Monday, November 7, 2016

The Universe Seeks A Balance

Comes the happy news, on the same day @$$Clown Comey beclowned himself and the entire FBI, in perpetuity, that Satan has called Janet "The Torch" Reno home to himself in the Infernal Regions Beneath. Which rather takes the sting out of the day, to a small degree.

Tom Hayden and Janet Reno, together at last? There has to be a benevolent deity somewhere trying to center the balance beam of creation.

Alas, I won't be able to attend the memorial services for the old arsonist, but I'll be sure and send along my heartiest approval of the proceedings.

In a just world, she would get the same funeral as Bin Laden: dumped at sea out of a helicopter door at night in an unnoted spot. Crabs have to eat too.

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Anonymous said...

It amazes me that the same people who defended Waco by saying "But they're a CULT!" say we can't be beastly to Muslims because, after all, everyone has the right to their religion. And no, we CAN'T be beastly to Muslims who've never done, or attempted to do, or planned to do anything nasty, we most certainly CAN and SHOULD be beastly to those who have.

Then again, intellectual consistency has never been a hallmark of Liberal thinking. Or intellectual anything. Or thinking.

Mark D