Monday, March 14, 2022

Fake News That Didn't Age Well


Suck it, losers. Serves you right for drinking the Russians' sh*t striaght from the tap.

Putin's ass is not a soft-serve yogurt machine, as Tucker Carlson found out. Even Fox News won't go near the story any more. The quicker certain other people learn this, the less often we'll have these little chats. Maybe write it on your hand with a Sharpie, lest ye forget.

Putin is KGB to the core. Like all such dung beetles, he lives and breathes nothing but sh*t, and his disinformation is always half-lies, with just enough truth nuggets in it for the gullible to spoon it down.

There's a timeless lesson about those who tell half-lies, from no less an authority than Mr. Dryden, of the Arab Bureau:

And just to pile on, here's some insight on how beaten the Ukrainians are, facing that Russian military juggernaut:

"Russians? They are just goofs!"


BigCountryExpat said...
Might want to read this and chill a bit.
It's ok to be wrong sometimes yannow?

Anonymous said...

T-Rav said...

I don't know...Vox Day has assured me that this is all part of Putin's five-dimensional master-plan warfare and that the Jews, I mean conspirators, will be fleeing from the Russians any day now.

Aesop said...


Link goes nowhere.

Anonymous said...

"Link goes nowhere."

It is to a Tulsi Gabbard tweet series talking about 25+ biolabs in the Ukraine studying deadly diseases and the potential for the Russians to use said diseases as weapons should they fall into Russian hands, and then blame it on us and the Ukrainians. Said biolabs are specifically said to be working on vaccine and other peaceful purposes...

In other words, pretty much what you said previously - biolabs, not biowarfare labs - but with the added caveat that the Russians could try to use them for a false-flag attack. Yes, they could be lying and these are really biowarfare labs, but nothing in that tweet series supports that conclusion that I could see, so I'm not sure what BCE was trying to prove.

Grey Fox


Try these.

Phelps said...

Link is good and thoroughly documents uninspected DOD funded biolabs in Ukraine.

Aesop said...

The goes nowhere was from work: Tried it three times from two different computers @work: no link whatsoever.

Tried it at home, got the BitChute site; video never plays.
So I've got Sumdood named Styxhexenhammer666 saying "They may not be weapons facilities and they may not have been built by the USA, but they do contain pathogens (as any biolab will) and the US did fund their continued operations."

Real smoking gun there, sportsfans.

IOW, bio labs, not bio warfare labs.
Thanks for confirming what I already knew, and exactly what I already told you..

Anything else is bullshit and bluster from the Department of "I don't know shit, but I'll speculate wildly based on my intense surfing of George Noury's late-night radio ramblings."
Cool. Let's do Bigfoot and Alien Origins next, 'kay?

I'm running an Intel i9@ >5Ghz that edits 4K video flawlessly; it's not my fault if somebody's weak shit won't run.
Bite me.

If the Russians had U.S.-run bio warfare lab evidence, they'd have been waving that bloody shirt 24/7/365. They're not doing that, because, like you, they've got nothing.

Those of you born after astronauts walked on the moon should try looking up the Soviet show-trial of shot-down U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers to see how that was done 60 years ago.

I'll dig through the other links provided as I have time today. So far 100% of what I've seen not already discussed is just ass-gas and speculation.
Imagine that on the Internet.

Aesop said...


Read the comments at the previous post.
Great links, and confirmed nothing but what I already said:
Bio labs, yes.
Bio warfare labs, no way in hell.

For the TL;DR crowd, a BL2 lab is another name for a public restroom in a hospital or high school:
1) automatic closing door
2) sink w/ running water
3) access to lab coats, gloves, and splash goggles

High tech shit, right there. Really crushing that evidence.

Einar Vik said...

tomayto, tomahto, as someone who was worked with bio-research labs, yes, bioresearch labe are biological weapons research labs, exploring how to make pathogens more deadly and creating antidotes as well. the treatment is not created without the toxin. to develop an antidote the toxin must first be created. these are biological research/creation facilities and they are creating illegal biological weapons. when you allow your anger to cloud your search for the truth you become just another propaganda spewing tool for (take your pick) us/globalist, evil ruskies, or commie chins, etc.

Aesop said...

When you call a lab that spots outbreaks of bugs so common they're found up your nose and up your @$$ a "weapons creation facility", you prove my points in spades, and self-beclown.

Harleqwin said...

Aesop, you know that there ARE no "Bio warfare labs" anywhere in existence in the world.

They are illegal. Therefore they don't exist.

You fucking simpleton that won't post these comments.

Harleqwin said...

If the Russians have evidence of Bio warfare labs, you will never see it.
You can't even view a simple link to "from work" LOL
Also, in other news, anything the Russians say is being censored off the internet.

You really are a simpleton.

Joe in PNG said...

oh noes- Russia, who used to be the Soviet Union and had a pretty massive biowar research apparatus (plus whatever they snarfed up from the Nazis, friendly Chicoms, and/or decades of espionage)- might get some biowar stuff from basic level Ukrainian hospital pathology labs. what ever will we do.

Colombo said...

Tools are just tools, a lab is just a lab, my metal shop could be an arsenal of death or build cheap well pumps for poor communities. How they are used is the question that none of us can answer. When massive governments, "leaders", banks, and corporations of EVERY side imaginable with a long history of lying, propaganda, false flags, theft, murder and worse have a little public piss fight over terminology or looting rights to a country, you can bet far more evil is occurring out of sight. A bio lab is also a bio weapon lab if one uses it so. At least half dozen places within 15 miles of me can mill anthrax to weapon specs. As for putin, same as obama, clintons, bushes... far as I'm concerned. Got a pending worldwide famine and supply chain collapse to worry about, seems a bit more important.

Aesop said...


1) I've already identified biowarfare labs in other posts. They do exist. You fucking simpleton.

2) If your evidence of bio warfare labs is that there is no evidence of bio warfare labs, you owe fucking simpletons an apology. Probably ought to make your manners to nitwits, morons, and jackholes while you're up, too.

3) I read, expanded upon, and referenced the government website from work. You could look it up. Maybe now we should add cretins and imbeciles to your apology list. It was the BitChute site that no computer at work could connect to, and it fails to load the video from here as well. And yet somehow, I don't feel I'm missing anything substantive, given the summary by the person who posted it, which undoes the whole argument before it starts.

4) Also, in other news, why (let alone how) would TPTB censor the Russians, when even someone as plainly and profoundly retarded as you can manage to get online and show your ass?

If you ever get your head out of it, feel free to drop by with more of your shoot-yourself-in-the-dick variety of slapstick entertainment. The internet needs more folks willing to set themselves on fire, just to get a courtesy laugh from complete strangers.

Hey, maybe you could audition for Jackass #8? You're certainly over-qualified.

Harleqwin said...

1) link please. I am not searching through all your shit to find YOUR proof. Link it.

2) There is evidence, just listen to Victoria Nuland. What is she concerned about?

3) if you don't know that your work blocks some websites, then you are the cretin AND imbecile. NOT my fuckin' problem.

4) they ARE censoring the Russians. FACT.

Point of order: you can stop wasting time trying to insult me, you can't. I pissed off drill sergeants and lived ;) You ain't got shit on them.
It is your time to waste, so have at it if you like.

for one of the links you could not read, here:
"#1. State Department’s Victoria Nuland acknowledged such labs containing dangerous pathogens exist in Ukraine in her testimony to the US Senate (March 8, 2022): “Ukraine has biological research facilities which, in fact we are quite concerned that Russian troops may be gain control of. We are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach.”

WHY is she concerned? That is a CLUE.

Anonymous said...

Why do you all have to post like dickheads?

The labs are real - .gov already admitted it.

The reason people are suspicious is the previous activity in Wuhan tends to suggest the FUSA is involved in bioweapons research.

The real problem we have is that both sides of this shitshow are lying propagandists who are corrupt - the deep state and the fucking Russians. We have no white hats here.

Chill. Investigate the evidence and quit acting like fucktarded angry old men.


Aesop said...


1) At least you said "please". Full marks. But do your own homework. For starters, do about a 5-second dive on Ft. Detrick MD, and Dugway Proving Grounds UT.
Then go waaaaay back to 2014, and the only 4 hospitals that can handle Ebola victims. Three of the four are co-located near BL4 facilities. Emory is for the CDC, which is dotGov, but not dotMil. The one in flyover Great Plains (Nebraska, IIRC) isn't near any mil facilities. That leaves the ones in MD and MT, which are. QED. There ya go. This isn't hard.
The Wuhan Flu didn't come from the open-air meat market either. China has two "biological research facilities" in Wuhan. There are no coincidences. UK's facility is Porton Down. Russia's (one of them) is Sverdlovsk. This is all open-source. Crack a friggin' book. Or try Google-fu.

2) There is evidence that Vicki Nuland is a mid-wit hyperventilating twat. Measuring what goes on in her squirrel brain is beyond the realm of existing instrumentation. The UN Ambassador contradicted her silliness in about 5 seconds at the UN. Point Blank. This is in the same admin that had the SecState pulling Mig-29s from Poland from out of his nether quarters, and about 5 seconds later, Poland, SecDef, and the White House all contradicted him with extreme prejudice. All this kerfluffle has shown is that they put the total fuckheads at the State Department, top to bottom, because they're not bright enough to handle actual things at the Departments of Commerce, Interior, Education, or the Postal Service. Maybe stop listening to them?

3) Of course I know work blocks some websites. There's an entire floor of IT who lives for that shit. They aren't shy about letting you know, and why. This site wasn't "blocked". That triggers a giant notification of exactly that. The link was quite simply not working. Maybe it timed out, or 57 other problems beyond my caring. And it still simply spins endlessly without loading here, despite connectivity that digests pretty much anything, and no blocks whatsoever.

Aesop said...

4) Not possible. You cannot possibly be unfamiliar with the concept that the internet routes around outtages, which include censorship. The internet isn't censoring Putin. Putin is censoring the Internet. Russia enacted a law that any news contrary to the State (PARTY) line makes the originator subject to 15 years in the gulag. Pretty much all outside news media has therefore departed (which was the whole point), and even still, entire Sov,, Russian media hacks have resigned en masse, and anti-war protesters have jumped behind the in-studio newsreaders with banners saying "Stop The War". At risk of those very same 15 year sentences. These are not the actions of a Glorious Russian Army moving from victory to victory. It's the desperation of someone whose military incompetents are having their asses handed to them 24/7, and futilely trying to control the flow of information through the funnel of their own propaganda ministers. Like pulling stories out of their asses about dozens of bio warfare labs.

Hey, at least after a good roundhouse bitchslap, you stopped acting the fool, and tried a more rational approach. Again, full marks. But posting a link to more Nuland? Srsly? See #2. Get someone with an IQ above the mid 50s to carry your water, and have them give details, and not uninformed and unfounded fears about things far beyond their ken, and we can talk.

Might there be a higher-level lab in Ukraine than a mere BL2, working on both biological defense against attack, and accounting for and destroying all leftover Soviet nastiness? Absolutely. They'd be crazy not to have one, somewhere.

Has anyone shown any evidence of that, let alone "dozens" of bio warfare labs, in the 15 miles of territory between where the Russian Army is, and the Russian border? No. They're too busy hyperventilating about "maybe", "might be", and "I pulled this wild speculation out of my ass, because reasons".

There's enough Fog Of War going on in Ukraine without adding the gaseous byproduct of undigested beef and broccoli to the mix, and a couple of brainfarts is no reason to saddle up the regiment and go charging off in all directions.

When all that anyone's got starts with Russia, amidst a monumental blunder of an invasion, and links to one lone twit from Foggy Bottom, the resultant miasma is a bigger chemical weapon than anything you're going to discover outside Kyiv.

Best go to MOPP IV, and bypass that shit.

And discuss this like your third go, rather than the first two, and we can exchange opinions like grown-ups. Fair enough?

Harleqwin said...

Aesop your mind is closed, locked shut. Not my problem to open it for you.

When presented with evidence you can't see it, literally. or you call the person speaking it stupid.

Good luck with that.

Aesop said...

I can see your "evidence", but your source is a known retard with a track record of same, whose "evidence" was directly contradicted by every other government source, within less than a day, including the UN ambassador, who left no room for nuance, but instead blew Nuland's bumbling statements to pieces in ten words or less.

Somebody talking out their ass about what they don't know doesn't become more credible the more people tell you she's an idiot, no matter how much you want her to be. She's nothing but an Ivy-league career State Department airhead who's never had a real job in her entire life, and what she knows about biological labs, bio-warfare, or pretty much anything else could be written inside a thimble with a can of spray paint.
That's your "evidence".
If you can't find someone with some actual credibility, you're not going to change anyone's mind. Mine isn't closed, in fact it's wide open to actual evidence with some merit and validity, but you're trying to build a house of cards on a pile of warm crap.

Good luck with that.

Robin Datta said...

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When the links don't work
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