Thursday, April 8, 2021

Iranian Nuclear Proliferation Talks: Open For Business

How it should be handled:

Oh, wait, I forgot; it's Gropey Dopey handling things. Hang on a second:

Standard terms, of course.

¡Viva Chiquitastan!


John said...

Translation: pay us to develop nuclear tech while we say we're not doing it.

Unknown said...

What John said. 😒

Has paying them to pretend they aren't building nuclear arms always been a thing, or did it come into vogue under Obummer?


sykes.1 said...

Everyone involved in JCPOA, IAEA, Russia, China, UK, France, and Germany agreed that Iran was in compliance with the terms of the agreement. The one exception were/are the neocons who are in service to Israel, Bill Kristol, Robert Kaplan, et al.

The result of Trump's cancellation of the agreement was that Iran increased its LEU stockpile from a hundred or so kg to over a ton. They built enough new centrifuges to make 20% enriched uranium, and the restarted work on their plutonium project.

Aesop said...

Got it. All the countries looking to buy Iranian oil and fund more terrorism sucked their dick, but Trump looked at a horrible deal (which handed them literal pallets of untraceable cash to fund terrorism worldwide, and included no on-site inspections - "Trust us, we won't build bombs, would we lie to you?") they never intended to honor, and walked away, and proving him right, they went back to doing what they were going to do all along without delay. Keep making my case for me, please. And please, with less pointy hood.

We should've been negotiating with them via Minuteman missile 40 years ago. They'd have caught a clue by now.

Charlie said...

Nuke em.
Turn the desert to glass.
Make it the 51st state, call it The State of Oil For US.
Hand out radiation suits to American oil companies.
Drill baby drill.