Friday, March 4, 2022

And Now Poopypants' Minions Want To Play


Asking for 300M friends: Was being a functional retard a requirement to get into Poopypants' cabinet, or is all of them being overqualified in that respect just a serendipitous luck-of-the-draw?

I ask purely out of wild curiosity.

Because not content to let Lindsey Grahamnesty hog the limelight all to himself, SecState Blinken (rhymes with thinkin' and stinkin', take your pick) wanted to let the world know that the U.S. is ready for war with Russia.

Because with half the Russian Army rampaging through Ukraine, right next to NATO member states, what you really need is the US SecState throwing gang signs and saying "Bring it, bitch."

Lord love a duck.

Got bunker?

Because these stupid m*****f*****s are going to skip two or three intermediate steps, and stumble right into a Sh*t Riot or even a Sh*t Tsunami. And when it happens, Blinken will have that same gaping piehole and dumbass look on his face, coupled with sheer astonishment.

Having lived through most of the Cold War, including in uniform for a good fraction of it, I can't recall a US Secretary of State shooting his fool mouth off with quite this level of naked insanity or tone deafness at such a delicate time.

I used to laugh at the pants-wetting horror-porn of dramedies like The Day After, which in Churchill's memorable phrase was "Overtaken By Events", when just a few years later, after all the hyperventilating, the Soviet Union collapsed in a whimpering mousefart of obsolesence.

Now the prologue and build-up from that sappy melodrama are being LARPed into reality by the current crop of chuckleheads in D.C., and they're going to be the most shocked when they look out their windows and see Poopypants being manhandled into Marine One for a quick trip to Mt. Weather, just before a new sun comes up at 3AM.

Oh, and factor this report into your considerations.

Just for BCE.


BigCountryExpat said...

This's what I've been blasting over at my house. Holy. Fuckin'. Shytte.

Got SPF 1,000,000,000?

We keep treating Russia, RUSSIA like it was a third world A.O. like Serbia...

Slapping them around like a abused woman
Eventually some chicks turn around and light the bed on fire knowhutImean?

A country with six thousand nukular bombs and a HUGE sense on National Pride.

I believe our African 'Murican Brethren would say, if this keep going, something to the effect of "Weez beez fucked"

Aesop said...

Just for you, big guy:

pyrrhus said...

Failed rock musician turns Secretary of State--ain't America great!

Scurvy said...

For your reading pleasure.

Joe in PNG said...

Call it a new management principle. In the 70's we had the Peter principle, and in the 90's Scott Adams wrote the Dilbert Principle.

Now we have the Biden Principle- if the big guy is an incompetent moron, be sure to surround him with people what won't overshadow him in any way.

It's been brilliantly successful, but also really useless.

Anonymous said...

What's that saying? Never let a good crisis go to waste?


BobF said...

Well, hell, why not? After all, our top brass will let them know we're coming before we begin the damned trip. Seems a game to see who can pop the cork first -- politicial or military brass.

We are in deep shit no matter what.

Arminius said...

I was rewatching Threads and By Dawn’s Early Light last night…overtaken by events…yessir…it was eerie how everything is rhyming with those films and others…

Kafiroon said...

By someone that worked closely with him: “don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up”