Thursday, May 28, 2020

Another Headshot To "Just The Flu, Bro" Narrative

USA! USA! We're #1! We're #1!
How did we get there?

Now you know why.


Tim said...

I went to Costco yesterday, If you were not wearing a mask then they would provide you one.

FredLewers said...

That guy... He needs to understand freedom cuts both ways. If you're free to disobey tyrannical diktats then obviously you support the first amendment recognized freedom of association. Which basically means 'their store, their rules'.
Quit your damn whining and go somewhere else. And ponder the fact that customer service in America just fired your chubby ass as a customer. That takes some doing in our current civilizational paradigm of entitlement and pandering.
End rant

Phelps said...

Gilligans everywhere... but somehow a third or more of them end up in nursing homes.

Aesop said...

But you knew that.

Nursing home patients are the victims, not the carriers.
Demented grandmother wasn't out and about without a mask.

The Gilligan in the equation, as with all nursing homes, was a family member, friend, or fresh-off-the-boat H-1b visa hire.

Phelps said...

Grandma hasn't seen her grandson Gilligan since mid-March, when the nursing homes prevented all visitations. Visitors aren't even allowed in for end-of-life visitation, like my grand-aunt who died with her son watching from outside her window this month.

Therefore, the Gilligan part of the nursing home equation is ZERO.

But you knew that.

Survivormann99 said...


As you know, I am very strongly in favor of opening up the country again.

In my recent comment, I mentioned study after study that contradict previous ones, so much so that no one knows what to believe and no one has confidence in the medical establishment that seems to be pulling wild ass opinions out of derrieres. Here's information concerning one of the latest studies that contradicts what we were told earlier.

About this Costco shopper, he is a moron, plain and simple. (And, frankly, given his appearance, he would probably be better off staying away from food for awhile.) I give him, at best, a 10th grade education. He talks about it being a free country. In his narcissistic way, he believes that he has rights that trumps everyone else's. He apparently not far enough in school to understand the Bill of Rights. As he sees it, his right to shop in Costco any way he pleases trumps the rights of the landowner/shopkeeper to set rules. If Costco adopted a requirement that all shoppers must wear top hats, it would be Costco's right to do so. His alternative would be to shop elsewhere. This shopper is part of the "Me, Me, Me Generation." It's all about him.

jl said...

Aesop, I respect the hell outta you, but I must disagree. I work at a West coast CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community), which while not a "nursing home", does include a Skilled Nursing Facility and a memory support unit for dementia/Alzheimer's patients.

We went into infection control protocols in late Feb, before our county called for shelter in place and Long before Gov. Gruesome locked the whole state down. We locked down EVERYTHING, no public spaces, no dining rooms, no activities or transportation services, etc. Then lo and behold, after cruising virus free for weeks, we get 9 residents positive in the span of a week. How, you might ask? Four of our Raisins went to an outside meeting with a bunch of other old folks, then brought it back to our facility and spread it to all their wives. Who then spread it to their friends and our staff.

These seniors, who should fucking know better (one of them was a retired MD, btw,) brought this wrath down on our facility, they were not victims by any stretch of the imagination. And in the many weeks since, we've been chasing our tails trying to get the residents to comply with shelter orders and guidelines. The RESIDENTS were slipping keys to family members so they could sneak in the back doors and avoid the screening process, the RESIDENTS were sneaking into quarantined residents apartments just to "check on them", the RESIDENTS were using our stairwells as gyms, since we had the audacity to close down the fitness center to prevent infection, only to spread their germs all over as they wheeze their way up the stairs over and over again, clandestine card games, etc.

Now I recognize that my story is simply anecdotal and certain authorities made some extremely reckless and ignorant calls, causing a great deal of death and destruction. But let's call a spade a spade here. A shit ton of senior citizens, the most at-risk group there is regarding this shit, are out there running about doing incredibly stupid, careless and reckless things. Then they spread it around to their friends who are also in this at-risk demographic. Wash, rinse, repeat.
We've got 300 staff here, risking their own health on the daily to care for these people and a lot of them seem to be going out of their way to fuck it up for the rest of us.
Yeah your governor should be riding the short bus to work, and ours is a petty tyrant, megalomaniac but there is PLENTY of blame to go around, and the Seniors in our community are as culpable as any.

Aesop said...


That's true now; it wasn't true then, and it's never been true for the staff.
Are you trying to be hard-headed about that, or just that way without further effort?


a) A retirement community isn't a nursing home. Anybody can be 55+. That's a retirement community.
People in a convo hosp/SNF have to have functional mental or physical impairments.

b) Nursing home patients generally aren't able to get out and about. Shit tons of them are neither mobile enough nor physically able to go out and contract it. Unlike staff and family.

c) If your community had people capable of travelling out and returning, and allowed those who were able to do so, to go out and bring it back, with no forethought to consequences, and no planned segregation of populations, such that they even could share it, then the people nominally running the joint are dumber than a bag of hammers for letting it happen, like in a pre-Florence Nightingale/Louis Pasteur level of germ-theory stupid, and partially - if not wholly - culpable for what happened afterwards. That situation, blisteringly stupid as it is, is also the 1% exception to the rule. But Gilligans are Gilligans, wherever you find them.

d) If you have people there ignoring quarantine and common-sense infection mitigation measures, evict them and tell them they're on their own. Freedom comes with responsibilities, and they've not only got a death wish, they're fucktardedly homicidal as well. That should have actual legal and civil repercussions.

e) This is why they'll never catch me sharing a domicile within a country mile of a bunch of retired cement-headed fuckwits unless I'm too far gone to know or care. And probably not even then.

Phelps said...

I haven't seen you make an argument in good faith for weeks.


Aesop said...

I've never made a post in anything but good faith.
They just don't evidently agree with your worldview.
Sorry reality stings.
Consequently, you haven't posted a comment in good faith in weeks.
Try some butthurt cream.

FredLewers said...

I've never seen a case of stubborntosis like old people get it. Same with prideitis. Something about old people gives them a virulent case.

Knightsofnee said...

People are selfish. The consequences suck. Gilligans everywhere. I and my family will not be collateral damage. Prepare accordingly.

This whole thing is just Scene 1, act 2 in a three Scene play.

Knightsofnee said...

Well, private property rights say Cotsco can set the rules for any transaction within, don't like it, take your business elsewhere, beside the point they were deemed an essential business. It is what it is.

Mark said...

I'll make one point regarding the nursing homes: States like NY and NJ where nursing homes were not only required to take in known-Kung-flu patients, but were prohibited from testing new admittees (and therefore quarantining them as is proper) drove those numbers up substantially. I read recently that nearly 10% of NJ's nursing home residents have died from Kung flu.

This isn't mere Gilligan-ism, it's criminal stupidity with the emphasis on criminal. The governors of both states, along with everyone down the line who thought this was a good idea, ought to be introduced to Mr Rope and Mr Lamp-post ASAP, and I'd prefer a slow-drag resulting in choking to death over the short-drop-and-sudden-stop. Bonus points for tar-and-feathering and drawing-and-quartering first.

Regarding the bozo in Costco, I love the way he says "There he goes with all my stuff". Hey dipshit, it's not YOUR stuff until you pay for it, it's Costco's stuff and they can do whatever they want with it until you pass the check-out.

We can (and probably should) debate the efficacy of masks, especially those generally available to the public (I use a bandanna with a couple pieces of yard around my ears, I doubt it's any worse than a cloth surgical mask, and N95 masks for non-medical folks are unicorns around here. Plus, I wash them frequently, so I know they're clean unlike the Chinese made masks available for $2 a pop from Amazon), but an establishment saying "No mask, no service" is exactly the same as one saying "No shirt, no service", their store, their rules.

Mark D

Aesop said...

Remember, those cloth masks are to protect others from you, not the other way around.

carolina TURTLE said...

Little budy???