Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Push That Button, Jack(hole)

h/t  Miguel

Idiots like Jim Barkley remind us of this guy:

Except not as funny, and we won't stop at just taking a finger.
Stop teasing us.


ricker62 said...

Thank you Aesop.
You are my proxy venter.
Always thoroughly enjoyable to read.
Keep up the fine work as I depend on these posts to calm down the aggravation levels.

Allen said...

why do idiots think that if it wasn't for the NRA, they could do whatever genocide they want?

most gun owners aren't even members of the NRA.

do they have the remotest clue how many gun owners are out here that won't tolerate their crap? probably not. they don't know any.

Aesop said...

Actually, if they'd gone to NRA HQ a year ago, shot it up, and killed everyone there, most of the membership would've cheered.

Notice how Suicidal Instigator ("Let's you and him fight!") Jackass doesn't suggest taking a whack at the 2M well-armed members, or 120M other gun-owners who never paid for a membership.

JL said...

"Most people who trained as Army Rangers, Marine Riflemen, etc."?

I don't know, Aesop. 20+ years ago, I'd have agreed with you. Nowadays, especially post GWOT, I think some of these fuckers they're pushing through the ranks are capable of some real stormtrooper shit and would shiv their own mothers with a sharpened toothbrush if there was a promotion or medal in it for them.

There was a video that came out recently on 'teh interwebz' that you probably saw where some ex Green Beret/SOF type was talking about conducting Urban Ops against 'Patriot' types. Seems the breed of trigger pullers and pipe hitters today don't think much of their predecessors of yore.

It's a damn shame. Regardless, they bleed too. So does the fucktard you responded to.

BubblePuppy7 said...

So, let me see if I have this straight. Jim wants "rational" gun laws, so he wants a group of people to perform an "irrational" act of storming a building and killing everyone inside just for their views? There's a term for that, I believe...congativ distance, uh, cognative resonance, uh, something like that.

Andy said...

The last time this type of event happened (Sandyhook), free people opposed the gun grab vociferously enough that the crest of that wave was forced to break and return to its level without winning a new high water mark. Obama's signature failure.

Probably doesn't need to be said, but hold the line.

Anonymous said...

Read his tweet again,

Jimcando is not advocating for protests, or blockades, or boycotts, or even vandalism, ransacking, or even arson of the office building. Jimcando is calling for violent mass murder of dozens, maybe hundreds of Americans.

Who are the extremists?


Robin Datta said...

Gun control is the what puts the bullet in the target.

Human self control enables firearms safety rules to be effective.

Humans that cannot or should not be so trusted should not be allowed to roam freely. And the same applies to those who fail to distinguish the two.

Survivormann99 said...


So far, no one has commented about the fact that no one came to help the moron (who, admittedly, was probably getting what he deserved) but, instead, they kept videoing when the lion clamped down on his finger.

I suppose they didn't want to blow the chance to get a few thousand likes on YouTube. In this case, however, it is more evidence that many/most things will never change in Africa.

Survivormann99 said...

“What’s to keep a group of people who want rational gun laws who were trained as Army Rangers, Marine Fire Team members or Navy SEALS from invading nra hQ and killing everyone who works there dead?”

“Ooh! Ooh! Mr. Cotter, call on me!” For a start, finding such people who thought that way and who would be willing to do that would be nearly impossible.

TechieDude said...

Why don't we start with enforcing the ones we have?

Like keeping felons that use guns to hurt people in jail rather than bonding them out.

How about addressing mental health? It's not as if all these perps weren't practically ambling around with a sammich board broadcasting they were gonna do this stuff.

How about a little investigation into how a dopey 18 year old gets his hands on a few thousand dollars of weapons, sights, ammo and gear? Screw the laws, where'd the money come from? Turning tricks? Feds?

How about looking why nearly all these guys are 'known' to law enforcement, yet still kill.

And as for the NRA, I don't get why these lefties have such a hardon for them. It's not like they'd advocate arming up the mentally disabled on the food chain.

As far as our idiot tweeter and the moron with the lion - that left side of the bell curve can be a hazardous place.

Aesop said...


The circles of that tweeter, Leftards in general, and the visitor to the Jamaica Zoo lion cage all overlap on the Venn Diagram.

John Wilder said...

Hahaha! The Mrs. and I had a good chuckle on this idiot - her take was that this Leftoid somehow thought that Biden has the undying allegiance of those folks he mentioned.


(Still hoping for the IRL version of the government from Starship Troopers, in which we'd be seeing zero of the problems the government currently has)

Sentenza said...


Gun banners don't want to enforce the gun laws that we already have because they'd have to start throwing each other and their pet antifa in jail.

The Antifa/BLM molotov chuckers...violating gun laws.
The Antifa/BLM toting arm brace AR-15s with vertical foregrips...violating gun laws.
Hunter and Hallie Biden...gun law violators.
Various journalists involved in a recent ghost gun story - same - and for a national audience.
Karen Mallard and the people cutting up their AR-15 rifles broke gun laws.
David Gregory broke DC gun laws on national television.

Amusingly enough, the BLM types and people cutting the barrels off of their guns are also tax cheats.