Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Magnificent Rant

If anyone out there isn't dropping by Mike's Cold Fury website, you're truly missing out.

For those of you who haven't been by, here's the conclusion of a truly artistic, thundering masterpiece essay on The Usual Suspects:

Detroit. Detroit is their model, their ideal; Detroit is what they hope to turn the entire country into. It’s all they can do; it’s all they have.
And THAT is where we take hope; that is our ultimate salvation. These halfwits have nothing whatsoever to offer except more of the same. They have already failed; they have failed again and again and again. Anybody who has searched in vain for a job in recent years, or dropped out of the workforce in despair; been victimized by a domestic Muslim terrorist attack that never would have happened without the Left’s wet-brained insistence on importing hordes of unvetted, unassimilable troglodytes; been forced into an unaffordable Obamacare plan that provides them with no real coverage in exchange for an exorbitant monthly charge; or risked their life savings trying to start a business only to see their dream drown in a Sargasso of idiotic regulation, taxation, and government obstruction, knows exactly where their bullshit leads.
How many of you believe that what those desperate victims of Progressivist perfidy need most is another lecture on how deplorable they are from the likes of this pinheaded, pissant prick? How many of you think that this sort of condescension is going to win a single vote for the agents of American ruin, the Democrat Socialist Party? 
They destroy a nation. They scold the people who built it, and claim underserved credit for building it themselves. They blame others for their own manifest failure. They decry true patriots while risibly claiming the mantle of patriotism for themselves. They despise, insult, and spit on the military that provides the blanket of freedom under which they cravenly cower. They arrogantly insist that only they can resolve and repair the damage they themselves so wantonly wrought. They undermine the very foundations of the American republic by refusing to accept an electoral defeat. 
They lecture, they hector, they harangue. They dismiss, they denigrate. They condescend and insult. They mislead, misdirect, conceal, and lie outright. But the ultimate takeaway is this: THEY FAIL. Always. Each and every time. 
They’re done, people. They. Got. NOTHING. Unless they suddenly and miraculously discover a smidgen of humility, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes legal to actually start openly hunting them, and bringing their stinking pelts down to the bank to exchange for a new toaster oven, a gift certificate, or some other premium. 
And then, we can truly begin to Make America Great Again.
That's just a small sample. Please, do go and RTWT.
Just put your beverages down, and don't visit for at least a half-hour after eating.

As a post-doctoral-degreed expert in polemics, I doff my cap at this masterpiece.Cold Fury


jim rock said...

As was said.... somewhere.....
Democrats own every ghetto in the USA.

DTG said...

Link doesn't work....

Aesop said...

The first one had some stray crap courtesy of Blogspot's gremlins, but the second didn't. They should both work fine now.

DTG said...

They do, thanks! Re-blogged via your site.