Thursday, April 22, 2021

In Case You Were Wondering


I'm Here.

From Phil, at Busted Knuckles. RTWT.

Truer words were never spoken.

Most of you know what you should be doing.

(I can think of about a hundred things, just off the cuff. Most of which we've covered, long since.)

Best be about it.


idahobob said...


Stealth Spaniel said...

You must be up at the newly established Camp Snoopy. I agree with Busted Knuckles......I am just waiting for the go signal. For those who have not dumped the cable/satellite/broadband of News That We Lie On; stop wasting your money. These asshats wouldn't know the truth if God walked up. Per usual, it is about their money, their payouts, their prestige, their facetime. You can downstream/upstream anything you like on that 75 inch thin screen. Hollywood still makes discs and Blu-Ray of every single moment of perfection. You can look at any large city in America and realize that you live in a banana republic and the American Dream is dead. Do useful stuff. I scored on a pre-owned w/d set that is great, a neighbor gave me her oversized chair and matching ottoman. And another neighbor gave me her white silk couch and chair-knowing I have dogs. Life is good. When the go signal happens, just be ready.

Spin said...

All of us who just wanted to be left alone, hang out on the porch and enjoy a beer, bother no one and be at peace have been harangued for the last five years by those who in their misguided indignation and airs of divine superiority are going to be surprised when we decide that its time to get off the porch. We will have decided that idyllic times of peace have passed and the time for the No Quarter to asked or given has arrived. This will be the moment when the Saxon stopped hating and started breaching the fires of hell.

There will be no stopping or bargaining or falling back until those who insist on doing harm to our progeny are put down. We hold our children dear and will defend their future to live in peace and tranquility even though we know that some of us will make the ultimate sacrifice on the altar of liberty but we accept that fate gladly to ensure that the promise of this nation will not perish from the earth.


Don said...

Say when.

Night driver said...

"Say 'WHEN!!' "

As I am repeatedly advised, (strongly today) I ain't gettin any younger!!
Today I hit "3-Score and 10"

As it is, I may be relegated to covering my 'hood from the driveway. Oh yeah, I'll BE THERE as best as I can....

Night Driver -- da new-minted Curmudgeon

Glenda T Goode said...

I skim the news and delete like Phil does. I do pay close attention to the many blogs I read every day because it helps me get a feel for where their hearts lie. I see dark times ahead and unity between those of us who see the deterioration of our nation and our rights is essential.

There will be a time soon when we will be forced to choose to stand and defend that which we know is right and just or to lie down and be bulldozed into the trenches of socialism. I know where my heart is.

Spin said...

When is up to each man and his circumstances and situation. For me it will be easy, the Covid destroyed my liver. I went from stage 1 NASH to Stage 4 in 6 months. When this comes to my AO I'll defend it like its the last meaningful thing I can do. I've had a good and productive life. I've invented things that make the world a better place, dealing with some societal ills will just be icing on the cake. I believe that I am not alone in this view. As to when, it is coming soon.


Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Aesop - I am somewhat shocked to find out that your thoughts - as tracked to Busted Knuckles - are becoming more and more prevalent on the InterWeb. I had written about it this week, and was surprised when I read another four articles expressing more or less the same thought (and now, apparently, an article as well). There is something here, an undercurrent, that the world "out there" is missing.

Aesop said...


All of us have been "othered".
We are now strangers in our own country.