Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Open your hymnals to page 1:

Now all we need is for a little congressional interest to throw some water on Shrillary and some light on her activities, without the ham-fisted faux investigations of the FBI to get in the way.

And while you're up, I'd like world peace, and a pony.

What is best in life? As always:

Ms. Too Drunk To Concede's epic bitchrant later will be epic, and anticlimactic, but worth suffering through this long election season to hear.
And the fucktards in the GOP who produced Trump, and volcanic levels of discontent in the party base by lying, weaseling, crawfishing, and generally wussing out to Obozo for 8 years are going to get extra scoops of $#!^ in their $#!^ sandwiches for the next 4-8 years.
(Bitch McConjob, Quisling Ryan, Marco Amnesty, John Kasbitch, call your offices.)

Hey, hear that dripping?

It's Liberal tears!
And it's on the menu non-stop for the next four fucking years! Maybe even EIGHT!


Signifying Nothing said...

He did it, that glorious orange bastard actually did it!

Anonymous said...

So thrilled!

The whining from the left is a little delicious also, I will admit. Can't wait for a lot of these people to move like they promised. I'd offer to help pack, but screw 'em.

Bon M said...

Bye bye, Hillary. As a woman, I was mortified at the thought that she could be our first female president. SO glad that she was denied.

Ex-Dissident said...

A lot of work to do. Have to clean up a huge mess, deal with the bastards in Republican party and not only the fascists who call themselves Democrats. So many deluded in schools and colleges. The world remains very dangerous.
I feel like celebrating too, but we have a very long and difficult road ahead of us.