Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Inevitably, Tragedy Descends Into Farce

h/t McThag 

Better still: By next week, it'll be up to 118%.


Mike-SMO said...

Nice post. It took a few seconds.

Remember that it still means that the Patriots have to be close to the target so the missiles are coming "head on". The Patriots have good radar, but the missiles don't have the speed needed to chase down the Russkie kindergarten killers. I am still waiting for the Ukies to take out some of the locks in the Volga-Don Canal.

June J said...

I don't see any other way to contact you so leaving this here:
What's your take on this action by Directors Guild to ban live ammunition on sets?

Aesop said...

It's not so much my take, as the take:

Live ammunition was already banned on sets, going back five decades* if not longer, except for second units, and then only on an actual firing range, or a ship at sea in international waters.
No live ammunition was ever allowed on primary production sets, neither in town nor on location, since long before I entered the biz.

The press either bungled it, or they fell for boob bait for the bubbas dribbled out for them, and written about by people too stupid to do their own research (both Breitbart's hacks, and the j-profession at large, are the worst on the planet at this). Or both.
Hollywood plays the media like a fiddle, 24/7/365, and the media goes along because it sells papers.

But those rules don't matter if you hire maliciously incompetent prop twats and wholly unqualified ass-istants who neither read nor follow the black-letter written rules, and instead break 90% of them every single day; that's how you kill people, and get sentenced to prison, as a moronic 20-something jackass is about to find out in a New Mexico courtroom.

Dulce et decorum est.

The only people stupider about this whole incident than Gutierez-Reed and Halls have been about 95% of the self-appointed gun punditry online, who know as much about basic law, or Hollywood set operations, let alone safe gun handling on movies, as they know about Tibetan yak herding. Which is demonstrably nil.

It's been my great pleasure to kick them in the balls over it these past months, and watch them stew in their own incompetence.

*(My personal hard-copy printed editions of the CSATF Safety Bulletins, incl. #1 and #2, date to the late 1980s, so that's 40+ years that I can document from my own bookshelf. The policy is virtually the same from then until now. Prior to that I cannot say, save that it takes 5-10 years to change or author a safety bulletin, because it takes concurrence from every major studio and production union, and makes congressional law-making look rapid and efficient by contrast. So 50 years is a conservative estimate.)

John Wilder said...

Hahahaha! Yeah, I don't believe either side. It's like when my basement floor talks to me - nothing could be further from the roof.

Pat H. said...

Patriot missile speed is Mach 3.5 max.

Russian Hypersonic missile's speed is Mach 8 to 12.

Hypersonic rating requires at least Mach 5.