Wednesday, April 28, 2021


h/t Angus 


The only thing funnier and more appropriate would be if they inserted it, fired it, and it somehow went off, live on-air.

I'm pretty sure this guy is their network gun consultant.


Michael said...

Off Topic but I wanted to bring your attention to Garrison Keillor's recent Editorial across our "Fair Republic" titled "A Modest Proposal for saving the Republic" 4/27/2021 BEFORE they Memory Hole it.

A cut and snip here:

I am an old liberal Democrat but I grew up among Republicans. My uncles were (their wives were undercover liberals), many of my teachers, my first employers. I do not want to live in a woke America with no street-corner preachers, no angry callers to call-in shows, no malefactors of great wealth who in their twilight years seek to redeem themselves through philanthropy to ballet companies and orchestras, no crazed individualists.

We cannot afford to lose the right wing through their self-imposed ignorance of communicable disease and that is why the National Guard needs to round them up and take them in trucks to internment camps for a month to get their shots. The Supreme Court may try to interfere with this and so they may need to be taken into custody too. The Jim Jordans and Lindsey Grahams and Ted Cruzes have a role to play in our country and we need to protect them from themselves. Lock them up and jab them and who knows, some of them may fall in love with the vaccinators and find true happiness. For their own good, we need to be the totalitarians they already believe we are. I don’t want to live in an entire nation of Vermonters. We need Texas and Mississippi too. Even Oklahoma.

So even in the mostly likeable old liberals' is a Totalitarian SCREAMING to get out. They just DON'T want to dirty their hands doing so. They USE others to do the OUT OF SIGHT rough stuff...

Please take note just HOW FAR and WIDE this Editorial has been seen on the 27th of April.

How many "We are JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS" National Guard-Police Antifa-Black Lives matter could be ordered to follow though on this MODEST PROPOSAL eh?

I am WATCHING for letters to the Editor showing any blowback to this.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

His top cover should reed POLEECE. Always good for a laugh.

Aesop said...

Garrison Keillor needs to be shot in the head, ASAP, for the good of the republic.

And then his family, to the last heir, even if that involves smashing babies' heads on rocks to end their line.

Just to be safe.

Michael said...

Aesop he's just SAYING Out Loud what plenty of "Nice Liberals'" are THINKING.

They just keep it Nice and Tidy INSIDE their Minds as they are SO NICE Folks. Always CARING about OTHER Peoples Troubles and All That.

Salting the Earth WORKED for the Romans Just saying.....

Aesop said...

Saying it out loud is his constitutional right.

There is no constitutional right to avoid the consequences of exercising that right.

Up to and including decorating a wall with his brains.

I vote for the simplest solution to the problem, pour encourager les autres.

Orvan Taurus said...

Ah, someone noticed Minnesota's Menace. And, yes, he really has been that way for years and years.