Friday, July 15, 2016

Turkey: Question du jour

Q: Does the overthrow of radical mainstream Islam lover Erdogan in Turkey, by that country's military and police forces, signal that the Turks have had enough of that shit, and are belatedly going to start rounding up and beheading their jihadi cousins, or that they will now embrace them even more boldly than Erdogan ever did, leading to all sorts of mischief, not least of which their pending expulsion from NATO?

So many questions, so little popcorn.


UPDATE: Never Mind.
It seems Erdogoof has managed to stave off being overthrown, while underlining that his regime is an unmitigated clown show on the way to full-on failed nation status, and advertising for clandestine support to homegrown dissidents from actual and potential enemies, which at this point include Russia, Greece, Israel, and ISIS.

At the very least, there are a couple of dozen new job openings in Ankara for Presidential Food Taster.


tweell said...

Doesn't look like the coup succeeded. They missed Erdogan, and he rallied his support. Oh well.

Aesop said...

I suspect their next coup will be more like the late Anwar Sadat's 21-gun salute.

TrT said...

I doubt there will be sequel
Turkey has always been a contradiction.

In the cities, and none Muslim villages, Turkey is a secular constitutional republic.
In the Muslim villages, its an Islamic theocracy.

The MVs vote for which candidate promises to ignore the SCR and enforce Islamic Law.
The Army removes him from power every decade or so when he tries.

Erdogan was smart enough to clean house in the army a decade ago, A successful coup may have occured then, it wont occur now, unless anyother AKP supporter from within the army topples Erdogan and brings his own stronger "strong man" experience.