Thursday, March 17, 2022

This Was A Catered Affair

For the unfortunate and unimaginative Common Core grad folks who keep coming here and catcalling the reports out of Ukraine, we yet again point out:

Just because Puton (not a typo) is exactly the genocidal and megalomaniacal murderous war-criminal dictator any student of Russia for five minutes would expect him to be, doesn't contradict a few immutable facts:

This war was aided, abetted, chivvied, and ginned up, wholesale, by every effort of this illegitimate administration, on purpose, and specifically because

* it drops a thermobaric media bomb on all other news, ON PURPOSE, sucking all the light and oxygen out of the room, and burying such wee stories as

* Emperor Poopypants' approval rating, currently lower than whale shit at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, and last seen screwing itself toward the earth's core, in a symbiotic incongruency with spiraling inflation and gas prices, and the resultant and inevitable unemployment just over the horizon, headed for space like a rocket launch;

* Shrillary & Co., including pretty much the entire Department of Justice, inclusive, conspired to commit treason and sedition against the President of the United States, the republic, and the entire people thereof, exactly as Trump told you, and she should be in the darkest pit of federal SuperMax until the day she is either hung by the neck until dead, or smothered with a pillow when the cameras have an unscheduled power interruption;

* Milley and assorted Obama-clone brassholes have gutted and hopelessly hamstrung the entire U.S. military under an avalanche of actual criminal level of woketardedness from which it would take a decade or more to recover, if it ever can, even if we started right now, leaving us largely indefensible to any threat that doesn't involve launching ICBMs and SLBMs to incinerate the planet;

* an unholy alliance between Big Media and Big Tech colluded and conspired to pirate the entire 2020 federal election in plain sight, with everyone on the planet watching, gaslighting anyone who dared to question the fraudulent insertion of the loser of that race into the Oval Office, despite monumental proof of widespread fraud, and subjecting the republic to a banana republic of monstrous designs;

* that exact fraudulent regime has literally destroyed the US economy, which every second teeters on the precipice above an abyss so deep, with rocks at the bottom so sharp, that the fall will make the so-called "Great" Depression look like a church picnic with no potato salad by comparison, and the deliberately devastated middle class is being pushed to poverty even before that happens, the better to subjugate and control them for all time;

* Never Letting A Crisis Go to Waste, and in fact manufacturing them as necessary, the ongoing perpetual crises inflicted on us by TPTB are being malignly leveraged into a perpetual state of war last seen in Orwell's 1984, (which is probably now the Official Instruction Manual for the DNC) with same used to justify and excuse the most unrelenting collection of far-left whacktard communist bullshit since the Soviet Union was inflicted upon Russia, and just as ham-fistedly;

* which collection of catastrophe is leading inexorably and inevitably to a civil war to rectify, the likes of which no one has seen in this country since 1865, if even then, and that is exactly the outcome TPTB want to bring about.

Nothing happening in Ukraine makes this not true, and in fact, it underlines where things are headed, all while the Damoclean Sword of global thermonuclear war hangs over the heads of civilization, because TPTB needed all these precursors to push their agenda.

The only way out of this, and the only solution to it that will avail, at this point, is going to be rivers of blood, and mountains of skulls, and anyone who thinks otherwise has quite simply lost their fucking mind. Ditto if you think we've been watching events in Ukraine to the exclusion of these immutable realities at home.

If you're not getting ready for that level of calamity, it's going to find you with your pants down sitting on the toilet when it comes knocking.

Don't be That Guy, we beseech you.


Michael said...

You're on target Aesop.

But I still think that it's just Round 1 of the Famine Wars and China (Owner of the current US regime) is playing both sides hoping that both the US and Russia are broken by this proxy war in Ukraine.

Got two plus years food stored?

Jonathan H said...

Embrace the power of AND
It can simultaneously true that Putin is an evil, ambitious, war criminal AND the current regime in the US is illegal and acting to hide their criminality by fomenting a war in Ukraine.

James M Dakin said...

Spot on. Ukraine is the new Corona. You don't buy their BS, but the majority of the same people breathing your air do. Good enough for the elite. Just don't throw out your back patting it, unless you are currently deep stocking everything that will keep you alive. Through the economic Depression, then through the civil war, then through the die-off, and then the Dark Ages. Anything less is optimistically stupid.

John Wilder said...

This. This conflict in no way had to happen - it would have been trivial for dumpy pants to have defused this. Biden is willing to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. It's all a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I believe that they are doing it to throw up a smoke screen as the "Big Lie" is revealed to be the real big lie, and the election theft is revealed to be truth, just like the laptop from.hell and the true origins of the WuFlu.

But I also think that they are desperate to obfuscate that the injections are killing people, and will probably be killing a lot more people in the months ahead. As regards to this, I don't think that they have any idea of how many people are going to be killed by the injections, and what the time frame of those deaths will be.

For example. Because if it's true that the injections, as is being reported are destroying cd8 t cells; a substantial increase of cancer occurrences are expected to occur, (according to Dr. Ryan Cole and others). A major radioactive release from a tactical nuke, or a reactor melt down sure would make a convenient cover story.

Considering that in the early 1960s the pschyos in the US government planned operation North Woods, would it surprise anyone that the Fed.Gov of the 2020s would gine up a potential world war to cover up their killing untold.numbers of Americans by a series of slow moving lethal injections?

Anonymous said...

I would love it were Zhou Xiden to challenge Vladimir Putin to a fight, like he has been want to do. Because Putin would probably take him up on it.

Tucanae Services said...

Considering Aesop's professional experience possibly he can confirm or dissuade a notion I have read on the 'Net. (Dangerous as that can be at times.) That is -- Of the persons that have partaken of all three elixirs of anti-Corona the preponderance are shall we say, those of a statist bent.

If that is true, and the projections of self-immolation by jab are true, sounds to me the smart-by-half crowd have executed a form of Prima Nocta on themselves.

Steve the Boomer said...

Nice to see you coming around. For the longest time, the only two possibilities were that one agreed with Aesop that Putin was penultimate evil, or one was sucking Putin's dick.

After so many years of Evil Russia, Russian Disinformation, Russian Collusion, Russians Stealing the Election, one would have thought a little skepticism of the Washington and Commie (BIRM) narrative was in order...

Aesop said...

I'm not "coming around". I never changed my position, but some people can't hold two independent thoughts at the same time.
Biden & Co. pushing this to happen (which they did) is not incompatible with Putin holding up his end of the show by being a total ass-bag (which he is).
And just because the same DC instigators demonize Putin, it doesn't mean he must therefore be an angel.
Sometimes you go to Central Casting for an arch-villain with bloody fangs, because the role demands an arch-villain with bloody fangs.

Steve the Boomer said...

Oh, my bad. CA had a link to this today (3/28) and I assumed it was new. Didn't remember it from before. Should look at the dates.

Yes, I agree some of the comments on this site seem to have an uncritical view of Putin, even right up until the top of your page. (As I write this, 3/28, 12:54 CDT.) But it hardly means that all of those comments were in that image.

I'm still not sure what his goal was. It's looking more and more like Team Washington was trying to draw an offside, and they succeeded. It's looking more and more like Putin's invasion was supposed to be a limited engagement, moreso than dropping bombs from 30,000, like Clinton's approach to Kosovo, but that there were enough Javelins and RPG-7s and such to prevent an encirclement and armor intimidation strategy from working, so he dropped back 5 and started in with the artillery and missiles. Shock and Awe, as Team Washington calls it.

I don't have a dog in the fight, other than looking forward to Team Satan getting the reward they have worked so hard to be granted. No, not a lot of forgiveness there, but not even God forgives those who don't repent...

Aesop said...

I'm not rooting for anyone on the leader board, but the ordinary folks who've been bombed out of their cities deserve to get some of their own back, against the Russians.

None of it bodes well for anyone in the world. Everyone can't win this conflict, but everyone can lose.

MMinWA said...

I thought you were doing fine until you brought Ukraine back into the mix. I believe Putin is doing what he thinks is the best course for Russia having seen the fraud committed next door in 2014 and under constant threat from DC scum like Nuland, Blinken, Sullivan, to move NATO next door. The drooler in the WH ain't helping although Putin knows he's a figurehead but is none the less communicating the intent of TPTB.

One look at a map of the eastward expansion of NATO AFTER the fall of the USSR, the ostensible reason for it's existence, should give you an idea of Putin's state of mind. No need to get into the 1,000s of ethnic Russians murdered at the hands of Ukrainian neo-Nazis or a number of other less than invasion worthy provocations. At the time of the fall of the USSR, Russia was in a very sorry state and we could have made solid headway making them an ally by leading a Marshall Plan v2.0 but instead we choose to grind their faces into the dirt. That dirt is going to feel pretty shitty to us when the dollar is no longer the reserve currency and it's not Russia's doing either.

Finally you can't possibly believe that he's looked at the devastation wrought by NATO in Serbia, Kosovo, Libya, Syria and thought, oh they meant well?? Victoria Nuland caught on tape discussing who should be installed as their next puppet after the sniper false flag at The Maiden Square?

The Ukraine argument aside, you nailed the cause, effect and at this point, just about the only realistic solution. I guess there's a few out there that are prepared for TEOTWAWKI, I'm not.

Aesop said...

You might not have noticed, but CA linked this article that I posted ten days ago.
I think Putin could care fuck-all for "what was happening", because he could have done this anytime in the last 6 months if the rationale was what you describe.
The rationale in reality is pure rationalization of him reconstructing the former Soviet Union, which has been his M.O. since attaining power. All that changed now is Poopypants now giving him the green light, for their own reasons (flushing COVIDiocy, cratering ratings, skyrocketing inflation, etc.), which have nothing to do with Russia, nor Ukraine.
Putin levelled Chechnya, ruthlessly subjugated Georgia, outright stole parts of Georgia and Ukraine, and this after Russia promised to respect wholesale the integrity of Ukraine as a separate republic in 1990. After two bites off your ass, telling me someone's cutting your legs off out of deep concern for your welfare is pure bullshit.
Putin is a thug and dictator, and he wants it. Period.
When Trump fucked up Putin's entire air forces in Syria over use of chemical WMDs, he behaved. When Poopypants gave the "all clear" to do what he wanted to all along, Putin did it.

I'm rooting for ordinary Ukrainians who have no part of greater machinations, and simply don't want to be part of Russia after 5+ centuries of being starved, whipped, genocided, etc. The fact that they picked Hitler over Stalin should have been a tip-off to what life under Russian rule was like.

The end result is bad for everybody, so given the choice, I want Russia dick-punched there, by the Ukrainians - who are more than willing to step up and do that given the resources - so we can focus on dealing with our own banana republic dick-tater and his puppet masters here.