Sunday, September 17, 2023

Sunday Music: So Far Away


First single released from Carole King's landmark 1971 album, Tapestry. This song made the Top 20, the album won King 4 Grammys, and spent more time on the charts (6 years) than any album before or since except for Dark Side Of The Moon


Noah Bawdy said...

Nice one. I shared on the Twitter thingy.

John Wilder said...

Well, that's been forever.

ZERO[F2G] said...

Damn, I don't believe I have heard that since mt teens circa late 70's early 80's, man it makes me wanna go back, but well I pretty much desire to go back to the 80's on a daily basis.
Yeah yeah yeah, I know we ain't going back to 2019 much less better yet times.

Well I'm gonna go sit on the porch, sip on a good whiskey and enjoy an Oliva that's been aging 8 months or so while I listen to some Carol King and try to forget for a moment the banana republic I find myself surviving in.

Thanks for the share!