Thursday, April 8, 2021

Wait For It. In 3, 2, ...


Stolen elections have consequences.

Some of them are also secondary, and tertiary.

Molon labe, bitchez.

How'd that work out last time you tried it?

How about the time before that?

History teaches, but only if you listen to it.


Thomas said...

I almost feel sorry for the law enforcement officers that are going to lose their lives enforcing these new illegal executive orders. Almost.
But then I realize that they will have made a conscious decision to enforce tyranny when they are bleeding to death at the door of someone who has had enough of their tyranny. Perhaps the sight of the now burning corpse of their squad mate who was first to breach and was lit up by a dragon's breath shotgun shell will give them pause and allow them to more properly reflect on their decision to subjugate peaceful people as their own worthless lives slowly ebb from their bullet ridden bodies.

Shit happens.

skybill said...

To "Thomas,"
"A BIG Trucker's on Ch.19, '10-4!!!!!!!'"

GOT GUNZ..........OUTLAW!!!!!,
To capitalize on the Cheshire Cat from Lewis Carol's
"Alice In Wonderland".....
"We're all 'MAD!!!' You Know!!!!!!"

DAN III said...


"Almost" only counts with hand grenades and horseshoes.

Jimmy the Saint said...

"How'd that work out last time you tried it?"

Quite well, actually. They last time they tried it was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and there was pretty much zero resistance. People always seem to forget about that.