facts.

Try watching the actual breakdown of the Russian breakdown, by way of the Anon post beneath yours, care of the Austrian Army:

Vlad's offensive is:
walking face-first into a buzz saw, and
failing to achieve its objectives.

Consider: The Dems knew that every time they accused Trump of Russian collusion, its actually what they were doing.
They expected Vlad to stomp Ukraine in a week, wiping out all the evidence of grift and graft there, and - exactly as Hopey Dopey promised in 2012 - they'd "have more room to make concessions after the (2024) election.
But then, like a dog who chased a car and got it, they
1) got exactly the war distraction they needed to shove inflation, economic collapse, the deliberate mishandling of COVID, election fraud, and presidential approval ratings lower than whale shit at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, off the front page
2) but then, Russia was revealed to be a paper tiger
3) and Zelenskyy, instead of bailing out, hung on like a terrier, rallied his nation, and stopped Russia cold, against every expectation
4) Europe suddenly shit their pants, and NATO was energized and united, to the point that neutrals like Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland have chosen sides, and the later two want to join NATO for the first time since ever.

This has been a strategic defeat for Vlad - militarily, diplomatically, and economically -he'll never recover from in his own lifetime, while simultaneously gutting what little military power or prestige remains for Russia, short of popping nukes. At which point the Russian Federation goes up with America and China, in an orgy of mushroom clouds. 100:1 if he even tries that, he eats a bullet inside of 0.2 seconds, from his own guys before they ride the express train to Hell, and Putin himself knows that, in his bones.

Russia can't stay in the conflict, and can't bail out without suffering the full force of the setback they've self-inflicted. Russia can continue to be ruled by Putin, or they can try to appear strong, but not both.

This has been obvious to everyone but Putin (and a few die-hard fanboys) for weeks and weeks. Russia isn't winning anything, and they can't afford to take years to try. They missed their window when this wasn't over by Feb. 27th. Everything else since then has been Vlad and his minions, sliding backwards, slowly but inexorably, into the sarlacc in the Great Pit of Carkoon.

He can quit and take his lumps, and probably get deposed shortly afterwards; he can continue and lose, becoming the Russian version of Hitler in the bunker, ordering in divisions that don't exist anymore; or he can grasp at straws, and try some desperate Hail Mary, and ignite global thermonuclear war. The worse he does, the less stable and less rational he becomes, which is always the danger with dictator who start to believe their own press releases.

And the point where the US was pushing events one way or the other was reached and passed two months ago. This war has created its own momentum, and Senile Poopypants can no more control world events than he can his own bowels.

When you have the delusional facing off against the mentally incapacitated, and those are the guys with the nuclear launch codes, any outcome is possible. Few of them add up to good times for anyone in the Northern Hemisphere.

Clayton W. said...

I hope you have enough ventilation for the batteries. Hydrogen really like to recombine, if you didn't know. (Yes, you almost certainly do, but just in case.)

Joe in PNG said...

I've seen the term "Blyatskreig", and it's perfect.

Anonymous said...

You man to tell me that commie stuff doesn’t work? But Vlad said that they have super hypersonic missiles. Or is that kinda like Biden’s winter of death…was actually the winter of the sniffles? I forget.

You mean that all that great USSR stuff, the ones that everybody was using to scaring kids like me in the 70s, didn’t work either? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

Why, it’s almost as if stuff made in totalitarian societies NEVER works. It’s almost as if the real miracle is that a western society can actually, sometime, make good weapons that work, and afford to train their soldiers, instead of spending all their money on villas and vodka?