Sunday, May 31, 2020

On The Games Of Summer

Are the police in this country over-militarized, and under-accountable for jackassery?
Hell yes.

If that (or anything else, frankly) pisses you off, do you have the absolute inalienable right, under the US Constitution, to peaceably assemble, exercise your free speech, and petition the government for redress of grievances?
Hell yes.

But the minute any part of your herd of halfwits breaks the law, and starts rioting, looting, and committing arson, you're simply terrorist thugs, and TPTB should begin gunning you down with extreme prejudice, using lead bullets, not rubber ones, and anyone taken alive should receive a PR-24 shampoo all the way from the scene to the lock-up, and any bail set (should anyone think you even merit same) should be set at the levels normally reserved for terrorists with a side-gig in molesting children.

And anything you had to say on the original topic goes up in the smoke of those storefronts.

And you think you're going to bring that to the suburbs next?

Do the math on that, 158 grains at a time.

You have now been negotiated with.
Play ball!

And may the odds be ever in your favor.


1chota said...


FredLewers said...

There's a reason why white men don't hit the riot switch. Gonna be a game changer when some fool hits the riot switch in suburbia. I think Matt Bracken's scenarios are entirely within the realm of possibility.

Robin Datta said...

The victim was atoned for with the burnt offerings of the neighborhoods.
Fortunately black lives in black neighborhoods of big cities even when taken by the dozen by other blacks don't seem to matter quite as much, praise the Lawd!

5stonegames said...

I'm not sure this is run of the mill rioting.

Apparently someone probably Antifa has been practicing at least rudimentary urban warfare since these rioters had no trouble destroying a police station or killing armed Federal police.

Odds are a fair number of these guys have carbines and body armor so suburbanites who barely know who their neighbors and rarely practice with weapons need to get organized or at least keep heads on a swivel or they are going to get killed.

T said...

Do "they" even KNOW what "they" want?

I think this sums up "their" attitude quite well:


Chip Anderson said...

"Not only in Dallas, but in other cities across the country, bricks have become the weapon of choice for rioting thugs to use against law enforcement officers.

In San Francisco, a Twitter user reported that multiple piles of “pre-stacked bricks” outside of businesses in the city. Another user reported people breaking bricks down into “throwable sizes.”
Meanwhile in Fayetteville, North Carolina, another user reported a pile of bricks in an area where there was no construction occurring. “Some random ass bricks, bro; ain’t no construction.”"

ADS said...

Be interesting to see if there's a huge spike in the number of covid-19 cases in these locations in a few weeks.

Old NFO said...

I don't know about anybody else, but I'm locked and loaded...

T said...

"I'm not sure this is run of the mill rioting.

Apparently someone, probably Antifa, has been practicing at least rudimentary urban warfare since these rioters had no trouble destroying a police station or killing armed Federal police."

If you look closely at some of the news videos, you can see Antifa types in the rear, NOT up front near the cameras. USA Today reporters noticed this a couple of days ago. These are generally white males in their early to late 20s. They often have gas masks or other respirators, they carry hammers and flammables, and apparently they know to carry bottles of milk to use against exposure to tear gas and OC.

A lot of folks think this is a riot like L.A. during the Rodney King riots; it is not. And the proper response is to capture a few of these agitators and interrogate them; not by local LEOs, best would be by Academi or a similiarr private group. They will get answers that would allow back-tracing the command chain of Antifa, such as it is.
They are not rioters looters, they are domestic terrorists, and should be treated as such.

Sarin said...

“THEY” know that “THEY” want free stuff. Mobs are a peculiar thing. They take on a life and personality all their own. Was once standing post in South Africa either 2000 or 2001. Had a protest of about 3k Muslims outside the embassy. Hooting and hollering and such. Generally peaceful, at first. There were about 4x rabble rousers (could have been as many as six) doing their thing and trying to get the crowd even more pissed off. Jumping up on the fence, throwing things at the building, etc... South African cops had formed a phalanx outside of the pedestrian entrance and were calmly standing there observing the crowd. One of the rabble rousers side-armed a bottle from about 20’ inside the crowd. Hit the Pretoria Chief of police just at the outside edge of his left eyebrow. Split him wide open down to the cheek. Then it was all systems go. SA cops went ham and started washing folks’ hair with PR-24 shampoo (that is pure gold Aesop) and chucking random folks into the paddy wagon. Crowd was kind of expecting it. What pushed them over the edge: some old protester had a massive heart attack. One of the few rabble rousers remaining started yelling that the cops killed him. Game on. Crowd was instantly different. A few other shenanigans happened and then they went to go protest at the Israeli embassy. On the way, three cars were overturned and lit on fire and a couple of SA cops got shanked, but fortunately survived somehow. This was a crowd of middle-aged folks (average was about 50 (+\- 5 years They age hard). Around 1/4 were military aged males rest were older or women and children. Not exactly what you’d expect from a group comprised as such.

This current dynamic is different, yet similar in my opinion to what’s going on in Israel. They’ve been told from day one that their life sucks because raaaaaacists, that cops are the enemy and that everyone that’s white is out to hold them down. Sounds a lot like the TV propaganda aimed at kids and cultural norms found in Judea and Samaria. For both, it seems that much of their angst comes from envy and wanting to take the easy path, which we all know doesn’t work. Logic can help under the right circumstances. Here’s what I mean. A Peer and I were on duty a few years after the above. We were talking about typical bullshit and it somehow turned to race (he’s black, I’m not). We were talking about Denzel Washington and my buddy said that “..the Oscars and governing body are racist. Think about it, it took Denzel playing a despicable (n-word) to get an award (referencing Training day) Same thing with Halle Berry playing a crackhead (referencing Monster Ball) to get an award.” Kind of took me by surprise. I countered with “show me a role outside of what you just mentioned where either of them haven’t been the upstanding, “I want to be that person” type of character. They hadn’t shown any range at all. Once they demonstrated that range, they were awarded. He’d literally never though of it that way since it didn’t fit the narrative.

My 2¢

Survivormann99 said...

Looters with few masks and, obviously, no social distancing?

If there isn't a massive Covid outbreak among the rioters in the next two weeks, Anthony Fauci owes a serious apology to the country for the last ten weeks.

idahobob said...

What would cure this crap is a judicious application of copper and lead.

idahobob said...

Isn't this interesting?

EasyCompany said...

More from the Right Wing loonies:

"If there hadn't been the lock downs from Covid, none of this would be happening!

All those unemployed young people with no where to go,nothing to due, thanks to the lock downs, had nothing but time on their hands and just decided that rioting was a good idea."

This is even more stupid then the commies saying is the fault of white men.

horsewithnonick said...

OT: looks like June has entered the game:

jackalope said...

You need to cite your sources.

Michael or Janice said...

Are we going to get a spike in Covid19 because of crowds at riots?

Our worst hot spots have been enclosed spaces where people are crowded together with infected people for an hour or more.

The riots have been outdoors in the open spring breeze and crowds semi dispersed compared to say, a concert.

I look for the next big spike in USA Oct, Nov.

So far Covid19 has been following much the same path as the Spanish Flu of 1918. That does not have to continue but it is one way to bet.


Aesop said...

Spike? Maybe.

What we aren't having, yet, is 2000 more dead/day.
500/day for the rest of the year still gets us another 100K or so dead by New Year's.

It hasn't gone away, it just isn't being driven solely by NYFC's jackassery any more.

And both nationally and internationally, everyone who's said "We got this" gets a bloom, and they're suddenly leading the outbreak hit parade.

My hunch is that we're going to be dealing with this all this year and into next spring, and if we're really lucky it doesn't explode again.
Here in SoCal (mainly because of L.A.) I expect we'll be pushing towards NYFC status by late June/early July, but we'll see.

And explosion among the rioters would be perfect, but it depends on whether and how many had it to begin with.

Based on deaths, I doubt the virus ever penetrated to more than 3-5% of the country so far. That's both what a lockdown does, and why you do one.

If people would simply mask up for a few more weeks while we re-open, it would fizzle. But they're too smart for that, so it just keeps on keeping on, while the Gilligans drive the bus. Off the cliff.

5stonegames said...

Aesop, if you want people to comply with extraordinary requests, over longer periods they have to have a high level of trust in the authorities and the authorities must have a consistent message.

Hell we can't even get epidemiologists to agree that masks are necessary and useful outside of a hospital or agree on how lethal this bug is to who or the best practices.

On top of that the economic and political situation isn't stable. You have a collapsing economy with no recovery for ten years minimum as per the Feds , millions facing homelessness insurrection in the streets with the Left giving political cover, modern bread lines at food banks in many states and worse.

This appears to be a bug that causes the death of mostly old and sick people in fact mainly minorities in poorly run health care facilities . At that point it stops being the hell plague

We had to make real effort to make sure that regular folk were covered for three months and not just a pittance and all the money goes to cronies.

As it is, expect push back and people the realize the States and possibly the President are failures and to not listen to anyone again.

In fairness this is clown world so I shouldn't expect better but as President Coolidge said "“chief business of the American people is business." our system is failing us and after a point, a lot of people will roll the dice and take their chances