Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Thought For The Day

Chickenshit Comey has accorded Democrat voters an unaccustomed privilege, one they didn't enjoy in 1976, 1992, or 2008:

He's given them all the chance to fully enjoy Buyer's Remorse before their nominating convention! Mirabile dictu!

Well played, douchebag.
It's probably also the first time that a presidential candidate has been able to list
"won't be indicted for serial federal kilofelonies" as a resume bullet point for the presidency.

1 comment:

Retired Spook said...

Interesting. Back when I had a Top Secret/SCI clearance, if I'd committed ONE of the security breaches that Her Cankleness committed, I'd have been locked under Leavenworth for the foreseeable future, fed rice and fishheads on alternate Thursdays, and never been allowed to see the light of day, ever again. (In addition to being dishonorably discharged as an E-1).

But she gets a pass? Really?

OK, from now on, I'll only obey the laws that are convenient for me, unless an armed cop is watching.