Monday, October 18, 2021

R.I.H., Serial Killer


This was the global policy genius behind the "you break it, you bought it" idea to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan, and try to grow democracy by planting a seed, and then yanking on the shoots as soon as they sprouted. Which worked about as well for Middle Eastern democracy as it does if you try it with corn or wheat.

Had he retired after being Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, after Gulf War I, he would have been a respected military hero and genius strategist, for winning a  6-week war capped by a 3-day ground game, and devastating the retro-armed and bloated half-assed army of the biggest pain in the ass in that quadrant of the globe in decades, for the relatively modest cost of less than 300 American dead.

Instead, he fulfilled his Peter Principle destiny, promoted not to a great SecDef, a job at which he would have excelled, but rather to being a mediocre Secretary of State, who helped get us into two more pointless wars, and materially contributing to the total waste of the lives of over 6700 US troops, 8000 private contractors, and the suicides of over 30,000 former US servicemen since the war's end. We won't know the final toll until we find out how many US citizens have been killed since the abrupt abandonment of Afghanistan, and the last OIF/OEF veteran eats his own gun. That's a lot of blood on the hands of just one incompetent affirmative-action hire. I hope he wore bermuda shorts and a t-shirt to the afterlife, because it's likely to be pretty hot were he's gone.

All for a foreign policy strategy for Mesopotamia more appropriate for running a Pottery Barn.

But he got his vaxx, and it availed about as well for him as his foreign policy did for the U.S.

And some people say the universe doesn't have a sense of humor.

But he has served one useful purpose:

If anyone hasn't tripped over the concept that "fully vaccinated" is now a synonym for "marked for death", you haven't been paying close attention.


Reltney McFee said...

Didn't he have some sort of cancer, in addition to being *84*?

Seems to me to be multiplication vulnerabilities.

Hell, I'm damned near 70, work patient contact full time, and unvaxxed. (Simply in the spirit of being honest),

My personal plan is to go for religious exemption, and, failing that, say, "looks like you're gonna fire me!"

" Well, bye! "

Anonymous said...

Just another lying POS.

MSG Grumpy said...

Agree 1 Billion (plus change) on the statement of fact:
The not a vax is the Mark of Death...
I am saddened by all of the friends and family that have been scared into accepting the shot "o" death...One passed away last month, he had beaten cancer twice, but he was an older gentleman, poor and no family...all he had to keep him company was the idiot box and the clowns who preached FEAR 24/7.
He actually had the China virus and had recovered when he decided he HAD to have the vax.
I tried talking him out of it, hell his cancer Doc tried talking him out of it.
He said "Your body fought off the virus and now you have better immunity than anything the shot could give you".
But the TV clowns screamed PANIC and FEAR at him 24/7.
He got the shot. Three months later he was back in the ER with what he assumed was the China Virus pneumonia...
Turned out nothing was wrong with his lungs, his heart was now pumping at 25% of normal and it was destroyed beyond any treatment...
He died in less than two weeks.
I am sure the death cert probably said "COD: Covid"

Of all the people who die from the clot shot, people like Rino Powell deserve it far more than innocents who were brow beaten into getting it.
Those who are forced to get it just so they can provide for their families and those who loose their job/career/everything they have worked for are the people who I care about.

May God have Mercy on the souls who push this poison,

Because my fountain of Mercy has run DRY.

MSG Grumpy

Thomas said...

"Fully Vaxxed..." the new film starring Steven Seagal reprising his Oscar worthy performance as DEA agent John Hatcher in the exciting sequel.

Unknown said...

Networks here are now running a new scare tactic here. Commercials of interviews with patients that survived intubation. Everyone here uses that as a club to beat people who haven't got the vax. Somebody tried it with me not knowing that I've worked the morgue since the Rice Rabies made it here. Vast majority of Rona cadavers I've wheeled out were obese/old, unhealthy, and usually had some nasty preexisting condition. Doesn't take a doctorate to figure it out.

Trumpeter said...

Bam! Marked for Death.

I wish I had trademarked that.

Anonymous said...

Well said! AATW!

June J said...

There's no need for me to speak ill of the summed it up well.

That after "serving" Republican presidents, he returned to his roots by supporting Obummer, Hitlerly and FJB only demonstrates your points further.

Anonymous said...

He has a select spot in the neocon ward somewhere in the back side of hell. Probably bunkmates with john mcshitstain. I hope he has a most awkward and painful reunion with his old buddy Saddam. Cue Walter Sobchak screaming “this is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!”

A two-faced dissembling whore. If he had been a man of good character and solid principals he’d not have gone before the UN – at the behest of other shitbags like w, cheney and bolton (I am the walrus, koo koo ka choo!) – and lied his ass off to justify the enrichment of the war making machine just for the paycheck and prestige. But, that is exactly what he did, with a horrible human toll as a result.

He also willingly took that paycheck from those he was not personally ideologically aligned with, further making him a sellout. He voted for the cackling cankled criminal bitch for God’s sake, and admitted it publicly. So fuck him. I’ll note here that voting for Trump was no panacea either, but throwing in with hilldog? To quote a certain incontinent potato, “come on, man!”

I do wish to give him some measure of thanks however, for being a highly visible pawn in further discrediting the narrative of the clot shot as being both safe AND effective™. More please.

Matthew W said...

Some people won't speak ill of the dead.
I'll piss all over the dead if need be.
Powell had an honorable military career and can not say anything about.
His State Dept is something else.
Richard Armitage should have been fired as soon as they learned he was the "leak".

Anonymous said...

Wherever he resides, he has all the answers, now. "De mortuis nil nisi bonum". NOT!

Jim Wetzel said...

Not original with me, but an amusing question to consider a bit: "What do you think Colin Powell and Osama bin Laden are talking about in hell right now?"

Anonymous said...

I got a little annoyed at all the media droning on and on about his ‘tireless and dedicated public service’.

I then googled his net worth.

$60 million what is quoted the most.

I didn’t realize public service paid so well.

Ricochet Ranger said...

He and McNamara are bunk mates in Hell now.

Anonymous said...

Guys always been a douche bag weasel. Recall listening to him on CSPAN explain WMDs and why the USA SHOULD engage in Iraq. Only measurement tool I felt realistic was the civil standard of 51%VS preponderance of the evidence. To stand and bold face lie to ones nation, is a fuck you moment.

He’s been someone else’s bitch way to long. Guy was a piece of shit alive, he’s still a piece of shit.

Village Idiot

carolinaTurtle said...

To Mr. Reltney: i think you meant to say “well, bi - den”

Anonymous said...

He sold out. He would have made a great overseer on a plantation. He will not be missed.


Jonathan H said...

Would he have switched to the FDA, and be on the run for finding out how the virus really works?

Anonymous said...

The lying piece of shit deserved what he got. I hope it was as drawn out and painful as those trailers full of WMD buried in the desert.

.. whats an interesting thought experiment now however is, why did he get the shot? I mean, he was a made man? Part of that team, sworn and proven member? Think they would have warned him about the notVaxx? Or have they commenced eating their own already?

And yes, he also had a rare and unusual blood cancer. Huh, wonder if any of his recent meds affected his blood in some way? Whocoulddaknowd?

Robin Datta said...

With only a small part of the exposed population getting sick and even fewer dying, (natural) innate immunity developed by co-evolution of humans and viruses over millennia has to be widespread, including half or more of the population. Instead of a vaccine that trains the non-naturally immune to destroy the virus, trying to take away the virus's Second Amendment Rights will lead to the emergence of modified arms.

And in addition there is antibody dependent enhancement where an antibody that does not disable the virus serves as an ID card to help the virus get around in the body.

The Overgrown Hobbit said...

Of interest in regards to a previous, related combox thread:

The latest Public Health England vaccine surveillance report finds higher rates of infection among the fully vaccinated than in the unvaccinated in all age brackets over 30.

Even taking the objections at face value and using a different (but also gummint) data set yields:

The most you could say, is that vaccine efficacy against infection has faded to the point that it is beyond the ability of government statistics to measure it.

But it’s actually worse than that. Public Health Scotland publishes similar vaccine surveillance statistics based on their own data. Their most recent report shows the same trend, though less pronounced: Higher rates of infection for the unvaccinated in the 0–29 bracket, and higher rates of infection for the fully vaccinated in all ages over 30:

And of course (not part of the article) going to hospital if you get very sick with any respiratory ailment is a gamble with a death sentence. If you test "positive" for the WuhanCrud, will the docs double check for flu, RSV, et al.? You'd be lucky to get a second look for strep, staph, or one of the antibiotics. And the hospital will (can? how much leeway do they have?) only treat you with FedGov "recommended" treatments. Most of which are expensive, ineffective, or dangerous (or all three)

So there you are, in a hospital full of psued0-vaxxed human gain-of-function experiments...

Nurse burnout must be through the roof, and that's without the fake & perverted mandates.


Anonymous said...

I have to take exception with the contention that Powell was responsible for beating Saddam in GW1. Gen Norman Schwarzkopf was responsible for winning that one, IMHO. It was his plan and execution that kicked Saddam's butt in a week.

Powell's involvement there, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, was to review and approve the plan and to see that Schwarzkopf got all of the material support requested in the plan, nothing more. Sorta like Ike and Marshall in WWII.

I believe that Powell was also responsible for calling off Schwarzkopf short of Baghdad, even though it was Bush's final decision, which of coarse led to the protracted war and the horror of Fallujah and untold American dead, for basically nothing. Maybe Fallujah would have happened any way, but I believe it was a mistake to not crush Baghdad.

Actually, I think it would have been pretty easy. Surround Baghdad. Cut off power, water and food deliveries and shoot anyone trying to leave the city. Then install loudspeakers broadcasting 24/7 and drop leaflets proclaiming "Give us Saddam and we'll give you back your city."

As to Powell's maladies, other than Covid, I wonder if he was exposed to Agent Orange during his deployment in 'Nam. Nasty, nasty shit that with untold long term health consequences, including many, many different types of cancer and nervous systems disorders. I'm not trying to gin up sympathy for Powell here. Just spitballin'.

Except as noted above, I'm pretty much in agreement with your assessment, especially his peter principle tenures.


John Wilder said...

He's also the one who told Hillary the secret email server was a great idea.

A Texan said...

So this comment/question is for our esteemed Raconteur, and not specifically related to Powell, but it touches on his vaxxed status:

I have seen numerous entries that dealt with the vax in whole or in part, but do you have one particular blog post that summarizes all of the data and medical knowledge that you've come across to date? I ask, not because I am on the fence about it (I am against THIS PARTICULAR VAX, not all vaccines), but because I would like some additional evidence to present to people I know who are on the fence, or who are near to getting the shots or a booster. I want something concise from someone with both medical knowledge and the ability to think rationally, and come to decisions based on actual facts. That may hold some weight with these people. If not, then too f'ing bad for them, Mr. Darwin will have many more awards to pass out.

Aesop said...

I have no such single post.
The preponderance of evidence says the vaxx, of any stripe, is a bad idea.

Remember, please, that you cannot argue someone out of a position using facts and logic when they did not get to their current position using facts and logic.

But the easiest thing to do is grant the premise that the vaxxes are a good idea, and then ask for any medical and scientific evidence in support of that claim.

As cases skyrocket concurrently with increased vaccinations, any such evidence will prove chimeric.

The only reason to get the vaxx that can be counted upon is either a default to herd behavior, or appeals to so-called authorities, bankrupt of either credibility, or any evidence themselves.

Everyone in authority has self-delegitimized on this since the vaxx was released, and nothing we were told about it has panned out, except the climbing astronomical number of VAERS-reported adverse effects and deaths.

1) It's not a vaccine.
2) It's not safe.
3) It's not effective.
4) It doesn't prevent infection.
5) It doesn't prevent transmission.
6) It doesn't mitigate death.
7) It doesn't mitigate severity.
8) It has more adverse events, ranging from death on down, than every vaccine described as such in human history since we began compiling data on them.
9) And it has achieved all that in less than 1 year's time.
10) If an enemy had released the COVID vaxx on us, we would be replying by ICBM at this point. It's currently killed more people (at minimum) than three 9/11s and three Pearl Harbor sneak attacks, combined.

Other than those wee drawbacks, getting it is a great idea. >/sarc<

Paul W said...

Aesop, thanks very much for that summary - I will be using it and refer people to this blog.

I was under the impression that the "vax" (which I know is actually no such thing) did help to ameliorate Covid, and reduce the possibility of death, ***IF*** the person had been given the jabs relatively recently (as in a couple of months at most). That's what a lot of people are saying (and, yes, of course they can be dead wrong, or just parroting what some full-of-crap talking head or politician said on TV). But, given your level of knowledge and your direct experience, if it comes to believing you or them, I'm going with Door #1. Thanks again, not just for your reply, but for all you do for others both here and in your job.

Aesop said...

Any "effectiveness" was based on protection towards the original variant, which is no longer the primary disease mechanism anywhere.

Try this in geek terms: In Star Trek, their phasers were only effective against the Borg for a couple of shots. Then, the Borg shifted their protection phasing, and subsequent phaser shots did nothing.

The exact same thing is happening for COVID shots.

The first couple "worked" (for some value of that term), but the later ones do nothing, as the virus moves on to new variants, and merely pile on the advancement of side effects, while pouring jet fuel on the fire on Antibody Dependent Enhancements, which makes any and all booster shots a total WTF? moment.

I will get one of those shots when Hell freezes over, and not before. My sincere condolences for any and everybody who got them already, but please, I beseech you, just STOP.

Paul W said...

" will get one of those shots when Hell freezes over, and not before. My sincere condolences for any and everybody who got them already, but please, I beseech you, just STOP."
Regrettably, I got 2 Pfizer jabs in March and April. No immediate side effects except a mildly sore arm after the 2nd one. I did get sick with "something" about 6 weeks after the 2nd shot - fever and body aches galore, but no loss of taste/smell. Took a Fauci-19 test the day after symptoms started, and it came up negative - so it could have been Covid, or not (I don't trust the PCR tests to determine ANYTHING). FYI, I am 60 and though I could certainly benefit by losing about 30 pounds, I am in otherwise good health. I take lots of Vitamin D (my level was at 68 about 2 months before Fauci-19 hit, and I have increased my dosage since then), zinc, a good multivitamin and NAC on a regular basis.

****My question is - and I have gotten no satisfactory answer anywhere and not for lack of looking or asking - how TF do I get this shit out of my system?****

One (apparently) bright and informed person told me that it leaves the body after about 6 months...but I'm not so sure. That it loses effectiveness (because of Fauci-19 mutating) is beyond doubt, but I'm not at all confident that the body gets rid of it (though I would be thrilled if it did, even if it took 5 years). FYI, I will not be getting any boosters, not unless some government goon literally puts a loaded gun to my head and threatens to imitate Alec Baldwin.

Robin Datta said...

Some viruses have genomes of DNA, such as herpes. They can take up residence in the nucleus of cells and continue their business long-term. Some viruses have an RNA genome. Some of these such as HIV come equipped with a reverse transcriptase enzyme which converts RNA into DNA which is then welded into the host's DNA, where it continues its mischief. This is called endogenization. Endogenization into sperm and egg cells makes a permanent lineage of the virus in that animal or plant.

In case a cell is infected with two different RNA viruses, one with reverse transcriptase, the other may "borrow" the reverse transcriptase to establish itself. And humans have their native reverse transcriptase, so it can be conveniently borrowed from the human.

Maybe someday all humans will be of a spike protein DNA lineage if our biology develops a way to fight off the spikes: otherwise that could be an extinct lineage.