Monday, September 18, 2023

Tense Matters

 Vox: The US will lose the next war

Point Of Order:

Pvt. Hudson was all over this long before you figured it out.

FTR, when you write an article today, that could (and should) have been penned in 2000, you are the guy explaining the vulnerabilities of the US Navy at Pearl Harbor to sneak attack in a memo to the President.

In 1964.

Thanks for waking up, but this isn't a will question, it's a have already retrospective history. Folks already grok this, and had it pretty well figured out by our assholes-and-elbows bug-out from A-stan.

The memo is 23 years late. Might as well have sent it in the US mail.


Michael said...

And yet we continue to "Weaken Russia" by pumping our debt dollars, more ammo than we can produce (thus eating war stocks) and weapons we are taking from active-duty units to feed the Proxy War in Ukraine.

I can post links about active-duty units giving up weapons, as well as our forward weapons stockpiles for Reforger NATO exercises if you like. Or you could use your GOOGLEFU.

I guess China's getting their money's worth out of Bribe Me the Sock Puppet and his handlers.

Let you and him fight might be our demise.

Aesop said...

1) The debt is to Ukraine spending as Antarctica is to an ice cube.

2) Ukraine aid has been a paltry amount, by international standards.

2) "War stocks" have been an open joke - and total vaporware - since 1960. In the words of John McLane, "Welcome to the party, pal."

3) REFORGER was always a hashpipe dream, based on the theory that we'd get two months' notice to forward-deploy divisions we no longer possess, to re-fight WWII against an enemy that no longer exists.
Look up the Rumsfeld Memo from 2002: "You go to war with the military you've got, not the one you wish you had."

4) Any conflict with China won't be fought on land, so the arms necessary for any follow-on are entirely different, and largely unaffected by anything Ukraine's been given.

5) Seeing Russia's notional military might humbled so succinctly and continuously is probably the biggest reason China has paused and rethought its territorial ambitions re:Taiwan.

Joe in PNG said...

Regarding #5, why risk a potential disastrous attack on Taiwan and risk failure when Manchuria & Siberia are pretty much going to be free for the taking?
What's Putin going to do? Send their last T-34?

maruadventurer said...

Concerns me that military gear has become so expensive and over engineered (eg F35) that commanders get trapped in not being willing to use the tech. This has been an observation long before the VOX article -- -- 1951 to be exact.

John Wilder said...

To be fair to Vox, lots of folks are still in the "we can never lose" mindset. Does Cannae await?

Aesop said...

To be fair to Vox, given the clusterfuck Afghanistan withdrawal still freshly in mind to anyone not living in a cave, we call those people "retards".

But a blogger's gotta write to his core audience, I guess.

Mark said...

Lets not forget the Iraq withdrawal shall we?

Left a nice power vacuum there, too.