Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Don't Look Now, But...


Night driver said...

As you well understand, Wiccan >< Satanic.

Nori said...

CEOS & HR midwits quadrupaling down on ways to make it worse.

All hail bullshit! Or Else!

Glen Filthie said...

All over the new current thing as usual.

Hey, General, how’re things in the “Kraine”? 😂👍

Aesop said...

@Night Driver,

Yes, one thing ≠ the other, but Susie Soccer Mom may not be so discriminating.
One pentagram will outshout 1000 explanations.

Aesop said...

Hey Glen,

How does it feel after telling us "Bakhmut has fallen" every week for 200+ days to finally be right one day out of the last year, while Russia's squandered more of their own troops' lives than the U.S. lost in combat from 1950-2023, inclusive, just to capture 10 square miles of rubble in an 800 mile front they can't even dominate, all while being pushed back in five other sectors, and while things keep exploding in multiple Russian cities from deep strikes and/or homegrown rebellion, while their own planes can't take off for fear of getting splashed in Russian airspace (when they can be found at all), and Chechnya is starting to pop off and revolt deep in their rear, even as the Wagner mercenary army is gutted and in total revolt, because Russia's flailing and all in against an enemy 1/10th their size in Ukraine?

Putinpoleon is the best military leader in world history since Saddam.

The Ukraine forces you claim don't exist held back everything Russia could muster to a standstill there since August, FFS. My calendar says that's nine months. That's your "Russian Winter Offensive?!?"

You once vowed to stop posting about Ukraine, and you should probably follow your own advice. Stop sniffing your own farts, and go back to shutting up about things far beyond your ken.

It's okay to be wholly ignorant about military matters, but you probably should stop flaunting it. People will catch on.

Wayne said...

If you want to go shopping for sewing, crafts etc, Hobby Lobby is a much better option than Michaels.

Anonymous said...

Definitely! I find Hobby Lobby MUCH better, more helpful, and more positive than the alternatives.

Pat H. said...


None of what you said in the above post is accurate.

The RFA lured in the Ukie army, such as it is, and destroyed them. Ukie combat casualties 50k+, RFA maybe 5K.

The Bakhmut line was somewhat similar to the Maginot like in Europe. It failed.

Now the rest of rump Ukraine is relatively open to the RFA.

Odessa will return to Russian control, as it should be.

Come to grips with the fact that NATO has lost, Russia has won. NATO's lost is a good thing.

Aesop said...


Call me when any of that happens.
Ukraine has already pushed across the Dnieper. If they can cut the land bridge from actual Russia to Crimea, they'll blow the actual bridge (again), and that's all for Crimea, including the loss of Sevastopol forever for Vlad. The ships scrambling out is going to resemble Afghanistan when Emperor Poopypants pulled the plug.

Everything I've seen has the Russians either holding, or retreating, and their vaunted "Someday Winter/Spring/Whenever Offensive" fizzled as a wet fart. Wagner has been effectively erased, and they're pulling out to regroup for a year or more, with >80% casualties.

Technically, they're still fighting for the last scrap of Bakhmut, but that meatgrinder served its purpose, absorbing a quarter of Russian ground capability, and turning them into human compost.

If - a big if - Ukraine launches another summer offensive anything like the one last summer, the Russian Army is looking at an epic ass-spanking, probably all the way back to actual Russia.
And that's going to come off with all the Ukrainian troops people imagine have been "wiped out". Imagine being the key word.

The one thing the Russian Army and the Ukrainian Army agree on, is that neither side wants the Russian Army in Ukraine. It's far more likely that both sides get their wish, than that Vlad gets his empire back. 400+ days in, and he can't even dominate the areas that were ethnically overwhelmingly Russian, and occupied by local militias and sheep-dipped airborne and Spetznaz troops for 9 years.

And once Vlad's rejected on the ground, his days are numbered, and he's already measured for his retirement coffin.

The after-party is what's concerning.

The Kremlin shuffle after Putin is liable to be an utter free-for-all.

John Wilder said...

The cleansing has started.