Thursday, May 26, 2022

90 Minutes


The chickensh*t douchebadges in Uvalde who stood around
"just following orders" deserve so many white feathers over this,
 they could make a whole chicken. What a waste of skin and oxygen
that Fate lets them live who stood by as little kids were slaughtered.

Color Me Shocked:

Chickenshit douchebadges in kevlar vests and with rifles on, stood around "forming a perimeter" while 18 y.o. mental defective slaughtered children unhindered in Uvalde elementary school, as kids' parents futilely urged cops to "do something" for an hour and a half.

The. SPECIAL. Hell.

Because if spectating while children are being gunned down, just to save your pension, isn't child molestation, strike the phrase from the lexicons. Uvalde badged chickenshits, consider yourselves served with the Official White Feather of Cowardice. Please, we besech you, do the right thing: go home and eat your guns, if you have a shred of dignity left.

Those gutless m*****f*****s, from chief to lowest beat cop, should be fired for cause, and en masse, and all policing duties turned over to the county sheriff and Texas Rangers, until they can find some non-chickenshits and train them to do the job correctly, from scratch.

All their names and likenesses should be memorialized on a plaque in perpetutity at Cowards' Park, erected on the school front lawn, publicly identifying every single one of them as the cowards they are, for all time, with a giant white chicken atop the marble marker.

They were more afraid of a tranny shooter than they were the endless lifetime of shame of being cowards when it mattered.

And they should be rewarded by the city and its citizens for that behavior for all time.

Teaching that lesson to generations of school kids would be worth gold.


Jonathan H said...

Ugh, yet again cops abdicate their duties and enable a liberal PR exercise.
And unfortunately, I doubt anything will happen to them because of it...
It's too bad hanging by the intestines is frowned on...

Anonymous said...

I have one big question?

Was anyone rescuing the teachers and kids, or were they just letting the wounded children bleed out?


Can you reach out through your contacts to find out?


Aesop said...

They were maintaining a perimeter. it's what chickenshit douchebadges do.
"Just following orders, ma'am."

horsewithnonick said...

It MUST be made a part of academy training to drum into cadets' brains that they are *hired to be heroes* and that they have a duty to place themselves between the violently deranged and their intended victims, Supreme Court rulings be damned. Otherwise there's really no goddamned point in having police at all.

Anonymous said...

"Who does a man fight for? He fights for the one who pays him."
Tyrion Lannister

The Freeholder said...

I would swear on a stack of Bibles that, after Columbine, the tactic for this sort of thing was changed. Yeah, here it is:

Why do we keep on seeing the cops doing the same old pre-Columbine thing that doesn't work? No balls. Thank God for the Border Patrol guy who had the balls to do the right thing.

Andy said...

Congrats to the Uvalde LE.

They just became the story.

T-Rav said...

Was the shooter actually a tranny?

Not the most relevant aspect of this atrocity, but I wasn't sure if that was real or not.

Aesop said...

T-Rav: multiple pics out there.
Another kid effed up by the PC Groomers explodes.

Anonymous said...

I'm retired but last 8years before retiring had training to take out school shooters with what you had on hand and if someone wanted to volunteer they were welcome, but you were going in. Most had kids of school age.

There are worst things in life then dying.

Anonymous said...

And according to another site, it was a Border Patrol guy who went in and shot the murderer.
That said, the crazy murderer had 10+ minutes of shooting at the school FROM THE OUTSIDE before he went in to commit his murders.
From a third site, the murderer apparently shot his grandmother in San Antonio, then drove to Uvalde, (where at some point he was reported to have worked at a fast-food resturant) , and was apparently being chased by police from San Antonio.
Andvfrom the look of the various police onbthe video holding parents back, their best use would have been as bullet sponges.
John in Indy

Anonymous said...

I heard reports that the BP agent was off duty and his kids were in the school.

Rhea said...

Not trying to dispute the claim, but the Supreme Court has ruled that police do not have a duty to prevent a crime.

Something to remember when some liberal tells you that you don't need a gun because the police will protect you.


Survivormann99 said...

With every passing minute, it appears that Texas law enforcement is more Keystone Kops than Robocop.

My God, man. Did they think that they were being paid to eat donuts and drink coffee?

They withdrew because they were taking fire? OMG! Can you imagine a Marine rifle squad withdrawing to a safe position because it was taking fire from the enemy, and then waiting for an hour when innocents are being killed and/or bleeding out? These cops worked as no more than rock concert security because "hero" was apparently not in their job description.

Takeaway: Uvalde PD is apparently filled with Barney Fifes. (Actually, I think Barney would have been more aggressive.) If their most important concern is their pension, then I suppose that this would explain the unwillingness to take a risk.

IF THE FACTS ARE AS THEY CURRENTLY APPEAR, the legend of Texas lawmen turned into myth and died this week. I truly hope that this is not the case.

Anonymous said...

Amen Sir.
Disgusting, just a Disgusting Display of Cowardice.

I dont wanna hear about a plan, officer safety etc etc the usual BS.
You go in and End The SOB, one way or the other. A couple of cops could have done it even if 1 had to be BAIT.
Thats there GD Job. Especially under these circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the SD and rangerettes were standing there too....its not a police problem it's a manhood problem.

Anonymous said...

Two cops making a whole bunch of excuses.

"Officers on scene providing crowd control were doing what they were told!"

"There's no way they could breach the building!"

The local swat team:

Shinmen Takezo said...

Another fact... a few of the Chicken-Shit-Douche-Bags who lived locally ran into the school only to save their own children--leaving others behind. Then they went back the other Chick-
Shit-Douche-Bags on the perimeter to join the circle-jerk in progress.

The woman who was handcuffed and detained by Federal Marshals, was let go--and then she went on to hop over the school's fence and rescue her own children.

The story that the Tranny-Psycho was engaged by a school security officer has been debunked as NO ONE bothered to show up in front of the school were the Tranny-Psycho was shooting up the school for 16 minutes before making an entry.

How long does it take for local Chicken-Shit-Douche-Bags (with a badge) who live in a small town to drive from the doughnut shop to the school located on the town's main street?

I think Governor Abbot was fed a bag of shit for that press conference yesterday. You will now see all the LEO community lining up with their excuses. Tucker Carlson on his show tonite is blowing the lid off this debacle now. And don't get me started on Beto (the bum).

Unknown said...

Columbine changed everything. Everyone in Law Enforcement was trained the same way, run to the sound of gunfire. Your team may be a Deputy, a Highway Patrol Officer or a Game Warden. You just go because that is how we were trained, usually every 2 to 3 years. If there are only three of you, Point, Flanker and Rear Guard, keep moving to the sound of gunfire. Training partners were purposely from other agencies so everyone is on the same sheet of music.

Columbine taught us that you do not set up a perimeter and wait for a SWAT Team to arrive. You go in with what you got. In Texas they waited and set up a perimeter while children died. This is exactly the opposite what we were trained to do. They learned nothing from past lessons. One brave man knew what to do and went in by himself with no backup, and took the suspect out.

Anonymous said...

Pussies with pensions. Drink up assholes as you have alot of shame to live with.

John Wilder said...

White feathers. Good call. Does Amazon deliver those?

Angantyr said...

We need to revive the Roman practice of Decimation.

JustinR said...

Not only that, there is video of said cops tackling one of the parents to the ground that apparently had had enough and tried to go in themselves, or something to that effect. I was flabbergasted today when it came out they waited 40-60 minutes before they went in. I don't like Monday morning quarterbacking, but this was complete horse shit. Either you rush toward the sounds of gunfire, or you turn in your fucking badge.

JustinR said...

Oh yea, and no one has been able to explain how the 18 year old was able to afford Daniel Defense rifles. Rumors are the grandfather was a felon, but not verified. School apparently had kids of Border Patrol agents in it.

Anonymous said...

Good Sir, for once I am in total and complete agreement with you!

Tucanae Services said...


Sir, sad to say the gutless SCOTUS ruled years ago that LEO's are not required to respond to an incident. See Sooo, if we wish to effect a needed change, we have to start at the top.

The only LEO I have any respect for is the BP agent who went in an offed the perp. Irony is, if any LEO had a excuse to do nothing, that BP agent had the best one of all -- "not in my jurisdiction."

Many a school district the teachers are armed. Uvdale was not one of them.

Mark Matis said...

There are no "good cops". What part of that do you fail to understand?

Glypto Dropem said...

Cops just being cops. Can't be there in time to save you, can't come in to save you if they're there. They just investigate the aftermath, draw up charges, and make arrests. That is all they are "required" to do. Above and beyond is rare.

Sabre22 said...

I have a question? Isn't it interesting that since Obama was in office we had at least 2 school shootings where the responding police officers stood around while children were being killed? There needs to be an independent and deep dive into both the department of education and the department of justice records to see if there is a stand down policy referenced ANYWHERE in the form of of a memo, letter or policy that directs LEOS NOT to respond to school shootings. Under the penalty of loss of both DOJ and Education department funds If I remember correctly, there was none of this standing around with their heads up their asses after columbine until the parkland school shooting happened. This is too convenient.

The way to stop this is to STOP publicizing the shooter's name, exact location and number of causalities. Without the publicity the shooting should decrease. Some thing like this. A school shooting happened to today we will not be publishing the shooter's name, location and number of casualties. Until the shooter's trial is over if their is one. All people need to know is that it did happen.

Aesop said...

You're wrong, Mark.
But the bad ones give the other 10% a bad rep.

Swede said...

Aesop, for once you didn't go far enough. After they are all fired, charge them with accessories after the fact.

Don't getaway drivers get charged as well as the robbers?

Phelps said...

The historical punishment for desertion and cowardice in the face of the enemy is death.

Angantyr said...

@Tucanae Services

I'll one up you - the story I read was that the Border Patrol agent in question was off-duty getting a hair cut, when he got a text from his wife about what was going down. He borrowed a shotgun from his barber and went straight to the school to rescue those kids. Not merely out of jurisdiction but not even on duty AND with a borrowed gun from a private citizen.

Anonymous said...

"all policing duties turned over to the county sheriff and Texas Rangers" Those agencies were also on site and also did nothing.

This BP guy, the supposed "hero" that took out the gunman, didn't go in until a ballistic shield arrived with a SWAT team.

I was under the impression that 99.99999% of police cruisers in this country have an M-16 or M-4 along with rifle plate body armor in the trunk. That arm up the police with military weapons happened after one incident in LA 30 years ago. They are gifted the weapons and body armor from our own

All of the vids that I've seen so far show every officer in body armor toting one or the other of the aforementioned weapons.

Yet, they delayed attacking the shooter for at least an hour.

Same as Columbine, Newton, Parkland. Seems these mass shootings happen immediately before or just after the Demonrats announce a new push for more gun control or confiscation which they did a couple weeks ago.

Then Buffalo happened and now Uvalde. Oh, that's just a coinkidink, I'm sure. There couldn't be some kind of conspiracy going on to up the slaughter theatrics to push an agenda now could there? Wait, OK, I've adjusted my tin foil hat. There, all better now.


Anonymous said...

I never really understood the reasoning for Roman 'decimation'. I do now and think that what happened in texas should be held up as the classic example for the practice. Quartering for those in command.
They put on a neat pressed uniform, parade about as peacocks taking adulation from the 'civilians' for their implied bravery and character, lording judgemental over all and at the assigned moment for destiny puny up and whine away. Disgraceful.

be603 said...

Once more with feeling.

"When seconds count, the police are only minutes away."

Robin Datta said...

The LEOs who blocked the parents from rescuing their children were accessories who aided/abetted the crime, and should be prosecuted thus.

Justin_O_Guy said...

Things are gonna be damned tense at the barber shop,grocery store, beauty parlor,church, where parents who had kids in the school, even if they didn't get shot,when they meet the wife of,or the Braaave cop..
U-Haul gonna be out of trucks.

JK1 said...

Should end everyone a bag of white feathers. Give it to a cop every time they get pulled over. Thats a parents pass to do whatever they want since you done killed their kids.

Anonymous said...

Columbine, yes. Changes should have been made.. but they weren't.
Don't forget the Cowards of Broward, at Parkland Florida? 2018?
Same thing. Stacked up outside, didn't go in. That brought a wave of resentment, about how cops need to go in.
Guess the brave blue line still didn't get the memo.

But when Texas was raiding restaurants & bars who stayed open during the Covid quarantine they got Meal Team Six to flap on some body armor and deploy the MRAP.

les1 said...

Lots of incredible courage shown by the armchair warriors and Monday morning quarterbacks here. Maybe you missed how the two Uvalde Police, followed the turd immediately into the school to the classroom he was at, attempted to open the locked, outward opening steel door with a steel frame, could not, were shot at through the door, wounded, left to try to find a key. After other officers showed up at the same place to keep the thug contained. All the while other officers were evacuating children from other classrooms. Open concept 1950's school, classrooms open to a covered sidewalk, no central door to go through. Four foot chain link fence around the campus. They obtained a janitor's key, a group went in and shot the turd. After a few days to consider, armed with pseudo facts, everyone who wasn't there know exactly what they should have done.

Aesop said...

I feel your butthurt, Les.

It's a bitch when everyone in the whole country knows the accepted correct police tactics for an active shooter better than the douchebadges who dropped the ball while kids were bleeding out. And there have only been 50 incidents to drive the lesson home since Columbine. Don't they have a telegraph in Uvalde? A pony express office? Carrier pigeons? Something?

The kid was outside the school shooting for 10-12 minutes before he went in.
He was shooting kids in the classroom for nearly an hour while tacced up cops with AR-15s in their hands were busy telling the parents they needed to stay out, while the po-po had to form a perimeter.

A 4' fence? Drive over the damned thing with a squad car. Hell, get any two donut commandos to lay on the thing. Problem solved, fence breached.

The two Uvalde cops who tried and failed are the only ones with any excuse: at least they made an effort.

As for the ones who put this in the "too hard" column, the problem with that excuse is that an off-duty BP agent managed to succeed in his street clothes with a borrowed shotgun, where on-duty UPD failed to even try in kevlar and with duty carbines. So that dog just won't hunt.

The parents of those kids would've ripped the doors open with tire irons from their car trunks if necessary.
A crap-ton of well-armed and kevlar-vested cops wouldn't even try, for over an hour.
There's just no way to sell that story and get anyone to buy into it.

Plague Monk said...

As to the "gift" of white feathers for the cops involved, a long gone friend of mine from college saw a NY state trooper car on fire after an accident. He stopped, and pulled the trooper out of the car before the car exploded. Other cops showed up, and noticed that he had a taillight out. He got a polite thank you, and a 200 dollar ticket.
Several of us helped him out, but for the next year, and on the anniversary of the incident for the rest of his life, he carried a bag of marshmellows and a charred stick in his car just in case he got stopped again. He told us that if he had to do it over again, he would have just let the pig roast.

les1 said...

Jacob Albarado, the BP agent with the shotgun, helped, along with two officers to evacuate several classrooms. A tactical team with a janitor's key to the room went in and killed the turd. The four foot fence was mentioned to show that anyone on the street could walk to the school anytime. The lessons of Columbine have had to be modified several times over the years, but UPD followed those lessons as best they could. You would have had a pile of dead and wounded parents stacked up with their tire-irons outside the door where the UPD officer was wounded. The officers standing around in the pictures are State Troopers, I have no idea what they were told. But if you have a narrative you like, run with it, I guess.

Aesop said...

Right. Who's "tactical team" would that be?
Not UPD's.
The narrative that when seconds count, the police will be there in minutes holds firm here.
In this case, close to 90 of them.
I get that Uvalde is small-town Texas.
But unless back-up was coming from San Antonio or Houston, that's crazy amounts of way too slow. There's no way around that, and no handy explanation possible for why tacced out cops stood around as the seconds turned literally to hours while shooting was going on, and on, and on, and on..
Maybe next time, they could borrow a halligan master key from the FD, instead of waiting an hour and a half to source a room key. Let alone a couple of ladders to get to windows.
Unless the tactical plan was to wait until the active shooter ran out of ammo, or died of old age.
There's simply no way possible to justify that amount of dawdling except multiple layers of incompetence, at best, or cowardice, at worst.

Anonymous said...

"You would have had a pile of dead and wounded parents stacked up with their tire-irons outside the door where the UPD officer was wounded."

And that would have been a lot less dead kids. The parents attempting to go in were willing to take a bullet for their kids.

"Maybe next time, they could borrow a halligan master key from the FD, instead of waiting an hour and a half to source a room key. Let alone a couple of ladders to get to windows."

Even if that wasn't possible a Google search shows a couple establishments that would carry tools suitable for ripping a door within ten minutes drive of the school. Even if nothing could be sourced you could put a vehicle through the exterior doors. The frame isn't that strong. To hell with the cost of the doors or structure.

Phelps said...

Keep rationalizing cowardace.

It's better for us to know who is one which side of that line.

Aesop said...

Unfortunatly for Les, the more you find out, the worse it gets for the douchebadged cowards.

Divemedic puts it all together, front to back:

Justin_O_Guy said...

They enter the classroom and fire 27 times, killing the gunman.

What about the guy who borrowed a shotgun from the barber and went in alone and ended it? Which story is the truth? IDK,,