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from WRSA

Some witless wonder cobbled the above shit-masterpiece out of his underpants with an accompanying pic. (We note FTR that like our posts, everywhere, we sign our memes, unlike this happily anonymous douchebag. We triple-dog dare the gutless wonder who created it to claim it.) And then, WRSA posted it in their daily memedump this morning.

We also pity the inept old 80-IQ lackwit 1950s holdout who thought that was clever, and who yet pines longingly for the days when lunch counters and drinking fountains had "Whites Only" or "Colored" signs, the N-word could be uttered with impunity, and 60-year old men could be called "boy" when they loaded your luggage or shined your shoes, and we look forward to the day when the last living witness of that shameful period of American history is as dead as Jim Crow laws.

We respond on point thusly:

We are second to no one in pointing out that the multi-generational malcontents from among a bare 13% of the population are responsible for a vastly outsized proportion of violent crime in this country (and have been thusly for decades), along with various other corrosive influences on the foundations of the republic, to the point we've said that they should probably be given a final choice of either getting it together and learning to function in civil society, or get shipped back to the continent of their origin once and for all, non-voluntarily. Which would improve the mean IQ of two continents: the sending one, and the receiving one. We weren't speaking rhetorically.

But naked codswallop from the pinnacles of 1950s and early 1960s racism isn't going to get things done, and will only cement the worst aspects of American history as one's calling card in the minds of the unconvinced Normies in the middle. In short, it's like shooting oneself in the dick. Repeatedly. 

You lost that war three times, once in people's minds by 1861, once in 1865 - at gunpoint (your choice), and again by 1965 - again at gunpoint (your choice), to drive the point home for the slow learners. GTF over it.

Don't make us pull this blog over and come back there. You won't like us when we're angry.

And frankly, we all have bigger fish to fry.

You want to shout down the bankruptcy of "diversity"? There are much better ways to do it than using Bull Connor, George Wallace, and Lester Maddox as your shining examples.

Grow a bigger IQ, and take another whack at it that doesn't leave your testicles splatted all over your thigh, Anonymous Jackass.


pyrrhus said...

Well, the integration of blacks and everybody else in public schools has been a total disaster, because the lax discipline in white schools is simply incapable of keeping many black students from wrecking the atmosphere and often other kids...I have watched this play out in person in the Chicago area...Same for shopping centers..Now that law enforcement has ceased, it's beyond a problem...
So what's the solution, because in most urban areas, the situation is intolerable...I would love to hear one that works...

Aesop said...

It wasn't the Southern apartheid or separate lunch counters that kept them in check 70, 80, 90 years ago, because they behaved where it didn't exist.

What changed was dotGov destroying black nuclear families.
Then giving the feral chirruns carte blanche.
What will work is either ending those twin follies, or else shipping the non-functional ones back to Africa.
Ideally, doing both.

Rollory said...

Aaronal @Aaronal16
"African Americans(numbering more than 40M, similar in size to Canada)saw their TFR hit record lows. This decline is likely to continue.@TFR_Tracker has shown there is really no floor to the African American fertility decline(with TFR falling below lowest low in parts of the US).

Oddly enough nearly all problems solve themselves with time.

(Anybody else remember when WRSA was hardline anti-racist and anti-collectivist?)

Tucanae Services said...

What is really sad is that segregation is reappearing. But not by whites but by POC REQUESTING it. Colleges are providing POC only dorms, POC only commons areas, and in one case a POC only off campus housing arrangement. Hell UC Berkeley had a POC only graduation --

Watch it. To be blunt it was like watching a monkey show. The campus administration seems to be in alignment with the results as there has been no push back. If that makes me a racist, well fine. But just keep in mind I did not induce, coerce, or fund the New Segregation. The participants walked into it willingly.

Aesop said...

My, my.
We seem to have upset the fossilized sheet-heads in the crowd.
Boo frickin' hoo.
Post your screeds on Stormfront, kids.
Here, they just disappear into the ether like they never existed.

Sentenza said...

>60-year old men could be called "boy" when they loaded your luggage or shined your shoes

If you're the modern day standard bearer of the Democrat party, you can do that on national television and no one bats an eye.

Anonymous said...

"What changed was dotGov destroying black nuclear families."

Anonymous said...

I can’t defend my position so I just delete anything that runs counter. How very Jewish of you.

Pat H. said...

Segregation worked.

B said...

"What changed was dotGov destroying black nuclear families."

Yep. Exactly this.

Nice post, BTW
For once, we agree completely. (scary, I know)

Anonymous said...

The original meme is good rhetoric. The discomfiture of the author indicates a lack of experience with the blessings of diversity. As for little rock public schools, they were a pit because of the duhverse students.

Lugh said...

The United States was founded by Whites for Whites. The Founders never considered Blacks or Indians as potential citizens. The Left knows your history better than you do. Lazy clowns can't even bother to read just yell about free markets and guns.

elysianfield said...

Was the black population of the 1950's happier, more secure, more civilized than the black population of today? The blacks of the 50's suffered injustice, there were humanist would argue that changes needed to be made. But what changes? The vote? Sure. The ability to integrate into polite society? Absolutely. Forcing integration? Maybe not. Welfare and transfer payments? Sweet Jesus....

Southern apartheid existed in the North, also, just without the obvious trappings. Segregation by other means. Glass ceilings. Means/other qualifiers testing for higher education....

Errant "chirruns" need adult supervision. The supervision in the 50's was harsh, much of it uncalled for, embarrassing, but effective. So the Klan and the Kulture kept them from their predilections? Maybe.

We can agree that the 50's methods were "the bad old days"...and now, free at last, are we enjoying the "good old days"? Arguable.

I am not calling for the tender mercies of the KKK, nor wish for the 50's and all their trappings. But the question remains...who is better off, and why?

Anonymous said...

Also true.

~ Clayton ~

Anonymous said...

"So the Klan and the Kulture kept them from their predilections?"
Really, only black people fall prey to negative "predilections", but whites are somehow immune. What are they (black people) some species of mutant protohuman, and whites have a disassociated and pure DNA unsullied by blacks?

~ Clayton ~

Aesop said...

@Anon 8:12,
Wow, Racist and anti-semitic, and Bravely Anonymous. Your Klan catechism was thorough.

Define "worked", and for whom. Refer to the 14th Amendment, as necessary.

@Anon 9:02,
Non-sequitur much?
The original meme is racist shite. It also overlooks that guns were used to enforce segregation first, last, and always including sowing the seeds of gun control, to keep blacks from getting guns. Oops.
I have neither discomfiture with the "blessings" of diversity, and have no shortage illucidating the point. I don't have to put a white hood on to make the point.
And the Little Rock schools weren't a pit "because of" the diversity, because in fact there wasn't any.
That's where your anal-ysis goes off the rails and into the weeds.

Aesop said...

Happier? Clearly not. That's why you got the 1960s.
Secure? In the back of the bus.
More civilized? You radicalized them with legalized apartheid.
How did that clever plan come to fruition? Finding it a bit hard to get the toothpaste back into the tube afterwards, are you?
"When you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable." - JFK Truer words were never spoken.
{The Leftards, who never learn from history, haven't even figured that out yet, and think by doing the same thing to the Right now as they did to blacks until the 1960s, Whitey will never riot. Reality is going to be a bitch when 1968 comes around again.}
Northern apartheid was redlining, and segregated schools as a direct result.
Jump-starting was the problem, as always, but so was 100 years of people dragging their feet.
Errant chirruns had fathers in their homes until the 1960s. Government pseudo-aid is a poor substitute for a parent, rewards vices and crushes virtues, exactly as intended by the Left. This was planned demolition, not happenstance, and no less than Daniel Patrick Moynihan detailed it in depth by 1964. Everything afterwards was gravity, working. (Look at what the same policies are doing to white families as well. By express design and intent.)

Free at last was the late 1970s/1980s, mostly, but all that earlier corrosion bore generational fruit as a gift that keeps on giving, and the radicalization of the whole race just kept pushing beyond equality all the way to reverse racism, and then kept going further still.

The current dysfunctional walking abortion intends that no one be better off, ever, the better to prescribe more government "help", until they "help" everyone right into naked Stalinist hell.

Pining for the overt racism of the 1950s isn't helping anyone, and in fact is the best way to discredit those calling for a halt to the rampant socialism and the ills it has produced. If I was a rabid communist trying to undermine the entire Right, that's exactly the meme I would design and promulgate.

And the fucktards on our side lap it up, happily.

Anonymous said...


McChuck said...

Enjoying your diversity there in Watts? How about the Rodney King riots? I haven't heard of you moving into a majority black or Latino neighborhood yet.

They aren't us. We aren't them.

Anonymous said...

"first, last, and always including sowing the seeds of gun control, to keep blacks from getting guns." And still does overwhelmingly. No, violent street criminals don't count.
And, for what it's worth, the codification of the legal protection in our nation's founding laws, of the natural law birthright for the unfettered possession of GUNZ (aka 2A) by the "citizenry," had nothing to do with "self-defense," nothing.

~ Clayton ~

Anonymous said...

"Anybody else remember when WRSA was hardline anti-racist and anti-collectivist?" Like it was yesterday, and prior to shutting down the posting of comments.

~ Clayton ~

elysianfield said...

Under what circumstances do you think the black population, a majority, would find happiness? Where in the World are they happy? Satisfied. Content? A culture that is rooted in victimization can find no redress.

Many reasons can be promulgated for their current state, but the fact remains that black culture, however arrived at, is corrosive, dysfunctional, and unlikely to change.

I once suggested that, in the 50's, blacks, through various machinations, could not assimilate into our then stable culture. In the 60's, they would not assimilate. Now? Fuggitaboutit (nigga please!).

Diversity seems not to be an integral part of the human psyche, but rather, like other Marxist themes, and attempt to reconstruct humanity to a new paradigm.

Doesn't seem to be working....

Aesop said...

Diversity is no part of utopia.

Neither is blind blanket racism.
The idea is a baby vs. bathwater problem.

Skin color neither causes crime, nor excuses it.
But the trouble, in each instance is the crime, not the pigment.

I don't have to live in Watts to know that articulating Klan policy isn't a winning hand either.

Bear in Indy said...

I don't know, how this is helping. The government(s) pushing the protected class agenda is real. Racism, is a bad thing, but the blue cities participate in racism against the people who provide the most income. Allowing mostly, poc, to skate on major crimes, being released on almost no bail bond for violent crimes, and they do it again mostly with devastating consequences. My town, Indianapolis, is no exception. Released on bond, recidivist violent offenders, committed most of the violent crimes. This Also includes the other minor crimes; car jackings, shooting police, robbery, home invasion, assault.
The mayor, and city council, democratically controlled, refuse to accept the responsibility for the debacle. Indy now has a murder rate, per capita, higher than Chicago.
And it is mostly, black on black shooting and murder.
Now, true to form, the Mayor just called for gun control, In violation of the State of Indiana's law banning local communities, I. E. Cities from enacting such laws, but he is a Democrat. So, it's "allgood."
The race card is only a smokescreen for the fascists/socialists takeover of what is left of our pride in our country. This will end Western Civilization, eventually.
Bear in Indy

Anonymous said...

You’re castigating people for posting anonymously, so I gotta ask - is Aesop your real name?


FoxtrotTangoBravo said...

Like your meme with still photo from "The Eagle Has Landed" which is one of my favorites.

Aesop said...

1) I never castigate people for posting anonymously, per se.
I castigate shit-flinging monkeys for cowardly hiding behind anonymity, rather than owning what they spew. Chickenshit is as chickenshit does.
It's the difference between pulling a stocking mask over your head to go shit on somebody's coffee table without being tagged for it, and Spiderman always wearing a red and blue spider mask.

2) Is Gator your real name?

3) Google nom de plume, compare and contrast that to the definition of "anonymous", and get back to me.
Then let's us talk about Silence Dogood, Humphrey Ploughjogger, Washington Irving, Mark Twain, Agatha Christie, Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, Dr. Seuss, Lewis Carroll, George Orwell, C.S. Lewis, Louis L'Amour, Jack Higgins, Anne Rice, Dean Koontz, Ray Bradbury, Michael Crichton, Stan Lee, and J.K. Rowling.

Chris Mallory said...

"who yet pines longingly for the days when lunch counters and drinking fountains had "Whites Only" or "Colored" signs,"

Just come out and say you hate private property and free association, which has to include the freedom to not associate.

"It wasn't the Southern apartheid or separate lunch counters that kept them in check 70, 80, 90 years ago, because they behaved where it didn't exist."

The "Great Migration" did not start until WWI. In 1900, 90% of all American blacks lived in the South. In 1900, there were roughly 9 million blacks in the US out of a population of 76 million. By 1970, that number had dropped to 53% with 47% living in the Yankee states.

Between 1930 and 1970 the black population doubled from 12 million to 23 million.
Between WWI and WWII, approximately 2 million blacks left the South to spread out over the country.
Between WWII and the 1970s, around 3 million more blacks moved out of the South.

So of course they behaved, they did not have a critical mass to support misbehaviour. As their population has grown in the Yankee states, so has their misbehaviour.

If you think race differences are limited to skin color it just shows how brainwashed you are.

And I signed my name to this, so it is not Anon.

Aesop said...

No one said those signs are or ought to be illegal, nor expressed any hatred of those rights. Nice try, but your ham-fisted attempt at a Straw Man fails.
(Maybe you could avail yourself of some basic logical pointers?:
But your love of those long-gone signs and the era that begat them is plain to see.
Well-played, and thanks for proving my point.

Demographics don't disprove the point that blacks were not a management problem everywhere they lived until the nuclear family destruction was well underway. The "critical mass" you mentioned is irrelevant. They simply behaved according to the rules of civil society, in any number they existed.

They didn't riot in the northern states either, because they weren't composed mostly of single welfare mothers with free-range feral chirruns at any time prior to the 1960s, anywhere, and demonstrations prior to 1968 were overwhelmingly peaceful, Watts in 1965 being the sole and notable exception amidst one long-primed ghetto.
Tell the class about the violent Harlem riots that didn't happen before then.
Or the ones in Detroit.
Or in Philadelphia.
Or in D.C.
Or anywhere in the south through 1967.
Start anywhere.

So, how did things go everywhere after M.L. King's assassination? How has it improved since then, with decades of Uncle stepping in to be the Sugar Daddy for generations of fatherless welfare spawn and single mothers, particularly blacks? Better, or worse?

In your haste to misinterpret reality, did you ever notice no one burns down his father's business, nor his own house?
So, how many government buildings and public housing projects have blacks torched since their paychecks came from Uncle Sugar? Versus burning and looting anything but that?
Let us know when that penny drops for you.

No one told you racial differences were limited to skin color, least of all me. Another of your rhetorical Straw Men set gloriously aflame. Logic isn't your game. Maybe we should try a spelling bee.

What I told you was that pining for Jim Crow apartheid a la the most strident KKK supporters of the 1950s and 1960s was jackassical and self-defeating in the extreme, particularly with literal hordes of undecided folks on neither side to any great inclination, and is the rhetorical equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot, while that foot is in in your mouth. While wearing a pointy white hood. But apparently spelling exactly that plain, simple message out was too nuanced for someone as willfully obtuse as you. Pray, stop reloading for another volley.

5 points for owning that level of sophistry by name. You have surpassed most of your peers in that regard.
-95 points for overlooking the obvious point in order to try and put words in other people's mouths, while ignoring how what was actually said sounds to the overwhelming majority of the country, particularly those hundreds of millions who don't see midnight meetings under burning crosses as a wise idea nor a good look.

That Guy: Achievement Unlocked.

streamfortyseven said...

"So what's the solution, because in most urban areas, the situation is intolerable...I would love to hear one that works..."

Black male children need strong black male role models, otherwise they never grow up to be adults. It used to be, before the Great Society and the welfare state was used to destroy the black family, and black communities, that the father enforced discipline in the family - i.e. "Just you wait until your father gets home." Getting rid of black fathers has created several generations of overaged children, with no respect for themselves, their womenfolk, or their communities. So the thing to do is to require a father in the house and strong black male and female role models, who are free to enforce discipline, including The Board of Education, in the classroom. Another thing - black culture isn't the same thing as white culture, it's far more conservative, as in the LGBTQIA etc. types are not tolerated, they tend to believe that the ownership of guns is the mark of a free man, and they really hate handouts, because that makes them into infants. They neither like nor trust rich white liberal women. Transgenders aren't tolerated, if a white transgender moves into a black neighborhood, it won't be long before the house gets shot up with an automatic weapon - this has happened in Kansas City not more than 4 years ago, so attitudes haven't changed. Black transgenders tend to get shot dead. There are community standards and they are upheld. Black children will not get along with "woke" white children, they will view them as not being worthy of respect, and that's an invitation for conflict, as is allowing yourself to be disrespected. And I could go on. There's a strong cultural divide here which few are able to bridge. I found out about a lot of this when I lived in a 95% working class black neighborhood in Cincinnati, where policing was done by the Crips. Once I proved myself worthy of respect, I had no trouble from anyone and in fact it was quite pleasant, I could and did walk home at two in the morning, where no Cincinnati PD would dare enter.

Anonymous said...

The idiots who shitpost about how "whites were victims" when they had guns pointed at them for chanting "lynch them!" at children are the ones who think that sort of racism was strong, rather than producing a generation of pussies who ran away crying for daddy when the government didn't rig everything in their favor. So even if they were (somehow) in the right, why would any self-respecting right-winger copy their habit of running away at the first sign of having to take personal risks?

The best example of how pathetic 1950s-60s racism was comes from a school being desegregated in Jonesboro, Louisiana. The usual crowd showed up, and then 4 black men from the Deacons for Defense pulled up and began loading shotguns in full view of the crowd. Despite having a 25-to-1 advantage in numbers, the segregationists pissed themselves and fled faster than a UN peacekeeping mission.