Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Community Policing

Divemedic has a couple of relevant posts. Go and read them, if you haven't already.

My 2¢ to those who defend the police and policing we have, and have had, for some good time:


"The media lies" is a cop out. (No pun intended.)

We know - because we've seen the videos - what happens when a citizen screws up; anything from a quick concrete tune-up up to and including sidewalk execution (and frequently justified).

But when it isn't, the commensurate number of videos and stories of police officers getting walked out of their department like Chuck Connors at the opening of Branded


and subsequently frog-marched into a squad car, convicted at trial, and ass-raped to death in prison afterwards should be similarly legion for the times when they screw up.

They are no such thing, nor anywhere close, because that almost never happens. You should police yourselves more harshly than the rest of us, but instead you don't do so, or do so barely at all, and only when the transgression is so egregious and virally seen as to be a virtual white-hot fireplace poker up administration's ass to push it forward.

And before Rodney King, it was twenty times worse.

The only thing that should be scarier than an ordinary citizen breaking the law, should be the spectacle of the mills of justice grinding an officer who's transgressed. Punishment should be draconian, and more fearsome than being kidnapped by drug cartels.

Instead, it's mainly wrist slaps, if it happens at all, and even then, mainly only honored in the breach. That's why departments have lists of officers with 10, 20, 50 verified major screw-ups, and even fired officers just drift to other departments, and rack up serial bad conduct rap sheets without the hammer falling until they kill somebody or make the national news, rather than being black-balled from the profession for life.

What sticks in everyone's craw isn't that the media gives cops a bad rap, it's that every police department in America uses the Catholic Church's example for dealing with child-molesting priests as their disciplinary model: sweep it under the rug, and pretend it never happened. The lump is now the height of Mt. McKinley, and that plan isn't working for you like it once did.

If it were otherwise, the blogs and YouTube videos of the hazing other officers would deliver, let alone official (metaphorical) floggings-around-the-fleet by management would be more numerous than the bad cop videos, by orders of magnitude.

That they aren't shows that the whole blue gang is in on the con, and the availability of anyone with a cell phone camera to be Paramount Pictures and CNN has shown the truth of the matter.

So has the dearth of officers going on strike for cleaner departments, or quitting and/or whistleblowing because they can't stand the corruption and mollycoddling of their fellow thugs and crooks in blue. 

That behavior is what earns Divemedic's percentage: misprision of felony, accessory after the fact, criminal conspiracy. In the penal codes of 50 states and 7 US territories.

But apparently, they don't cover this in any police academy in the nation, except with a wink and a nudge.

(And telling me about one or two exceptions doesn't disprove the other two million that never happened. Statistics are a bitch like that.)

You guys are a blue gang, pure and simple, with a Mafia-like code of silence regarding in-house problems, from simple screw-ups to criminal conspiracies and organizational corruption, and when confronted, you shrug and mumble, and walk away. If nobody got caught, it never happened.

Frank Serpico remains a cautionary tale, from coast to coast, bottom to top, and even then, only for people old enough to remember the story.

That's why nobody trusts you, and why nobody likes you. Your entire profession has squandered any trust and integrity you ever had, collectively, and you'll never get that back, short of figuratively (or literally, at this point) putting the heads of defaulters on pikes at the doors of the station house.

That would be a good start. And I'm not exaggerating.

And at the rate things are going, the people - all of them, good and the bad - are going to start doing that for you, to drive the point well home, even knowing what that means for society for some good time. You're a cure that's become far worse than the disease.

That truth may hurt, but the sting doesn't disprove the thesis.

"90% of cops are bad" is wrong.

It's probably 9% too low.

Your profession has made its bed.

Very soon now, they're going to see what it feels like to lie in it.

And the entire society will pay.

It's always the people you trust the most who fuck you the worst, and stab you in the back the hardest.

Because they're the only ones who can.

Et tu, Flatfoot?

GMTA Dept.: Hot off the presses - Evolution Of The American Police State


B said...

Much truth here.

99% if cops give the rest a bad name.

It's not that they are all bad, it is just that they ignore the bad ones and allow them to flourish.
As I point out to them all the time: Y'all wear the same uniform, so you are responsible for the behavior of anyone wearing that uniform if you don't hound them out and decry their behavior. If you want your profession to be honored, then it has to act in an honorable way

John Wilder said...

Can't be a police state without police.

Anonymous said...

Get your booster yet, asshole?

Aesop said...

My acquaintance with COVID boosters is exactly like your acquaintance with integrity, Officer Butthurt:

Never had it, and never will. 😆

Anonymous said...

Can't be a police state without POLICY ENFORCERS / THUGS.
When law enforcers break the laws themselves, they are as bad as those who serve only to enforce government policy directives.
John in Indy

Anonymous said...

Exactly my thought.
The few who don't do it themselves willingly ignore what others do, effectively making themselves accessories after the fact.
I know a guy who is otherwise pretty good, but he has been immersed in police/ law enforcement culture for so long that he doesn't see anything wrong with clear rights violations - legal but wrong.

maruadventurer said...

I have advocated for years to force LEOs to have to carry malpractice insurance. Most professions require it as a matter of practice. I don't care whether the individual pays it or the dept pays it, just that they do. Perfect solution? No.

But here is what will happen. Those insurance companies that do offer such policies will eventually team up and assemble a database of incidents tied to individual policy holders. When a particular LEO can't be covered the Muni will reject the applicant. This would terminate the practice of quitting one dept and being hired at another the same day. It would defacto replace the State professional standards body most States have -- read white wash. Actuary tables are pretty accurate over time.

Lest anyone think it won't work I offer the following. In the trucking industry the bad drivers eventually are driven out of the cab (no pun intended) because no trucking company will hire them based on the effects that it would have on the company's insurance rates.

I know, its a hell of a way to achieve change. But sometimes a kick in the pocket book can be more painful than a kick in the groin.

Nautigal said...

I dunno A -
“ That's why nobody trusts you, and why nobody likes you. Your entire profession has squandered any trust and integrity you ever had, collectively, and you'll never get that back”
- Strong words for someone in the medical profession, about which the exact same can be said and who are recommending mRNA jabs for six month olds and denying transplants to the unvaccinated to this day, and have been caught dead-to-rights lying about at least everything COVID related from the get go. Heads on pikes indeed.

Anonymous said...

All LEO’s are the buffer between the illegal illegitimate government and the pissed off American humans. The Leo’s will obey, with extreme enthusiasm the illegal orders that are to come from the illegitimate government. Lockdowns, for example. And more worker shit to coom.

ghostsniper said...

Couldn't agree more.

The most powerful person on the street is the gov't criminal jackboot, who can summons every kind of support all the way up to and including air strikes.

It can change your life permanently in one second and there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it but try to avoid it.

No president or king can affect your life so, but the jackboot can.

Been 5 or more years since I last saw a jackboot in person and I always get a strange feeling in their presence.

Primal or something, in my core.

Like encountering a wild assed animal in the forest of the sahara.

Knowing that at any second I may kill or be killed. Very unsettling.

I've never had any use for any gov't parasite employee.

Fuk every last one of them.

Aesop said...


♫One of these things is not like the other one...♫

Firstly, I'm in the nursing profession. I'm in the medical business.
Doctors are in the medical profession.
Any million or so of them would tell you that.

Secondly, it's mainly the FedGov quacks and their bought-and-paid-for pharma shills who've covered themselves in shit for the last four years. Not the entire profession. I was telling you Fauci was a quack waaaaay back in 2014, on this very site. That would be nine years ago.
I have no problem whatsoever with their heads being put on pikes, and have been earnestly awaiting that happy circumstance for some goodly number of years.

Thirdly, with cops, the entire MSM hasn't been actively working to quash all dissent and contrary opinion from half or more of them for the last four years, to service the narrative they needed to steal an election by any means possible.


When cops get censored by Google, YouTube, Facebook, et al, for whistleblowing or disagreeing with TPTB and the Democommunist MSM, give a holler. Half the doctors in America would appreciate the company.

Care to circle back and try again...?

June J said...

In reference to the linked article ("The Evolution of the American Police State" conclusion "If the Democrats win the White House in 2024 none of these reforms will be undertaken"), if by some miracle the White House, the Senate and the House all were voted into Republican control, absolutely zero of the article's suggested reforms would be done either.

Wayne said...

Difference is that the Chuck Connors character was innocent.

(Chuck Connors was also a professional athlete in the NBA and MLB before his acting career)