Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Music: Save It For Later


The (English) Beat's best-performing song, with magical riffs and a tuning mistake that drove it to being a mid-range dance hit on both sides of the pond in the day, and good enough that Pete Townshend and others have stolen it and perform it regularly as well.  Adding to its earconic status is having shown up in half a dozen movie soundtracks, holding up so well after 40 years it was included in the Marvelerse's Spiderman: Homecoming.


Tim said...

I was a young lad in the Navy when this came out in 1982. It was a favorite and played in the clubs in Virginia Beach. Great Memories, Thanks.

Jaybo said...

How about some Hoochie Woman Tony Joe White

John said...

Nice! One I'm less familiar with . . . but enjoyable.

Night driver said...

Tim. if you ever got down to the Tides Club, I hung the mirror wall behind the bar there.
in 1975.

Night Driver