Thursday, May 11, 2023

Come To Jesus Time


Divemedic has elected to close his blog. His house, his rules.

Regarding whomever he was referring to in the latest post, I say only this.

1) Nobody is going to be "stacking up" on anyone, anywhere. Probably ever.

2) Some people - including folks some imagine are just "hiding behind a keyboard" - may have already "stepped up". If they did or do, the internet will be the last place to find out. The last of the Three Esses is "Shut up." For a reason.

3) We're already in a war. But like popcorn, it's only a few random kernels popping off. For the moment. 700,000 illegal aliens storming the border may alter that equation somewhat. Time will tell.

4) But what's beyond argument is that the ballot box has been taken away. 

The soap box is on the endangered species list, whether you're a blogger, or the most popular newscaster in broadcast news.

The jury box is on life support, with daily back-and-forth battles between communist activist judges, and strict Constitutional constructionists occurring by the day, from coast to coast.

TPTB have been coming at the cartridge box using the other three boxes for the last 50 years and more, relentlessly.

5) The obvious question for anyone not insane has to be: Just how far up your leg and ass does the alligator have to swallow you before you think things are getting serious?

As my last essay pointed out, I don't think "organization", at this point is going to happen. Americans have a long and distinguished history of waiting until it's obvious to deaf and blind people that something needs to be done, before doing anything collectively. True from the 1700s to five seconds ago.

6) Meanwhile:

You have a demented, senile, drooling, babbling, doddering puppet installed in the Oval Office, with a certified moron and another senile drunkard idiot in the #2 and #3 slots.

Stevie Wonder, from space, can see the 2020 election was a total and complete fraud.

Epstein didn't kill himself.

Most of TPTB visited his island. None of them has been even investigated, let alone indicted.

A retarded former bartender, on a $155k/yr congressweasel salary, is worth $29M dollars after less than 6 years in office. No investigation or charges have been filed.

A local prosecutor in a blue hive has indicted the political opposition's frontrunner less than two years out from the next national elections, in a page from Banana Republic 101.

The entire military has been gutted, first with COVIDiocy, and now with pinktarded wokeism so rank it reeks to space. A quarter to half of all US military pilots are probably medically unfit to fly, and none of the services can make their recruitment quotas. We're headed for a mandatory draft in less than 5 years if this continues.

Most of unemployed Mexico, Central, and South America, along with a healthy contingent from Africa, Asia, Trashcanistan, and Shitholia lies poised at the Southern Border to overwhelm all life as you know it north of Brownsville, as we type this.

Your dollars, in real terms, are worth less than the ink and paper it took to create them, in flashbacks to Weimar, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela. And if the economy crashes, nothing you own that you can lay hands on will be worth a plugged nickel, including your pension, retirement benefit guarantees, savings, or anything else. We're talking Mad Max for real, which could happen in twenty years from now, or twenty minutes. Nobody knows which.

7) Now, looking at just that, anyone that thinks that internet rhetoric about what's already been inflicted on us is the most pressing concern in the country, signify by standing on your head, and clapping your hands.

We've been under attack for years. Like SAfrican farmers, the body count's getting obvious to anyone looking, from anywhere.

Some people are going to decide they've had enough. The smart ones are going to do something about it, as they can, when they can, to whomever they can. They're not going to advertise, or cock-a-doodle-doo. 

They're just going to do what they think needs to be done.

They're going to Shoot. Shovel.* And Shut Up.

Eventually, that may become noticeable. Whether it does or doesn't, everyone is going to have to decide to get in that game, or just watch.

That's a you problem, not a me or an us problem.

Because if you do it, I don't want to know. And if I do it, I'm not telling. Not you, not anybody, not ever.

Anybody who does is a pure Grade AAA Idiot.

But It's. Going. To. Start. Happening.

Best to wrap your head around that reality. As opposed to waiting until it smacks you in the face like someone swinging a frozen cod.

The deafening silence to that last essay I wrote signifies a lookieloo to pipehitter ratio of about 100:1. Maybe even smaller than that. (The entire French Resistance under the Nazis was never more than 3% of the country, BTW.)

Twas ever thus. 

But it's a big damned country. FTR, 1% of the country is bigger than the entire military and police, combined. 50,000 Taliban bested us in A-stan, and 500 PIRA boyos ran the entire British nation ragged for 50 years.

And some of the police and military are also in that 1% anyways. (That fact keeps TPTB awake at night.)

Hard times require hard goods, hard men, and hard friends. If you haven't got you some of each of those, best be about that mission, with a will and a purpose.

Say what you want. IDGAF. Do (or don't do) whatever you want. You will anyways. Go in peace.

But if things really are peachy where you're at - for the moment - or if you're too chickenshit to ever step up (I make no judgements in that respect either way) at least stay up on the porch with the small dogs, or just hold your peace, instead of yipping "You go first!"; let other people do what they will, and don't be getting all pissy about what you're not ready for. Yet. Time will tell who's right or wrong, and you may get off the porch one day of necessity, and wish you didn't have to walk back anything from sunnier days.

Mel Gibson's Patriot was the loudest voice at the town hall meeting for avoiding war and bloodshed. Until his ox was gored, his son was shot, his house was burned, and another son trundled off to be hanged.

He didn't post a declaration on the church door. He didn't run to the neighbor's house. He grabbed his tools, and got to work his ownself.

If you think there's not a lesson there for anyone with eyes and ears, you aren't paying close enough attention. May God make you fast and accurate when the time comes.

*Shovel: Sometimes a great idea. Sometimes entirely optional. LGOPs on D-Day ambushed an entire German patrol, then left the dead with their severed heads in their laps. Sometimes, Western Union isn't the best way to send a message. YMMV.


Anonymous said...

Technical point, but the Taliban and NIRA had a whole host of advantages that any resistance here would not: safe havens in neighboring countries (Canada and Mexico are definitely not going to let patriots enjoy safe havens on their soil) and the Taliban didn’t “beat” the USA, our leaders engineered a forfeit like they did with China in 1949 and South Vietnam in 1973. Against patriots, hoping our enemies will engineer a similar forfeit is wishful thinking. And the French Resistance and 3% who fought the revolutionary war had outside nations supplying them with guns and other support, whereas our future will be self-supplied.

Even if the outcomes are the same, getting the cause + effect right will help with the whole “preventable deaths” aspect.

Cosmological Constant said...

Someone came along with some storm the Bastille comments just as he was about to start a hosting service? hmm.
Anyone saying storm up the hill now is Squad Epps or all out of meds.
It is up to each individual so choose wisely and don't shout it from rooftops.

Aesop said...

@Unknown 4:06A,

1) We have an internal country here the size of any twenty other countries, so that point is more moot than not.

2) The current woketarded military couldn't fight their way out of a Hong Kong whorehouse without air support, and they don't have that here.
Worse, they're fighting behind the lines the entire time, with their own families' heads on the chopping block 24/7/365, and the guerrilla population is where they have to come to get...EVERYTHING. Food, POLs. Spare parts. Every. Single. Thing.

3) They are either going to, of necessity, lock up inside their gates and wait for a winner, or they're going to BE the supply point in any internal conflict.

4) There's enough ordnance in private hands on this continent to supply every other military on the planet for a 10-year-long world war. I may be lowballing that. Outside resources will be superfluous, and problematic. Nonetheless interdicting them, for the Navy and Air Farce, would be problematic in the extreme.
If you can bring 80# sacks of dope here 24/7/365/forever, by the metric fuckton, carrying ammo cans and shells in isn't going to present any overwhelming hurdles, as long as there's a buck to be made.

Tucanae Services said...

Spot on. Bloody Kansas style events are on-the-table.

ontoiran said...

i don't look for things to get REALLY interesting until a critical mass of people have nothing left to lose.

nick flandrey said...

@Cosmological Constant , small point, Divemedic has been offering the offshore hosting for a while. He just reminded people of the deal.


First rule of fedclub? The guy encouraging you to do the illegal thing is the fed.

The feds think that conspiracy to commit crimes is ike the future, it's easier to predict when you create it yourself.

Don't be that guy.

Aesop said...

I have made multiple observations that things are so bad, they only end with gunfire and hanging posses.

I nor many others have notably not said "Go out and kill officials", ever.

One is an opinion.
The other is incitement.
Words, particularly in criminal codes, mean things.
People lacking a facility with language are going to get themselves into trouble they never imagined, at the most inopportune times.
Some of them may be glowing.
Others are simply stupid.

Letting your conscience be your guide is hard advice to fault.

I get DM's frustration, especially with fedposters who can't tell one from the other, particularly given the effort and time he says he's invested in Operations Other Than War.

But that harshly begs the question:
"So, how's that course of action worked out for ya over the last few decades?"

Mike Hendrix said...

"...the guerrilla population is where they have to come to get...EVERYTHING. Food, POLs. Spare parts. Every. Single. Thing."

Axiom: Amateurs talk tactics. Professional talk logistics.

Jim Wetzel said...

"The deafening silence to that last essay I wrote signifies a lookieloo to pipehitter ratio of about 100:1. Maybe even smaller than that."

I wonder if online silence is really a marker for passivity. Could be that serious people are, characteristically, quite people, especially online. Silent, even.

Aesop said...

You're definitely an optimist, Jim.

And I hope you're correct.

Fido said...

Wow. Nicely done.

In retrospect, I can see that this was default, and what I intuitively knew... but somehow I only "felt" it. This is the first I've seen it in print... the first I've *seen* it, overtly, not subliminally. Thank you for this:

The ultimate in organics...

"They're not going to advertise, or cock-a-doodle-doo.
They're just going to do what they think needs to be done."

And I doubt anyone will see hide nor hair of any of it in "media". You might here it rumored... or on a scanner... or you might not.

Russell G. said...



Anonymous said...

"3) They are either going to, of necessity, lock up inside their gates and wait for a winner, or they're going to BE the supply point in any internal conflict."

I predict, after some internal realignment, it will be "lock up and wait for a winner." After the breakdown of what remains of "law and order", south american gangs will take over the cities in a very real and violent way. They are staffing up now. Think "Mexico" but on a larger scale. Dot mil will have its hands full and will shift to self-defense. Further, when the flayings and beheadings start in earnest, all the BLM / antifa disappear from the scene, unable to match violence level and without the police protection they rely on to survive.

Anonymous said...

1) Russia was even bigger and the Bolsheviks only held a few urban centers at the start. The Chicoms were bottled up in a non-industrialized region. Guess who won each civil war?

2) The Red Armies of the Iron Curtain were the same, yet they seemed to do quite well at countering insurgencies. Afghanistan in the 1980s is the exception, not the rule (Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States, China, Mongolia, Post-1975 Indochina, and Cuba beg to differ). The old school Bolsheviks used forced urbanization and massacring villages to drain the sea in which any guerrilla could hope to swim.

3) This assumes they don’t use the aforementioned forced urbanization or call in allied support, a la Manchuria 1945 (The Soviets gave American Lend-Lease to the Chicoms and trained their Red Army).

4) See first post about our leaders engineering forfeits for our enemies’ benefit, but not extending the same to us.

Tucanae Services said...

Watched the CNN-Trump ditty the other night. Entertaining for sure. But the real meat was the after party focus group:

Mod: "Why do you think Trump keeps harping on the 2020 election?"
Man: "Might it be that it was the first question you started the evening with."
Mod: "Um, yeah you're right."

First rule of any war is, define who the enemy is. Point is half of the electorate know exactly who the collaborators are -- The Press. The Press has become Lord Haw-Haw and a majority know it. That awareness leads to other things that are hand in hand with the 3 S's.

Tucanae Services said...


The leading edge of what Aesop discusses will be indistinguishable from 'lone gunman, motivation unknown' events that have been occurring over the last decade. You will know it is 'on' when you recognize the developing target pattern and not who the shooter(s) are.

Anonymous said...

Rereading this prompts me to "say" what I've often replied here; Spot On and well said.
Thanks Brother; hope to see you on the other side.
Boat Guy

Chuck said...

@Jim - My daughter likes to say "Never mistake inaction for neutrality".

Tree Mike said...

Well put.

Aesop said...

@Anon 4:45A,

1) Russia 1917 is not America 2023. Apples to pineapples.
2) China's revolution was aided and abetted by a burgeoning Russian communism, with a wartime economy, and no one to fight. And Chiang's forces were more inept and corrupt even than those of South Vietnam.
3) Identify the country that's going to support American communism the way Russia supported every communist insurgency from 1920-1990. You cannot, because it doesn't exist any more. Absent that level of support, communism whithers on the vine, over and over. Nicaragua's commies were pushed out peacefully, Chile's from helicopters. In both cases, not enough backing.
4) Using "air support" makes every US airbase - all within line-of-sight of the surrounding land - and the assorted infrastructure a HVT, and most of America suddenly becomes Enemy Territory, not least of which every railroad and highway, without which, nothing moves, and no POLs, parts, personnel, food, or other supplies get delivered. EVER. Under those conditions, any "air war" is over in about a week, for all intents and purposes, over 90% of the country. Those who don't desert early, get massacred.
5) DotMil, on their best day, would be hard-pressed to take and hold Massholia, CT, and Rhode Island, plus maybe Manhattan Island. Anywhere outside that, they'd be under more incoming fire than the British trying to get from Concord Bridge back to Boston in April 1775. And with every round that struck home, they'd be getting permanently weaker, and the insurgency, of any stripe, would be getting stronger. Nature abhors a vacuum.
6) Bonus: all their families - parents, brothers and sisters, wives, kids, etc. - would be in Occupied American territory too. Lose-lose for DotGov. The military would bomb D.C. into rubble before a general campaign against the countryside, and hold a coronation for the winning side by the end of the week. And they couldn't (and can't, as they're finding out now) run a military with just mercenary ne'er-do-wells and orphans. Those guys would get blue-on-blued so fast they'd need woodchippers at graves registration to keep up with business.

Less headless chicken panic, and more mathematical analysis, please.

Tucanae Services said...

"Using "air support" makes every US airbase"

Pick any AF system. They are complicated kit with the longest logistical trail and the 3,4,5 gen stuff is FU'd without running avionics. Just watching the air war between RU-UA shows just how dicey it is. A week at operation might be very optimistic.

Fido said...

*Even* if you think Russians circa 1917 are the same as Yanks today: We all saw what happened in 1917, in all it's glory. Russians didn't have that advantage in 1917.

Our history of fighting tyranny, which made the "bill of rights" neccesary before we'd ratify the constitution, makes us different. And there are innumerable other differences: This time it's global... everywhere at once, with the same unified talking points... no debate, no discussion, no "vote". There's no where to run to, and they've made it abundandly *clear*, they intend to cull the vast majority of *everyone*. We have no *choice* but to fight. Whether we *can* win or not, much less *if*, is IRRELEVANT. No choice. No doubt. No hesitation. Absolute commitment.

Anonymous said...

The part of the Patriot that activated him was reminiscent of the Jimmy Stewart character in the movie Shenandoah,which itself was a dramatization in a way of the story of Jack Hinson.

Along with everything else the US is on the verge of a complete economic collapse.

The dollar is going to be worthless soon enough, when that happens the government will collapse of its own accord.

The invaders won't be getting the benefits and free stuff that they came here for, and they're going to be stuck here. It's going to be a free for all shit show in every city in the country.

It's going to be a repeat of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, someone mentioned Jack Hinson and the book, One Man War, a couple posts back. I was intrigued enough to at least read the Wiki entry about him, and was subsequently struck by the similarities to the events portrayed in the Patriot.

Jen said...

Do you have a way of checking on Big Country? His blog disappeared overnight.

Anonymous said...

PS Dive Medic is back up, with no explanation of the change.

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, who enjoys your intellect and outlook. I rarely comment, EXACTLY for this reason (above) Spot on…long chains of abuses…before action is indeed a historical American thing, for good reason. It needs to be worth it. There is a price. Those that are most prepared and most aware of the realities and horrors are usually the most reluctant AT FIRST, understanding the consequences, understanding what may be lost…outcomes impossible to predict…
Serious men don’t lightly encourage or talk about horrible things to come. However, I see lots of preparations being made by serious men…and this mass invasion, particularly if it is as bad as I think it is (as Michael Yon and others are saying)…may well be the trigger. Different folks have different “red lines”, different hills, but mass invasion…by hostile alien forces…well that’ll probably bring a consensus. Aesop, much respect…keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

It was silence, not pushback…enough said? There’s probably a more serious silent minority that don’t comment than those that do…and the quieter it gets…

Anonymous said...

Good one Aesop. Plenty of food for thought. Here in Winterfell(North ID), the collaborators are out front with their agenda. It is just a matter of time. I am dreading my flight into John Wayne at the end of the month(Aunt's 100th B-day). My head will be on a swivel the whole time I am down there behind enemy lines. I see the invasion is in full swing. I am planning accordingly. Bleib ubrig. DTW.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Then the Jedburg/IRA shit starts to roll.

Anonymous said...

I read it, on a recommend from someone on WRSA, while the underlying story is true, most of the details are dramatic effects to flesh out the story, and it draws a great deal from confederate history. A good story, but it could have been half as long.

Old NFO said...

Sorry to hear DM is going away. I always read yours and his, don't necessarily comment often. I hope the new job works out for him.

Wendy (KekistanTrans) said...

It is still gonna suck to be one of those people (like some of the J6 protestors) who one day wake up to a BearCat armored SWAT vehicle and a SWAT team at their door.

I am thinking that the Powers That Be are betting they can make examples and keep everyone else in line. Also that a lot of the patriotic people with the mindset and military background to resist have bodies too broken or too old to really do anything.

Also - just my conspiracy theory here - That the push for Gay Pride, identifying as some flavor of gender and/or sexuality of anything other than straight normal heterosexual and encouraging so many Transgender transitions are all about whittling down the number of up and coming military age white males that would grow into effective men by making as many into effeminate sissy boys as possible before they get through with puberty. Same with females to limit the number of child bearing age white females.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding, Sir Knight. Harkens back to Matt Bracken's sage essays on the old 'WRSA' of yore. (RIP) Appreciate the nods to 'The Patriot', as well. As I often quip:

I'll join-up later, but for now, You Have My Agreement and My Sword - All In.

- TheSleeperMustAwaken

Termite said...

A retarded former bartender, on a $155k/yr congressweasel salary, is worth $29M dollars after less than 6 years in office. No investigation or charges have been filed.

If you are talking Aabout Sandy Cortez, aka AOC, i Haven't found any reputable sources that support that info. You may well be correct, I just haven't found corroborating evidence...yet.

Anonymous said...

Some times the River works better than the shovel!

Aesop said...

Feral dogs and pigs, 'gators, and coyotes beat them both. ;)

Anonymous said...

Apparently AOC is making a shit ton of money from.her social media accounts. I'm not going to claim that it's all legit, but it actually may be. There's a lot of money to be made right now if you'r a social media "influncer"