Thursday, June 13, 2024

Demographics Is Destiny

This is why the "We'll Just Kill The Cities" Posse isn't your friend, they're the guys whacking the dragon on the snout with an axe handle.

It's from the same mentality that came up with "We'll Just Shoot The Wounded".

Their "solutions" aren't simple, they're simplistic.
Which is what you get with simpletons.
They know just enough to be dangerous (mostly to anyone standing close to them), but not quite enough to be really bright.

So, you're going to bottle up the cities?
Let's try that with just one example.

The population of the metro area of Kansas City MO is 2.3M.
The population of the metro area of St. Louis MO is 2.8M.
That's 5.1M people, right there.

The entire population of the state of Missouri is only 6.2M.

Which means the population of just the two largest cities in the state, the ones you're going to "bottle up" (on flat land, mind you!) is the exact 82:18 ratio we mentioned.
Those two cities outnumber every swinging Richard in the entire rest of the state by over 4:1.

I think they might have something to say about being "bottled up".
I think they might even be inclined to say it with guns. (And ropes. And so on.)

Let's be generous, and spot you the farcically optimistic killing ratio of 2:1.

So a week later, there are only 2.9M of them.
And there are exactly 0 of YOU. 

You've been removed from the gene pool forever, down to your grandkids, to the last toddler.
Long before they're even getting hungry, let alone starving.

Well played, Checker Champions.
40% of the population now has 100% of the resources. Including what used to be yours.

But you won't care, because you're all dead.

Recruiting converts to your cause is going to be quite the uphill slog there.

So perhaps you might consider ways to get potential allies onboard with a brighter campaign strategy (which would be Any One But Your Plan A), instead of becoming The Assholes That Everyone Else Wants To Kill Off By Day Two.

Just a suggestion, mind you.

Word To Your Mother: As we just pointed out in Comments to the prior post, there are more Trump supporters in the L.A. metro area than the population of any one of 36 entire states.

There are more actual Trump voters in NYFC than the total number of troops in the U.S. Army: active, reserve, and Nasty Guard, combined.

So there aren't any "blue hives."
That nonsense is for idiots who think the maps made by your enemies are the actual terrain.
The reality is that the entire country is different shades of purple.

Uh huh.

And the greatest trick the Leftards ever pulled was to make you think our side doesn't exist.
Using maps that wipe out the existence of 25-49% of entire cities and states.
The Truth is, there are one helluva lot more people out there who think like you do than they're comfortable with. If it weren't true, they wouldn't be so pants-wettingly obsessed with trying to derail another election.

Don't be the thousands of morons obediently getting on the train boxcars under the watchful eyes of a paltry half-dozen armed troops.

Do. The. Math.

Can You Dig It?!?


Linda Fox said...

And, that is why I've always advocated being a person who seeks allies.
Now, the level of trust may vary. It takes some time to build your group. But, start with those who respond to a simple request, like, "You seem to know most of the people in our neighborhood. Could you make a list of names, addresses, and contact information for the 5 people you would trust in an emergency? And, if you could, identify those with skills that might be valuable in that emergency?"

Some will handle that task competently; others will either not do it, or do a half-a$$ed job of it. No matter, the point is not the task, it's to identify those who you can rely for further engagement with the SHTF planning and prep.

Anonymous said...

Vive la résistance!

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the sentiment of convincing the Latin to consider voting for Trump. More than anyone else, they already KNOW what it is living in Socialism Countries. Getting them to see our Leftists are attempting to become Socialist will convince them NOT TO BUY THE LEFTIST BULLSHIT ! Trump is why they came to this country - the opportunity to succeed.

Dan said...

Really not as simple as you portray. Yes, the cities outnumber rural America. But when it's time to play Mad Max most of those denizens will be busy killing each other before they look outward. Can't say what will happen for certain but history shows that groups of people in close proximity will prey on each other first when things get nasty. The cities are populous but not well organized for dealing with any type of collapse scenario. The closer you are to such places the greater your danger. Period.

maruadventurer said...

"Agreed with the sentiment of convincing the Latin to consider voting for Trump. More than anyone else, they already KNOW what it is living in Socialism Countries." -- Anon @11:05

I don't buy that for a NY minute, for the simple fact that a boat load of free loading 'migrants' just shut down Times Square. They marched for more free stuff and luxury housing aka the same socialism. You don't get nothing for free without giving up something in return AND have some other poor schmuck have his heart ripped out to deliver the goods.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Aesop, one of the things that people that are not in cities/work situations in cities is that unlike the InterWeb, people do not endlessly talk about politics and things of that nature. Especially at somewhere like employment, where one is simply trying to get one's job done.

But just because people do not talk about it, does not mean they do not have feelings about such things or even opinions on them. They a) have lives and b) often work in places where blatantly talking politics is at best poor form and at worst, makes one a target for the sorts of discussions that end up in HR.

To your point, listen to people. Talk to them. One of things I have noticed more so than ever within the last year is the sense of many that might otherwise be on another political side than I that the know something is not right with the world but they cannot or will not put their finger on it. The best thing one can do in such situations is listen and occasionally interject thoughts. Most people are not foolish; they can understand when things impact their lives directly.

To your point from the last post, if one wants to win The Long Struggle, it needs to be less about being immediately correct or demanding people adhere to your entire world view but rather what results need to be achieved and the best methodology for getting there.

Mike Hendrix said...

Ahh, the Cyrus speech. One of my all-time favorites, that one is. Or, put another way, I DIG IT! ;)

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

No disrespect intended, but the logistical support for deploying the populations of Kansas City and St Louis as a viable offensive force against the rest of the states would not exist in a collapse.

Your argument is a bit of a straw-man. Entropy wins whether Billy-Bob helps it along or not.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Come out and play eee eeeay

Aesop said...


No disrespect taken.

The straw man in the argument is assuming a "collapse" in the first place.
Tell me how that happens, pulled out of whose underpants, and we can talk.

For the 10th time, the not-so-bright people keep conflating TEOTWAWKI and Civil War/balkanization.
One of these things is not like the other.
The hinterlands are going to have to deal amicably with the coastal people, and vice versa. Otherwise nothing moves in either direction.

As for the logistics of getting people out of the cities, fuck around with their power grid, and the "logistics" will fall into place in about an hour, pretty much like poking a hornets' nest.

In the example offered, Missouri measures only about 250 mi. across.
Halfway from each city is about five days' walk.
So they'd sort out the rest of the state, at a walk, on foot, in about a week's time, just with available manpower, using tactics tested since the 1600s.
And they'd wipe out all opposition by Saturday dinner.
In fact, probably anything with legs, friendly, neutral, or hostile, same-same.

So tell me who'd be besieging whom.

Multiply that times every major metropolis thusly screwed around with.
Unless someone's bunker is in a mine shaft, rural life isn't going to be as unmolested and happy as everyone imagines, and long before the cities obligingly starve to death, they're going to go hunting, sure as God made little green apples.

The Mongol Horde will have had nothing on what would exit cities made situationally untenable.

People with the wit to figure that out should be concentrating on how to fight Leviathan inside those cities, and ways to keep people interested in staying inside them for the long run.

Because otherwise rural residents will lead short but interesting lives.

Prove me wrong.
Tell me how Baghdad dried up and blew away after 2001.
The total disappearance of Saigon in 1975.
How Seoul withered and died after 1950, changing hands several times.
Where Havana went after Castro.
The disappearance of Stalingrad in the 1940s.
Explain why Moscow ceased to exist after the Russian Revolution.
How Weimar's collapse wiped Berlin out.
The disappearance of Richmond, Nashville, Atlanta, and Charleston after 1865.
How Paris disappeared after the Reign Of Terror.
And on and on.

Wait...none of that happened? How...curious.
The fact is, the closest thing to immortal on this earth is a city.
Things inside one can get short-term grim, for a certainty.
That takes an army besieging it completely, for years.
But killing one? Not so much.

Carthage is gone.
But even Jerusalem bounced back after 70AD.
And Hiroshima is right where it used to be, despite erasing a sizeable chunk of it one August morning in 1945.

People spend too much time swallowing doom-porn by the barrel, and too little reading even a spoonful of actual history.

All I'm asking for is a little less fantasy and wishcasting, and a little more hard-headed appraisal of the situation.
The simpletons are so wrapped up in their fantasies and fond wishes, they keep missing the hard truths.

Tucanae Services said...

"The straw man in the argument is assuming a "collapse" in the first place. Tell me how that happens, pulled out of whose underpants, and we can talk." -- Aesop

I will proffer one way. We have $10Tn in debt to roll over sometime in September, 2024. Nearly every central bank on the planet is buying gold and dumping debt instruments. So if nobody is buying who is the US going to sell another round of debt to roll it over? The only way they can -- jack up the rates to 'offer I can't refuse' level OR default. Either event will cause a snowball in the economy to our demise.

As to under pants, well Yellen made a trip to Beijing -- Trust me it wasn't because the green tea is to die for. She was trying to get the Chinese not to sell their Treasuries. They did it anyway.

Aesop said...

There are twenty or eleventy ways a collapse happens.

None of them necessarily result in balkanization.

As I said, people keep conflating TEOTWAWKI with balkanization.
They are in no way, least of all necessarily, conjoined.

Everything melting down everywhere simultaneously is not going to be balknaization. It's going to be Armageddon.

And balkanization turns into all-out war in days to years.
There is no scenario where we amicably split, and carry on like distant cousins, free, happy, and peaceful.
It goes to guns rather rapidly, for the same reason Putin invaded Ukraine:
He wanted to, because he thought he could win.
The Leftards in this country are mentally in the exact same space.
They're egging a conflagration on, because they think they've got this in the bag.
Biden's comments about AR-15s vs. F-15s is the tip of the assberg* there.

*not a typo

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

You can argue Rome bounced back, too. But it wasn't doing all that whippy for quite a while.

I would figure most relatively fit people are good for about 15 miles a day and that is with shops willing to provide hospitality. And by "relatively fit" I mean in the second from the top quintile. The bottom quintile cannot make it a half-mile. The second from the bottom quintile taps out at about five miles.

I know west Coast folks tend to be more fit that us mid-Westerners and everybody knows that Hispanics can walk 2000 miles in 15 days and gain weight so my observations are far from universal.

Civil war would be very, very ugly for everybody. No argument. No discussion required.

John Wilder said...

Yup, I regularly talk to some.

Mind your own business said...

The post is a nice sentiment, but I wonder how much the raw numbers matter. The Red voters in Blue enclaves are captives, not much more than POWs. All of the levers of power are in the hands of the Blue elite powers-that-be, and that is what will be used to both keep their peons under control and well-behaved, and will in all likelihood be used against the surrounding counties and states. So long as they can't win elections in their own cities and states while elections still matter, they are useless.

And those surrounding Red areas will have neither the resources , patience, or inclination to try and sift out the friendly like-minded refugees from the opportunists, when elections no longer matter or can't be held.

Aesop said...

That is the most myopic, defeatist, pig-ignorant thing said on this entire topic.
And there's no way for me to sugar-coat that.

You've just told 45% of America they might as well just kill themselves now, and you're proud of that. And when it blows up in your face come the day, you'll be the one dying with the most surprised look on your face.

Walk tall.

Anonymous said...

My experience looking at city folk would lead to other conclusions. When as a boy scout I covered 18 miles in one day with a heavy pack and could have gone further I was in top shape. Looking around less than one quarter could cover 15 miles with a load and not many would fall in for the next morning march.
Talk to a city person about boots and they think fashion not hiking (and no, Doc Martens don't count.)