Sunday, November 20, 2016


                             This guy has a start on the right idea.

The fall rains are here at last (or it may just be torrential hippie liberal tears over the election's serendipitous aftermath), life is comfortable in many ways, and yesterday, in honor of National Ammo Day, I added to the pile a healthy amount of 12 ga. #4 Buck, and .223 62gr FMJ. And there's at least one more fun show coming up before the curtain closes betwixt Califrutopia, and the ammo purchasing behavior of a free country.

Good luck enforcing that nonsense, you Sacramento f***tards; I have the time and inclination to travel, and what I bring home is my business, not yours.

(And proof that the perpetual ongoing shortage hereabouts of .22LR is now entirely a result of deliberate manufacturing machinations, is that .17HMR is available at 1/2 to 1/3 the price of .22LR on the same shelves, if you can find any of the latter. That they have the capacity to produce similar ammunition at half the price documents that makers are deliberately choosing not to, and marking up the "shortage" .22LR at gouge-worthy prices. Bastards.)

The point of the exercise is mainly to remind TPTB what a task they face if they think they've got a shot (no pun intended) at being our literal masters, rather than servants. That info is delivered when they see the excise taxes paid on ammo purchased; hence the special day. (Pity no one seems to have told the idjits running things at the retail level; they're usually falling all over themselves to find some holiday excuse for a sale flyer the other 364 days a year, to include Arbor Day and Lithuanian-American Day.) Nothing I acquired was in shortage hereabouts, nor will be anytime soon. But it makes the periodic panic-buying a curiosity, rather than a problem.

Hope you made the most of the time as well.


John ShootBetter said...

I'm picturing you driving home from Arizona with the nose of your Chevy pointed 15 degrees skyward.

Retired Spook said...

I dunno. Around here, we can find Federal .22LR for $4.95 for 50, or $21.99/325. The best price I've seen for .17 HMR is $7.95/50. YMMV, and this is a different part of the world than California. Right now, I'm stocking up on Large Rifle and Pistol Primers, the small versions of each, and RL-15. Also, 7mm bullets, and 7mm-08 brass.

Enjoy your drives to and from Arizona, that's some pretty country. Although, as someone pointed out "All this place needs is more water and a better class of people." The reply was "You could say the same thing about Hell."

Aesop said...

No .22LR hereabouts to be had for love nor money, but I can fill pickup truck beds with .17HMR.

.17HMR is merely curiosity ammunition for curiosity weapons.

.22LR is a commodity, like milk, bread, and eggs.