Thursday, October 7, 2021

Color Me Shocked...

 h/t I Hate The Media

(People's Republic Of Oz) Health Minister Foley announced 867 new COVID cases recorded yesterday.  During the statistical outline Foley identifies 375 people as hospitalized, 81 people in intensive care and 61 people on a ventilator.   Then comes the statistic everyone in government and media ignore.  Amid the recorded cases “78% of the hospital cases are fully vaccinated, and 17% are partially vaccinated (1 dose)”….

That means 95% of the COVID patients in Victoria hospitals are vaccinated.

At the 2:45 mark: 

Whoopsie. 95% of those hospitalized, which obviously includes the most critical cases, were vaxxed. So much for that "lessens the severity of the illness" fairytale. Funny how you've never heard this, from three weeks ago, at anytime on the lamestream news, not even once, huh?

And the best clip I've seen, at Cold Fury:
Interviewer: "So all these millions of people that got the shots, they're just stupid?"
Ted Nugent: "Yup."

For those in the readership who made that choice, my sympathies. I'm sure you acted in what you thought was your best interest at the time, and in good faith. No one, at this point, should be so similarly bamboozled by the lies of officialdom. And you'll understand if the rest of us choose not to share your fate, out of enlightened self-interest in our own long-term health prospects. And to those who inflicted this not-a-vaxx on us?





Anonymous said...

Living in the people's republic of Victoria I wish I could say I'm surprised. Media and the mainstream thought here is the Vax is the answer, mandating it is fantastic and anyone objecting should hurry up and die.
I'm expect to be unemployed and unemployable at then end of next week when dear leader Dan Andrews has declared all worked must have at least the first jab. I am hopeful the novavax one is much better than what's available, because I need to make a living. Can make it until the end of next month when it's supposed to arrive.
The whole thing has turned into such a farce. I look around and wonder where my people went, because these clowns scared of something that most people nearly know they have are not.

Anonymous said...

I got mine back in April/May, so only time will tell. So far the only ill effects I had were flu-like symptoms shortly after the shots (and I get the same from my annual flu shot). At age 58 (and a wife who's *mumble* years older than I am) kids are not an issue, so if it fucked with my DNA the issues end with me anyway. I did what I thought best at the time, given the information I had. If things go badly for me it's been nice knowing everyone. We all owe God a death and all that.

Aesop: I'd like to know your thoughts on the person who was removed from a transplant list (kidney IIRC) for not having the jab. Actually, I want to take notes of your comments so I have some new insults at the ready.

Mark D

Aesop said...

It's a clear case of Vaxx Derangemnet Syndrome. They're beyond a disgrace to the entire medical profession, they're literally 21st century Dr. Mengeles.

As I said to Peter at BRM, the entire transplant committee should be hunted down and killed as an object lesson in not mixing politics with medical decision-making, down to the secretary who typed the letter. And I mean that literally, physically, and actually, until they're all deader than canned tuna. As far as I'm concerned, they've just committed manslaughter with reckless indifference, under color of authority, and one good homicidal conspiracy deserves another.

FFS, we even treat enemy combatants in a war when they're wounded, and without the kind of virtue-signalling bullshit UCo is pushing.

Bullets in their faces may be the only thing that stops 100 other transplant committees from trying the same silly horsesh*t, so "if killing them all off saves one life, etc. ...".

Those fuckers have forfeited all further rights to life, and I can only hope someone takes them up on their plan, and pays it forward. The sooner the better, and bonus points for YouTubing and LiveLeaking it after the fact.

If I had been the addressee of their letter, I'd cut their kidneys out as icing on the cake. Before or after, entirely optional. Their screams in their death throes would be sweet music, and such soulless ghouls deserve to die that way, and rot in hell for eternity.

I hope that answer was straightforward and clear enough.

Karl said...

I've reached new levels of 'pissed off' over the past 20 months, with a Chinese bio-weapon attack followed by gross government overreach on citizens.

I cannot imagine how pissed off I'd be if I had taken the shot.

Dinochrome One said...

The transplant case raises another point; who would want a "vaccinated" kidney? Are all of the available transplant organs from Vax recipients? What about the blood supply; are they accepting unvaccinated blood or not? I'm in the unofficial control-group in this experiment and have also been a long-time blood-donor (O+), and I want to know!

Survivormann99 said...

I have said to others on several occasions over time, always, always, always be wary of what government (i.e., the "authorities") tells you in a crisis. There is something about the human condition that makes it common for those in power to spoon feed or, worse, to withhold important, need-to-know information from the public.

In many cases they think that they are acting for the good of the public who will not react well when it hears the truth--"The truth? The truth? You can't handle the truth!", or they think that they will simply cause a panic if they engage in full disclosure. That is when the concept of the "noble lie" comes into play.

I fully expect that the problems with the current vaccines were discovered months ago by the "authorities." The public did not begin to connect the dots until sufficient time passed so as to make hiding the number of adverse reactions and the fading protection of the vaxx obvious. Yet, because the public demanded protection, the "authorities" proceeded headlong in the hope of some development, a deus ex machina, that would turn things around, much like an embezzling bank employee might hope that he would be able to win the lottery and put the money back before the auditors arrived.

And then there is the "misery loves company" aspect of the issue. If everyone was vaccinated, then we were all "in this together." When the negative outcomes for the vaxx became evident, the "authorities" could argue that we had all made a mistake, and their portion of the blame would be reduced accordingly because they could argue that everyone thought "it was a good idea at the time."

T-Rav said...

Has Victoria released numbers on how much of its population is vaccinated? No way in hell it's 95% overall, or even 78%.

George True said...


What good is a job and an income if your health ends up being destroyed as a result of taking the Vaxx? Over the years, I have heard more than once from the mouths of literal multi-millionaires, that they would give all their money to have their good health back.

Even if the Vaxx causes no apparent immediate damage to you, nobody knows what the longer term prospects are, say two or three or five years from now. There are doctors who are now saying, based on doing D-Dimer tests on their vaxxed patients, that the damage that they see the spike proteins from the vax doing to the capillary beds is ongoing, and will eventually over a two or three year timeframe, cause enough cumulative damage that life-changing health problems in the form of impaired cardiovascular function will emerge in vaxxed people.

Are these doctors right or wrong? I don't know. But are you willing to bet your life and your health that they're wrong? I don't think any job is worth that kind of risk.

I have not (yet) been fired for not getting the clot shot, but my income has been destroyed over the last 20 months by all of the deranged actions by our government and by large corporations in response to SARS Coronavirus 2. And guess what? I have discovered that I am still surviving, maybe not financially, but at least physically. I still have a roof over my head, I am still eating well, and I can still pay the utilities and other basic bills.

My dreams of being able to retire in a few more years are now gone, probably forever, but so what. Most people with 401K's and IRA's are going to have the value of their retirement accounts go to near-zero in the coming government-engineered reset. At the rate our government is creating money out of thin air, we are headed for Zimbabwe or Weimar inflation rates. It will not take many more multi-trillion dollar annual deficits before an IRA with a one million dollar account balance has maybe one-tenth or one-twentieth that amount in actual buying power.

There are many gambles we take in life. Some we choose, others are forced upon us by government, such as the one you face now. The one thing that I would not gamble with is my health.

Borepatch said...

His office claims that he god the numbers backwards - 78% were unvacinated.

The question is whether or not to believe the denials.

SWVAguy said...

The resident said that Trump bungled in his approach to containing the virus. Welll, it turns out more people died from it this year than in the same time frame last year. "I'm not gonna shut the country down, I'm gonna shut the virus down." Nice job you learning disabled marshmallow. If the vax was really working, shouldn't the deaths have been reduced? Where can I get a few tons of napalmolive?

Aesop said...


He was reading from a prepared speech! So we're supposed to believe he got it backwards, because flunkies did, and nobody thought it important enough to correct in the moment, in a long press conference So not just one error, but 3/5/eleventy6 people all managed to literally f**k it up, by the numbers, about the one topic so singularly at the center of the entire question: does the vaxx work?

Uh huh. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Pull the other one, it's got bells on it.

Once again, TPTB got caught telling the truth, and now they're trying desperately to spin it back to fairytaleland.

Hawkin'Gal said...

A riding buddy at my barn got vaxxed as soon as she was eligible. Soon after she began complaining of strange symptoms. She showed me her thighs which looked like a kid had doodled all over them with a purple marker. She said “I hate to admit it because I’m very pro vaccine but I think this is from the vaccine.” Went to her doctor and had various tests which suggested Lupus. Some weeks later, when she began giving away massive amounts of food as she was eliminating carbs from her diet to “reduce inflammation,” I told her that her experience was one of the reasons I wasn’t getting vaxxed. She replied that those problems had turned out to be temporary and maybe it wasn’t the vax so I shouldn’t let that influence me.

I have no confidence that the health outcomes of the vaxxed will beget awareness and outrage. I personally do not see or hear any evidence that my normie friends and family are “waking up,” and the narrative on MSM is still unrelenting. The seed has already been planted that the unclean are breeding new strains. In time people will be told that their health problems are from catching a variant those damned unclean have created.

Anything rather than believe they were fools or that evil on this scale is possible.

Greg said...

We just had a friend of the family die from "Covid". He was airlifted from our little community hospital to a medical center, place on a vent, and dead a few days later. I've been telling my posse that it's going to get a whole lot uglier before it has any chance to get better.
Putting a Covid patient on a vent is exactly the WRONG way to treat this, and is killing people in massive numbers. It is NOT a viral pneumonia, it is a vascular endothelialitis. Like the Spartacus letter going viral on the interwebs, here is a highly technical paper on the subject:
The molecular biology discussed is almost beyond me and I've studied the subject formally, but there are enough plain English points in this journal article to be worth skimming past the techno-jargon.
And to expand on Dinochrome One above, I "donated" another unit to the Red Cross recently. Their extensive (FDA mandated) list of questions now is asking at the very end if you've been "vaccinated" for Covid. My answer of course, is that there is no vaccine for Covid. The jabs being pushed are EUA only, experimental bioweapons. I asked if this question is a deferral criteria, and the answer was no. But they are asking. And off topic, my donations are anything but altruistic. I'm stressing my iron stores to lower my ferritin levels, and to hell with whatever they want to do with my units.

Ruth said...

Seen several such reports from AUS over the last few months, all were 75% or more vaxed.

Also, several European countries apparently just restricted the Moderna shot, because of side affects. Denmark, Sweden, Fineland.

John Wilder said...

It's virtue signalling, with mRNA.