Saturday, June 10, 2023


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Viva Ramon Mercader said...

Viva sippy cup, viva dear leader, viva teleprompter!
Si se puede!

Anonymous said...

Heh. Poor guy would look at himself in the mirror and wonder when did he become Captain Crunch.

It's telling no one seems to be squelching people who publicly mock Biden. Maybe they are resigned to letting that burning dumpster fire rage.

Glen Filthie said...

“Poopy pants”? What are you? In grade 2? A retard?

And you’re supposedly a Marine…?


Aesop said...

Rescued from the Spam Filter:

"Glen Filthie said...
“Poopy pants”? What are you? In grade 2? A retard?

And you’re supposedly a Marine…?


June 10, 2023 at 4:16 PM"


Alzheimer's isn't sitting any better on you than it does on His Highness.
'Emperor Poopypants' was Big Country Expat's moniker for Mr. Fraudulent, since - obviously - back before your burgeoning dottage can recall. Because of a famous photo where Brandon was caught with a huge brown stain down the south side of his trousers when the Depends failed. (You know, kind of like the one you wear down your shirt every time you open your mouth.) Which tag for him BCE selected we liked enough to adopt, and add his first name to.

So you just called BCE a retard on my blog.

Well-played, s-f-b.
Stay classy.
And whatever meds you're supposed to be on, up the dosage.

I gave it five minutes after you read this before you'd try to erase it, so I helpfully cut-and-pasted your best efforts from the spam filter to discourage your future endeavors.

Now be a good lad: take your cleats out of your dick, then go and bandage what's left of it before you bleed to death.
And thanks once again for doing a better job of living up to all our expectations for you than anything we could have ever done to underline the point ourselves.
Tomorrow's Sunday. Maybe hang up the keyboard for awhile, and take a day off from being stupid. If only for the novelty of the effort.

Bigus Macus said...

Reminds me of Col Muammar Gaddafi or Lt Idi Amin Dada uniforms.

Anonymous said...

Glen, um, I think it is called "mockery", which in this case is fully justified. Ridicule is a potent weapon against these traitors.

Anonymous said...

The opposite actually. First, that is where "Let's go Brandon" came from. But the real problem is on college campuses. The FJB chant is showing up at sports events and is threatening the narrative. The justice department stated they are going to start investigating incidents . They haven't declared chanting FJB as "dangerous domestic extremism YET, but if they can't suppress the chanting...

Sounds crazy but the FBI investigated as terrorists, the parents who protested at school board meetings. People who do not believe Joe Biden is the legitimate president of the United States are a "dangerous domestic extremist." Similarly, if you doubted the status of Tony Fauci as our lord and the clot shots as our savior you were a dangerous domestic extremist. These designations come from the US department of homeland security. The second has been rescinded, but the first is still in place.

Trumpeter said...

Glen, love you, love your writing. I laugh at Aesop a lot and agree with him as often. But I refer to grampa bad finger as Emperor Poopy Pants exclusively, especially in public.
It is the perfect combination of humor.and very painful truth. Always laugh at your opponent. It makes them feel small and you get to have fun doing it. That is what FJB is all about.

Anonymous said...

In this war of using words and catchy phrases to shape public perception, using demeaning but still family friendly terms to insult and mock those who would enslave, jail and murder us is still important. That's why "Let's Go Brandon" is better than "Fuck Joe Biden" and "Emperor Poopypants" is better than "Emperor Shithead" or some such term that would be more Marine Corps Drill Instructor typical for casual use in public and a chant at public events. The adults still know what it means and the mothers won't have to cover the ears of their children.

Felix Dzerzhinsky said...

Ah! Filthie being Filthie. Never fails to amuse, if you like watching people set themselves on fire for a laugh.

Plague Monk said...

I tend to use the phrase "The Pedo Prez" rather than "Poopypants", largely since I have trouble with unexpected bouts of diarrhea. Really is not a lot of fun when it happens while giving a briefing to senior client engineering staff on the progress of the project. Large conference room, summer, A/C not working all that well...
Anon at 10:53 makes a good point about being family friendly when possible; my wife really gets bothered when I wax eloquently on the virtues of feeding people to Morbarks head first. Not so upset when I suggest just shooting them.

John Wilder said...

No honor, and no mental acuity. Goes great together.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know why Glen has such a hard on for you, but I suspect he is suffering from displaced aggression due to his unfortunate family situation. He needs to just get over it and stop spewing shit in your house. Common curtesy and manners are a gentlemen’s trait when visiting someone’s home.

And he dare compare you to a 2nd grader?! Perhaps he should be introspective and consider his own
immature posts and remove the log from his own eye first.

Once a Marine, always a Marine. What would Glen know, he didn’t serve in the Marines.

Best wishes, Harley Quinn

Anonymous said...

You don't feed them to a Morbark head first.
Feet first, every time !
They need to see it coming, and be able to express their displeasure about the consequences of their actions.
John in Indy

Plague Monk said...

Much of the engineering community is still in love with Biden. I recently had a ZOOM interview with a major DoD client for a possible contract, and I was given a virtual tour of the engineering office. Several desks were adorned with Trump dolls with assorted wounds and weapons, such as an axe in the forehead, bullet holes, and dangling from a gallows.
Two of the supervisors had Build Back Better signs on their desks or as computer backgrounds.
I was careful not to have any political images visible on my end; the book The Jesus Hoax was prominent, as was my painted Smaug dragon from GW. And cat pictures; lots of them.
One last point: to a lot of educated people, Biden is a far right winger, and they want someone who is really "progressive" running things.