Thursday, May 11, 2023

Facial Recognition PSA

 Pro Tip:

This, any pair of sunglasses or colored/tinted safety glasses, and any version of face diaper of your choice provides 100% defeat of facial recognition, for anyone seriously concerned about that. Low-tech solutions to high-tech problems FTW. (And yes, they come in black for P.O.C., and various other shades.)

If anyone gives you any crap, say you're taking COVID precautions, and tell them to MYOB.

Bonus points for making your own Deadpool or Spiderman mask instead which takes about $20 worth of material from Joanne's, Hobby Lobby, Michael's Crafts, etc., and a modicum of skill.

Then you can just say you're a huge Marvel fan.

Unless you're in a bank, and someone there is pointing a gun at you.

Otherwise, ROWYBS.

Gait analysis? Walking stick/cane. Rock in your shoe. Heavy backpack on one side.

You're welcome.

License plate readers?

With two pieces of 6" x 12" carboard, a set of colored Sharpies, and a grade-school ability to trace and color, you can have any license plate you want*. Including the mayor's, or the chief of police in your town. So I've heard. Check local laws. Do not iron shirt while wearing. Remove pizza from box before eating.

Follow me for more privacy tips.

*{For a small fee at the 'zon, you can also buy replicas of Jim Rockford's Firebird plates, Magnum P.I.'s Ferrari tags, Steve McQueen's fastback tags, or a set from Doc Brown's time-traveling DeLorean, among dozens of available options. This ain't rocket science. Just saying.}


Unseen said...

Make sure your balaclava has the breathing hole or it will fog up your glasses.
Some are born ungovernable and respect no authoritay and we have been waiting a long time for this day.
Shhh...don't tell the comrades but mommygov won't be there, not even in spirit.

Anonymous said...

nick flandrey said...

Some more things to consider.

Your face covering should include something to break up IR (like glued in pieces of foil, maybe) as some facial recognition uses IR mapping of facial structures and not visible light. Those systems use bone measurements and distances between features for mapping, as well as 'heat maps' that reveal underlying structure. A hat with mosquito netting might offer some additional protection.

Houston police have used sneakers worn, and unique wear/creases/distressing on jeans to identify perps in smash and grab gun store robberies. Thrift stores are your friend.

There are databases of peoples' tats, make sure you don't have any visible distinguishing marks.

Regarding plate readers and vehicles, it's not just plates.

Many widely deployed systems also identify and track make and model, presence or absence of roof racks, bike racks, spare tires, absence of plates, paper tags, and other characteristics that taken together might uniquely identify your vehicle. See 'flock safety + hoa'

Also there are a sh!t ton of privately owned ANPR systems deployed and they often share data with the popo. Parking lots, apartment complexes, HOAs, and shopping centers all use ANPR.

Popo in many places log every single plate that enters or exits or transits past a certain point. Natural chokepoints like tunnels and highways are very common. Georgia caught a fugitive when he crossed a county line on the freeway. DEA and others in the Houston metro will get "hits" on certain subjects when they pass the Montgomery County ANPR on I45... near exit 100.

Your tire pressure management system uses low power radio to communicate with your vehicle. People have demonstrated receiving it from a distance, and they are all unique. I am not aware of anyone using it to track or identify vehicles in the wild, but it's possible.

You modern vehicle has bluetooth broadcasting a "here I am, connect to me" all the time. Texas uses bluetooth readers to track speed on surface streets and highways. Other jurisdictions probably do too. Look for "patch" antennas, white squares about 6-8", on poles beside the roadway, flat surface pointed to the roadway.

Toll tags can also be read remotely. Look for big patch antennas, or smaller yagi antennas, particularly on bridges and overpasses at points where main arteries enter the city.

Vehicles with Onstar should never be considered for any questionable activity. TPTB can turn on the in-car mic and remotely disable the vehicle.

Never carry a phone. Which also means, you need to establish alibi times when you don't carry a phone. Poker night. Walking the dog. Going out for a smoke. Otherwise, leaving your phone at home or breaking your normal usage patterns will be just as damning as carrying the damn thing. You probably also have bluetooth turned on. MANY MANY private companies log every wifi and bluetooth transceiver their systems see. They all have unique numbers associated with them.

No fitness tracker. If you wear one, see above about alibis.

NO SOCIALS. Social media exists as a tracking and influencing tool, as well as providing a wonderful way for people to self-incriminate. EVERYONE is in your socials, even down to local law enforcement. They keyword scan, run facial recognition, and once you are identified as a subject of interest, they will use AI and contractors to monitor and review. Plus all that sh!t is logged and saved forever and WILL be used against you.

Ring camera owners can choose to participate in networks that are accessible to LEO. Sometimes it happens without permission. Ring cams will capture and save traffic passing on the street, including you and your vehicle.

end of part 1

nick flandrey said...

Part 2

Some additional observations from scanner monitoring.

The popo will use the classic "box" techniques for following your vehicle. Classic countermeasures will fail some of the time because they also use fixed wing aircraft flying much higher than you would expect. The plane has cameras and recording equipment that can get identifying photos of you, although sometimes not good enough to id you solely from the pix. Using evasion techniques will raise a huge red flag.

The GPS trackers phone home every 15 minutes or so. They often lose track of subjects because you can move a lot in 15 minutes.

The air assets CAN and DO get permission to surveil you even in restricted airspace, ie. driving thru the airport isn't enough to shake them.

Canopies, carports, and covered walkways are your friend.

They will use "pole cameras" to remotely surveil you. These pole cameras are often unreliable, locking up and needing frequent rebooting. They never sleep though, and are monitored by staff in a remote location that spend all their time monitoring. The field agents can access the video on their phones.

The popo use whatsapp and other comms tools to avoid using radio or other observable means of communicating.

They use undercovers (UCs) and confidential informers (CIs). If there is a woman in a role where you would expect a man, consider that the popo often use women as UCs specifically because people don't suspect them or think them capable.

Get a scanner. Home Patrol II works well. Listen to it all the time you can. Find the channels where the locals set up their surveillance or tactical comms (usually 'interop' channels). Listen and learn. Digital doesn't mean encrypted, and even the popo forget that. And even encrypted can give you information about the pace and frequency of ops, who is active, etc. You can learn a lot about major stuff happening in your neighborhood.


Night driver said...

When you program your Baofeng radio, check to see if your local Popo, Fire, EMS, AND OTHER agencies happen to be within the Frequency range, Tone squelch, D-squelch, and similar transmitting characteristics are receivable and decipherable by said Baofeng.

The above info is in most scanner and Repeater directories.

Night Driver