Monday, July 24, 2017

You Win The Internetz For Today

h/t Feral Irishman

Apparently some civic-minded folks took it upon themselves to warn people passing through, by posting appropriate signage. Which has gone viral. (Note to self...)
Pity (Not!) about their @$$clown police chiefette resigning, but that's too late to bring back from the dead the people her incompetent badged thugs have already capped this year.
Give a holler when they start booking the murderers criminally, instead of just shafting taxpayers with the tab for payments of hush money to the nexts-of-kin.
I'll wait.

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G.W. Long said...

Brought to a city near you by Liberal Progressive Turd Polishing Glitter Salesmen Scumbags AKA., Eric Hold-my-beer-er, LoRENTa, Lynchmob, and Lil Bath House Barry Sewterror (The little man-boy who would be king). Light the fuse and watch the fireworks.