Tuesday, March 29, 2022

It's Come To This



John Wilder said...

When your job is, every day, to figure out a new way to say, "Well, he didn't mean those words that were exactly what he said," it's gotta get tiring, even for the Bride of Chucky.

Anonymous said...

Thak you for identifying that spokesweasel.
I knew that I had seen her before, but I couldn't remember where.
John in Indy

Robert said...

"policy" is missing an "i".

Aesop said...

So it was. Fixed.

Joe in PNG said...

And she's going to head over to MSNBC shortly.
Probably her safest bet. CNN is dropping like a rock, and she already has had one boss who's a gropey, woman harassing creep.
The interesting thing will be the inevitable book. Will she write an honest tell all, or will she continue to fluff Joe? I suspect that the national attitude towards the Democrat party in a few months will be the determining factor.