Monday, May 8, 2023

Cut Right Back


Mosey over to Porretto's site, and take a peek at Linda Fox's essay from a coupla weeks ago:

Death By A Thousand Cuts

My 2¢:

1) Why are you trying to organize anything?

2) "Three can keep a secret, if two are dead." - Benjamin Franklin

3) Submitted for your approval: If things are so bad that something needs doing, STFU, identify a target, and go do it yourself.

Nobody else is there to dime you out. There's no evidentiary trail. If we're suffering the death of 1000 cuts, imagine if one good prick received another in response, from a headless, leaderless amalgamation of 1000 people tired of Leftarded bullshit.

Somebody's a public face of societal destruction?

Any they suddenly got undone?

You believe in individual responsibility? Great. Stop looking for Fearless Leader to hold your hand, wipe your butt, and tell you what to do, when, where, or to whom.

Figure it out yourself, and just git 'er done. No waiting for someone else to tell you it's time, or it's okay, or it's not. No conspiracy to be prosecuted. No whining from the perennially slothful about Feebie McGlowballs the instigating C.I.

I'm not telling you to do or not do anything.

I'm telling you to figure it out for yourself. And do what seems best in your own mind. Nobody can hack that, nobody can read that, and nobody else can ever predict that. If in any one month 1000 Leftards randomly selected had themselves an accident, by the month after that, the species would be on the Endangered List.

And that could no more be stopped - by anyone - than you could command the waves to cease crashing ashore.

And the minute any thousand people on one side decide it's time to dish out their own version of a cut apiece, the Death Of A Thousand Cuts stops from the other side. With all the suddenness of Moldylocks getting punched in the face, or Trayvon becoming a good little criminal, or a BLM rioter or two getting Rittenhoused.

Without any plan per se, no video, no trials, just a sudden surplus number of casualties of what has been, thus far, a largely casualty-free operation: the destruction of civil society.

When egregious civilizational destruction needs skin in the game, the lemon will rapidly become not worth the squeeze.

As an added bonus, the other side is suddenly 1000 Useful Idiots lighter on the scales.

Think it over.

Local, Local, Local is largely a matter not so much of where, but rather one of whom.

The Roman legions were trained to where each man was only responsible for destroying the enemy in the three square feet to their direct front. They conquered most of the known world like that.

And as they say in the Navy, if you clean the edges and corners, the middle of the deck will take care of itself.

So if you see something that needs doing, stop waiting for Ironman, Hulk, and Captain America to show up.

"If everyone sweeps up in front of their own house, all the world's sidewalks will be clean."


Chris Mallory said...

I think we are rapidly coming upon "Then one day for no particular reason......" Or "The Saxon begins to hate."

And honestly the other side will deserve everything they get. I dread it happening. I hate that it will happen. But we just wanted to be left alone. They would not let us be. And I expect it to get very very ugly.

Anonymous said...

One of the issues is that people willing and able to take the steps you talk about are not physically anywhere near many of the offenders.

Anonymous said...

Spot on. No change, no change, no change. Battery six in effect.
Boat Guy

Aesop said...

@Anon 6:39P,

Then it falls to the ones who are, doesn't it?

TechieDude said...

This is the way. By taking care of business, you'll inspire others.

Linda Fox said...

I'd prefer to rely upon family and close neighbors. But, I live in a small city, and may - at some point - need to shelter in place. If so, I want to know who I can rely upon that is near. And, more importantly, who cannot be trusted.

June J said...

Everyone should read "Jack Hinson's One-Man War."
Mr. Hinson himself just did what needed to be done.

John Wilder said...

Swiss defense scenario, Aesop version.

Justin_O_Guy said...

I'm old and had too much fun. I'm gonna have to approach my responsibility to the human race like that Roman soldier. Three feet might be a little short, but the driveway is about all I could make.
Frankly I'm a bit surprised that some of our homeless veterans haven't gotten pissed off enough to go hunting. Give their health to a country that leaves them without and embrace the criminals who invade America. Could absolutely piss a man Off.

John Wilder said...

Fifth gen war?

Night driver said...

John wilder--:

To SOME extent.

Night Driver

FredLewers said...

Well... Some of us saw this shit storm coming years ago and got ourselves in a safer place to hunker down. Hard to kill commies when you're a single molecule in a vast ocean of East Texas rednecks! But I've no doubt that the fight will come this far. When it does, we're ready for it.

Justin_O_Guy said...

Well, Fred, I'm in East Texas, too. Longview is close.