Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Countries Who Subsidize Terrorism: Like Canuckistan

Canuckistan pays self-confessed murdering raghead jihadi sumbitch US$8Mil ($10.5M Canadian).

TORONTO — A former Guantanamo Bay prisoner who pleaded guilty to killing a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan received an apology and a multimillion-dollar payment from the Canadian government after a court ruling said his rights were abused.
A government statement Friday said details of the settlement with Omar Goatboinker were confidential, but an official familiar with the deal said previously that it was for 10.5 million Canadian dollars ($8 million). A different official confirmed the money had been given to Goatboinker. Both insisted on speaking anonymously because they were not authorized to discuss the deal publicly.

No offense Canada: you're mostly some of the nicest people on the planet, but your PM should be taken out, castrated with a rusty weedwhacker, set on fire while alive, then beheaded, and his charred headless corpse dragged though the streets through pig shit and sheep entrails, followed by the exact same treatment for every festering puss-nutted government official complicit in this horseshit, starting with the f**kheaded court that issued that ruling. All televised live continent-wide. (For which I'd kick in for on pay-per-view, and hold a viewing party.)

And then go after their families with pliers and blowtorches and get medieval on their asses.

If any court, in any western nation had issued such a ruling 40, or even 20 years ago, they'd have been locked up for insanity, in perpetuity, and for cause. A PM agreeing to it or assisting it would have had a political career going forward measured on a egg timer. This ruling, with the payoff reportedly rushed and expedited by Messr. Trudeau, is tantamount to announcing national insanity, with all the subtlety of trying to jump Niagara Falls on a girl's bicycle, in a sequined jumpsuit, with fireworks shooting out of your ass.

So you'll understand if I wish your entire misbegotten country a dose of incurable clap until you do what I suggested to them yourselves, and then apologize to the widow of the guy this Asslamic f**ktard killed, and all the other people he injured.

(Last I heard, some of your brighter MPs have started asking some pointed questions along that line themselves.)

If you send us the Canuckistani citizen-terrorist in question, parcel post, in 20-50 small gift boxes, each roughly a kilo apiece, and post the shipping and packing process on YouTube, I'd be inclined to call it off, and consider us square.
(Half credit if you just duct-tape him in a bundle whole, and ship him to a Nascar race, anywhere in Texas, or direct to SF HQ at Ft. Bragg NC, and tip off the locals.)

If not, a round of dick cancer to your entire sodding government, from PM to the newest dog catcher in the remotest part of Northwest Territories, and I hope all their children are ass-raped by rabid grizzly bears. Every day until hell freezes over.

Just saying.

Seriously, eh? How does it feel to be more laughably screwed up on human rights that the f**king Norks?!?
But at least your Prime Minister has finally found an appropriate place to display your flag:

And hey, if American hockey and baseball fans choose to throw 8 million pounds of dogshit at your visiting teams, I'm sure it'd just be a wild coincidence, right?


Anonymous said...

Why so subtle, why not tell us what you really think?

Anonymous said...

You will no doubt be heartened to find that many Canadians have been making some rather pointed comments with regard to our PM's move to screw the American widow out of some compensation, including a great many that voted Trudeau into power and who are now coming to some disturbing conclusions. Many people miss Stephen Harper. A great many more are not saying anything at all, which is the group to watch.
Mike in Canada

Aesop said...

Thanks, and my sincerest sympathies; we only got rid of our own jihadi sympathizer recently, but even he wouldn't have tried this level of jackassery.

When I see the solid citizens of Canada carrying Trudeau's severed head around on a pike, I will give candy out to my neighbors, subscribe to your newsletter, and mention your country without the obligatory palate-cleansing spit afterwards.

But the noted offense is beyond the pale of civilized conduct, absent the previously suggested amends.

Had I the means, I'd be making daily flights in old WWII bombers, and dropping maximum loads of fresh cowshit on Riddeau Cottage, and beaming nonstop pirate radio broadcasts straight into Ottawa ridiculing the entire affair and everyone connected to it.

When last I looked, I could probably only get about 150M co-conspirators interested in the effort, on both sides of the border.