Sunday, November 6, 2016

And It's Final: The Fix Is In

So, after trying a last-minute end-run on the Clinton machine,  Director of the Feckless Bunglers and Incompetents, James @$$Clown Comey, has been brought to heel by his masters once again, and announced that his pension and continued survival, rather than a suspicious death under strange circumstances, are the way he wants to go, and has placed the FBI entirely at the feet of his overlords, for nothing other than their own political purposes. Link 

I leave it to the reader to imagine them actually reviewing 650,000 e-mails - that would be 11,000 man-hours at 1 minute per review - (each one of which, prior to now either lost/destroyed/not turned over to federal archives, constitutes a separate federal criminal count against Shrillary as former Secretary of State, and each count carrying a separate legal penalty), which should theoretically include the deliberately destroyed 33,000 ones that constitute destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice, offenses exactly like those which got the House to seek impeachment against Richard Nixon, and got Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit's husband actually impeached by Congress for only the second time in US history. The classified ones alone are worth 10 years apiece, especially given the fact that Weiner's computer constitutes a completely separate case and new criminal counts than the private server for failing to secure classified material according to the law.

In an actual functioning democratic republic, Comey should be tried, convicted, dragged out of his trial, stood up against a wall, and executed for high treason. Ideally, by no later than noon tomorrow. In a functional FBI, his own agents would be the firing squad, after they arrested him, and laid out the case against him.

He joins Benedict Arnold in selling his country out; in his case, for nothing but the salary and pension he'd already earned - had he merely done his job according to the laws and his oath.

The FBI is now nothing more nor less than the Gestapo, set up solely to enforce crimes against the ruling elite, and protect them from actual justice at all costs. Their actions, indeed, their entire existence from this point forward is completely invalid in a constitutional republic. Well played, shitbag.

I can but hope Comey gets the rope that Himmler evaded.

The consequences to the republic are entirely on his own head.

But my money is on someone crying "Havoc!", sooner or later. God help us.

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Anonymous said...

I'm shocked, SHOCKED I say.

Mark D.