Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Well, That Didn't Take Long, Did It?

Team Trump shits the bed already: Hands off Shrillary.

Most administrations wait until they're in office to go full-diaper FUBAR.
This bunch couldn't make it two weeks without dropping a turd-log large enough to clog the plumbing, and they're still two months from even moving into the White House.

And if they follow through on this epically ass-tarded trial balloon
1) His own people are going to start wondering why they bothered
2) 300-something state electors will begin to have second thoughts before they meet in December
3) his mile-wide yellow streak revealed, both sides of the congressional aisle will start handing him his ass, starting on January 21st
(and yes, that would include every cabinet nomination, and his SCOTUS picks - well played, Lord Fartsniffer)
4) The RNC "Dump Trump In 2020 Committee" forms tomorrow, and it'll be fully funded
5) Darrell Issa, Trey Gowdy, and Jason Chaffetz may have a somewhat different idea of government oversight, and demand a special prosecutor anyways on Jan. 21st
6) Trump may find out that in a functional Department of Justice (as opposed to the Sturmabteilung we've had for the past 8 years), he can fire the AG, but he can't dictate policy when it comes to following the law. The sight of then-AG Jeff Sessions announcing the day after he's confirmed that Trump's wishes mean jack and shit in regard to enforcing federal statutes would bring tears to anyone's eyes who loves equality of all men under the law
7) Trump will also find out, just like Shrillary would have, that lacking HopeyDopey's Magical Anti-Gravity Teflon Pigment, firing his AG for pursuing investigations and prosecution of Shrillary would result in a bill of impeachment by noon that day, and achieve a House vote of 435-0, before his afternoon removal, and the accession to power of Acting President Pence. His ass would actually leave skidmarks out the White House portico, it'd be over so fast.

The Trumptards, predictably, will now be forced into pretzel-like contortions to defend this lunacy.

Or saner heads on the transition team will convince Trump to STFU, and tiptoe quietly away from this elephantine mound of dung, and disavow any knowledge of its source.


Domo said...

Disappointing, but not surprising.

Taking down the Clintons will take most if not all of Trumps 4 years, and that assumes she doesnt just die part way through.

Trump says "no special investigator", AG says, "Special Investigator", Trump say "Well, its clearly not a Republican Witch Hunt"

Trump is 70 and a lazy egomaniac, do you really see him wanting a second term once he's feathered nests for his children and family?
Dump Trump 2020 is going to storm the oval office only to find several of those nodding duck things hitting "reply" and "That sounds fine"

Anonymous said...

Just thinking out loud here....

Trump announced his intention to investigate Hillary (or doesn't, just lets what he said during the campaign stand). Obama issues a pardon, now Hillary is safe.

Alternately, Trump says he's not going to investigate, Obama leaves office and can no longer issue a pardon, now after taking office Trump says "Upon further reflection, her crimes are too serious NOT to prosecute, so we're going to."

I'm the one who suggested a while back that Trump should pardon her, and I'm still not sure there's any way for the Republicans to win that one even if they DO go after her. Because Clinton.

Mark D

Aesop said...

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

And if you give Shrillary a pass, you can never, ever prosecute any other silly sonofabitch for anything less than handing the nuke codes to the Russians live on CNN.

Either the law is the same for everyone, everywhere, at all times, or this is just a banana republic kleptocracy.

There are also a non-zero number of people out there who would consider giving her a pass essentially a green light for any direct action imaginable, until she eats a faceful of lead.

Pawpaw said...

You're reading too much into this. Presidents don't prosecute people, AGs do. Presidents should be above the fray. Let Sessions do his job, and the FBI finish the CGI investigation.

Trump's right though that she's "suffered greatly". She lost the election and I've seen reports that Clinton revenues are down about 70%. She's got no influence to peddle.

Aesop said...

From your lips to Sessions' ears, Pawpaw. GMTA.

If Trump were above anything, his transition team would have told him to STFU and walk away from this, and let the AG apply the rule of law come the day, an admittedly novel concept in DC anytime since 2009, or for the Clinton Crime Family anytime since the early 1970s.

Unknown said...

How about we wait until Trump actually DOES SOMETHING instead of trying to figure out what deal he is lining up BEFORE HE TAKES OFFICE? I know Hillary hopefuls wish Her Royal Highness would have been coronated, but that didn't happen. PS, Trump already has had one of his PROMISES fulfilled. Pentagon officials are officially dropping the BAN on handgun carry by troops on bases and offices and deferring to state law.

Aesop said...

How many such doggie treat snacklets (like that one, which affects fewer than 1% of the country) do you reckon it will take to balance out throwing the entire rule of law under the bus (which affects 100% of the country) before you're sworn in, and retroactively ratifying the entire tenure of the most corrupt Justice Department in American history?

It's like telling a man if he likes his socks, he can keep his socks, but that unfortunately the government has seen fit to amputate both his legs.

And when your Official Mouthpiece confirms and amplifies the original story, your administration owns that, and not as some diabolically clever act of misdirection. It is instead political tone-deafness on a scale that cannot be measured with existing instrumentation, and an ocean of stupid so vast it would demand revision of the entire IQ bell-curve at least two additional standard deviations to the left.

Undercutting your entire agenda and support while alienating most of your presumed base is just a happy coincidence of that level of malicious jackassery.

Signifying Nothing said...

The much quieter but equally egregious Clinton Foundation investigation is likely still ongoing. I would hope that Sessions and Trump don't hold back on the multiple prosecutions that should result. Not expecting the next FBI Director to fall on his crank for Hillary like the current guy did.