Thursday, November 10, 2016

Inside Baseball

NYFC, Aesociated Press:

Sources have supplied this blog with a photograph of President-elect Trump meeting with his defeated rival, Shrillary Milhous Capone Crybabypants, to talk about the post-election results:

Several sources close to the Trump campaign have stated off the record that as the blow was struck, he yelled "You're FIRED!".

If you're in any way interested, you've probably seen the videos of the poor widdle wambs at Shrillary's Hindenburg party Tuesday night, wetting their hankies and their diapers as they found out it was all going down in flames.

There are also some further press releases from the Trump campaign:

I'm going to keep enjoying Tuesday night, until the Usual Douchenozzles finally wake up, and start trying pathetically to offer some resistance.
Although at this point, that's about like criminals facing lions in the Roman Colosseum resolving to try to taste bad.

In the meantime, we offer this salve for what ails them, as a public service:

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