Monday, September 18, 2023

That'll Be The Day

 h/t Pirates Cove

Chicago Considers City-Owned Grocery Stores To Replace Those Which Closed Because Of Crime

We rate this as highly unlikely.

Mainly because we cannot conceive of any government sitting still for deliberately creating an opportunity for you to steal from them, instead of the other way around.


Jim Wetzel said...

The Chicongo government would suffer no NET theft. First they tax (steal) to get the groceries. Then, 90% of it is stolen, but 10% gets paid for by a small minority of honest people. If it's ALL stolen, Da Gub'mint breaks even; any little bit that's bought is gravy.

Anonymous said...

It is foreordained.
Do you think that those idiots could pass up an opportunity to lose money while providing .gov paid union jobs to their new best friends, the illegal invaders, and their old friends, the diverse "yoots", while overcharging those few who would actually pay for groceries from their stores?
John in Indy

Anonymous said...

This looks like an excuse to give money to a liberal NGO more than a real project..

I find the quote from Walmart most telling - that they have NEVER turned a profit in Chicago.

B said...

The idea is well founded...If you look at it the correct way....

It is another method of stealing monies from the taxpayers for those who drive the Machine.

"There is always an opportunity for Graft"

John Wilder said...

Peak Kim Jong Un move.

Reltney McFee said...

Didn't the Soviets do this already?

carolinaTurtle said...

But THIS time it will work!